Port of Mazatlan Map

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Port of Mazatlan

Port of Mazatlan Map

Port of Mazatlan Map
Port of Mazatlan Map

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Mazatlan Port Facts

  • Port code: MXMZT
  • Port size: Large
  • Port address: Playas del Sur, 82040 Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico
  • Main vessel type: Agricultural and Industrial cargo
  • TEUs: 41,895 TEUs (2021)

Information About Mazatlan Port (History, Economy & Trade)

The Port of Mazatlan, also known as Puerto de Mazatlan, was a small town predominantly occupied by fishers until the early 1800s. In 1829 a Filipino established trading with vessels being transported from the United States, Europe, Asia Pacific, Peru, etc.

Located on the north-central shores of western Mexico, the Port of Mazatlan has developed over the years to become a regular port for cruise ships and ferries and the fourth biggest port in the country. The port’s economy depends largely on agro-based industries like fish meal and brewing and industrial cargo such as steel, automobile, etc.

Ports in Mexico

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Ship From or To Mazatlan Port

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Recent Arrivals and Departures From the Mazatlan Port


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