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ZGGShip would be your best freight forwarding partner if you are planning to move your goods by sea from cities in China, like Shanghai, Guangzhou, shenzhen etc. We create tailor-made international sea shipping service to meet your time and price.

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    Zggship has helped countless clients transport their goods to their destinations throughout our more than 11 years of experience in the industry. We are confident to bring you the shipping services you need.

    With the help of our global team, we can move your products to any place in the world. Get highly competitive freight rates from us.


    Sea Freight Forwarding Services

    Zggship provides many shipping services aside from standard air, rail, express freight solutions. ZGGShip can also bring you different types of sea freight services and other related operations.

    Full Sea Shipping Options

    With our credentials, our expert team can ensure that no problems will occur with your shipment. Let us handle every process needed from booking to delivery for hassle-free shipping.

    • LCL shipping
    • FCL shipping
    • Customs clearance

    Ensure Your Ocean Shipping Schedule

    ZGGShip promises to ensure that your goods get delivered to your clients on time with our various solutions. Satisfy and retain your customers with on-time deliveries.

    • Robust credentials
    • Comprehensive paperwork
    • Worldwide network

    Competitive Ocean Freight Rate

    We have been navigating the freight forwarding industry for many years, and our experience lets us know that every client has specific requirements in shipping. ZGGShip brings you tailor-made shipping plans just for you.

    • Cost-effective shipping
    • Fast processes
    • Good connections

    FCL Shipping Services

    Customized Service
    We offer access to premium FCL sailings that work with the dynamics of your supply chain. With services that span between 10 to 50 days, we have experienced teams at origin and destination that can help you optimize each shipment for cost, route, or transit time.

    Reliable and Trusted Carriers
    We are contracted with reliable and trusted carriers to ensure your cargo sails on time, as scheduled.

    Premium Service
    We providing premium service on sailings from China, to ensure your urgent cargo arrives to its destination on time, even when the allocation is exceeded.


    LCL Shipping Services

    We Make Supply Chain Better
    Our LCL network offers unmatched connectivity and cadence across major shipping routes, while enabling our clients to optimize for working capital by procuring inventory on demand.

    Better Controls for Reduced Variability
    We explore the technology and make the whole shipping process faster. From digitizing clients' information to vetting shipments, we ensure the risk of customs inspections is reduced dramatically.


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      Ocean Shipping

      Finding a China Ocean Shipping Company or Agency?

      Choose ZggShip. We got a wide china ocean shipping network. Whether you are in Europe, north America or any other continent, Zggship as a widely-recognized china ocean shipping expert is very happy to help you, providing a variety of flexible and reliable china ocean shipping resources to help you solve various problems.

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      How Zggship Work

      Full Ocean Shipping Process at Service


      Pick-up goods

      ZggShip can arrange pick up service to pick your goods from your supplier in China


      Check all details

      ZggShip will check and inspection everything before shipping, and confirm with you.


      Prep and Ship

      ZggShip get things done according to your and shipping requirement.


      Fast & efficient delivery

      ZggShip will keep you updated where the goods are and when they will arrive.


      Full Ocean Freight Forwarding Services

      ZGGShip offers comprehensive sea and ocean freight forwarding solutions that you need. We have various ways to ship your goods via sea freight like FCL and LCL shipping, OOG, and many others. Regardless of your choice, we are confident that we can fulfill your requirements.

      Full Container Load (FCL)
      When shipping a bulk amount of products, choosing to transport them via Full Container Load shipping would be the best. Have the freight space of an entire container just for you.

      Less than Container Load (LCL)
      A more cost-effective way to move your products is to ship via Less than Container Load shipping, sharing a container with other shippers who also need to deliver their packages. Zggship can ship you goods from china to globe, whether you are in UK or other countries.

      Bulk Cargo
      Using sea freight to deliver bulk cargo is generally more cost-effective than other modes of transport. No matter how much you want to deliver, ZGGShip is ready to assist you.

      Out of Gauge (OOG)
      OOG cargo refers to those that exceed the size of standard shipping containers which can be troublesome and expensive. With our strong assets and connections in the industry, ZGGShip guarantees to help you transport your OOG cargo.

      If you are planning to transfer wheeled vehicles like cars and trucks to another country, ZGGShip can help you with our various sea freight forwarding solutions via roll-on/roll-off ships.

      Reefer Container
      Transporting perishable goods and related items can be complicated without the right technology. Ship your goods with us via reefer containers at highly competitive rates.

      Value-Added Shipping Services offered

      • Quality inspection service
      • Packaging services
      • Custom label service
      • Sorting service
      • Pick-up cargo
      • Inspection
      • FBA Prep.
      • Marketing materials

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      Why Choose Zggship

      Your Reliable China Sea Forwarder


      More than 12 years of logistics and transportation experience, with a variety of flexible logistics solutions and the ability to deal with problems.

      No Hidden Costs

      Like you, we pride ourselves on doing business with honesty and transparency. ZggShip will do our best to offer you the best competitive quote.

      Save Your Time & Money

      ZggShip has very rich experience and can help you to transport your goods from your Chinese supplier to any country and region in the world.

      Flexible Add-on Service

      Need us to help you better complete the service from China to the destination, we will ensure that you can get the results you want.

      Everything is traceable

      ZggShip will ensure that your goods are in a traceable state, so that you can know the operation of your goods and ensure they will delivery in time.

      24/7 Dedicated support

      ZggShip knows that good communication and timely feedback are the guarantee of high-quality cooperation, so we offer 24/7 dedicated support.


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      Frequently Asked Questions

      We offer thousands of shipping container rates for your shipment needs. Whether you're shipping to Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Africa, or Oceania, we have got you covered.

      Sea freight, also known as ocean freight, is the transportation of packages, cargo, or goods in shipping containers via sea and ocean routes. Most shippers use sea freight as it can be more cost-effective than other modes of transportation. It is also suitable for shipping large amounts of goods from country to country.

      Some reasons you would ship by sea include:

      • Lower carbon footprint
      • Shipping in bulk
      • Shipping heavy items
      • Reduced limitations

      Sea freight produces fewer carbon emissions than other modes of transport like air and land freight. Shipping containers can hold large amounts of products, suitable for bulk delivery and transport of heavy equipment. It also has laxer restrictions than other modes of shipping.

      On the other hand, you would want to avoid sea freight because of:

      • Slow process
      • Possible product misplacement
      • Security issues

      Sea freight takes a long time in transit, which makes it vulnerable to security issues. Items may fall off ships or get damaged due to movement. Some goods may also get misplaced due to the large number of products delivered.

      While logistics can be done using different modes of transport, moving your goods via sea and ocean freight shipping takes a much longer time to accomplish. This is why shippers often use this mode of transport for bulk shipping and for non-time-sensitive deliveries. Hence, logistics via sea freight forwarding can be slow.

      Of course, with the right freight forwarder, you can achieve faster processes and clearances before and after your shipment gets in transit. Sea freight forwarding can also be much more cost-effective and eco-friendly than other modes of transport.

      ZGGShip can help enhance your logistics management by bringing you the valuable sea and ocean freight forwarding solutions that you need. We also offer various warehousing services that you may find handy. Expect quick processes, timely communication, and tailor-made services from us.

      Ocean freight rates have been astronomical in recent years due to several problems that impacted the global industry. The principal reason for the spike in freight rates is the COVID-19 pandemic. With the recurring threats of the virus in Chinese ports, lockdowns are being implemented.

      Other factors that affected the current sea freight prices include the Suez Canal accident and the shortage of shipping containers. When the Ever Given shipping vessel got stuck in the said Canal for seven days, the delays caused in goods transportation significantly spiked up the rates.

      A shortage of containers has been reported in China as well. The containers that must be used for shipping their manufactured goods are stuck in the United States and Europe. Hence, the lack of shipping containers continues to make sea freight rates rise. Due to the low supply of cargo spaces, surcharges are continuing to be applied.

      There are many factors that add up to your total sea and ocean freight quote. You should anticipate the following expenses in your bill.

      • Customs security
      • Customs clearance
      • Pickup and transportation
      • Freight insurance
      • Route charges
      • Port authority charges
      • Container freight station fee (for LCL)
      • Other charges
        • Storage
        • Handling of dangerous goods
        • Fuel
        • More expenses

      Customs security refers to a cash deposit, security bond, or alternative guarantees concerning a settlement of financial liability to the customs authority. This may include Automated Manifest System and Importer Security Filing, which concerns the submission of cargo information prior to shipment.

      On the other hand, the container freight station fee refers to the charge necessary for the consolidation and deconsolidation of containers for LCL shipments. In simple words, it’s a payment for the loading and unloading of products into or from a shipping container.

      Understanding how sea freight forwarding works would help you know about the necessary things you have to prepare. Here’s an overview of the entire process from the procurement of your products to their delivery.

      1. ZGGShip’s team will cooperate with your suppliers for the shipment.
      2. We will prepare the necessary paperwork for the successful transport of your goods.
      3. Your goods will be transferred to the port via inland transportation.
      4. Our team will book cargo spaces for your products.
      5. What follows is the declaration and clearance of your goods to Chinese customs.
      6. Your cargo will now be shipped according to booking.
      7. Upon arrival at the destination port, ZGGShip will prepare customs documents and contact your consignee for the upcoming delivery.
      8. Our team will declare and clear your goods to the customs of the destination country.
      9. We will arrange the VAT and taxes payment.
      10. Your goods will now be delivered via land transportation.
      11. ZGGShip will get the signature of your consignee to confirm the receipt of the shipment.

      Shipping your goods via ocean freight is pretty arduous, but it is easy for a professional freight forwarding firm. ZGGShip is ready to handle any ocean freight shipments you have with our expert global team.

      Sea freight forwarders, agents, logistics companies, and brokers are often used interchangeably. However, there are fundamental differences between the four.

      Sea freight forwarder
      Sea freight forwarders deal with the transportation of your goods from country to country. Note that they are not the ones that move your cargo. Instead, they act as middlemen between you and the carrier who transports your products. Sea freight forwarding firms excel in building dependable networks in the industry, making them highly capable of multinational transport.

      Sea freight agent
      A sea freight agent also deals with the movement of your merchandise. Agents deal with customs brokerage, documentation, and similar stuff needed for your shipment. However, what makes them different is that they do not provide you with services outside of transporting your goods.

      Sea logistics companies
      Sea logistics companies actually do almost the same thing as freight forwarders. But, what distinguishes them is the ownership of assets necessary for the transport of your goods. Logistics companies own their boats, vessels, and trucks, unlike freight forwarding companies.

      Sea freight brokers
      Sea freight brokers do a similar job as sea freight forwarders. What makes them different from sea freight forwarding firms like us at ZGGShip is that they do not provide their clients with additional services like warehousing and others. Plus, most sea freight brokers only deal with the transportation of goods to one area only.

      If you choose to transport your products via Less than Container Load shipping, calculating the chargeable weight for your ocean freight is important. Shipping lines calculate your freight rates by comparing the actual weight and volumetric weight of your cargo. They will use the higher one between the two in calculating your shipping fee.

      Actual weight refers to the gross weight of your shipment. On the other hand, volumetric weight refers to how much space your cargo takes up in the container. To calculate volumetric weight, you should get the CBM of your cargo and multiply it to the dimensional weight factor (DIM factor) set according to mode of transport and the carrier.

      CBM or cubic meter is a standard measurement used to refer to the volume of a shipment. To get CBM, you should multiply

      Length (m) x width (m) x height (m)

      The commonly used DIM factor in sea freight is set at 1:1000. This means that a cubic meter is equivalent to one ton. Multiply it to the CBM of your cargo to get the volumetric weight.

      In summary,

      Volumetric weight = Length (m) x width (m) x height (m) x DIM factor

      Many things add up to your sea ocean freight cost. In general, shipping by the sea with us at ZGGShip has a base price of $2500, which varies depending on the location. Note that sea freight rates are calculated per container and not by weight.

      Some factors that will affect your sea ocean freight cost include:

      • The nature of your products
      • Your target location
      • Total shipment load
      • Add-on services

      As a rule of thumb, shipping sensitive and dangerous goods cost a lot more than most non-sensitive merchandise. Freight forwarders and carriers would have different rules and regulations concerning the transport of such goods.

      Where you want to ship your products also affects your expenses. The farther from China your target shipping location is, the more expensive your shipment will get. You also need to consider your shipment load when shipping — whether you want to pay for the whole container (FCL) or share it with other shippers (LCL).

      It takes at least 13 to 40 days for your shipment to arrive at its destination port via sea freight. This might not include the processes prior to shipping, which might also take a long time depending on the capabilities of your freight forwarder. Other factors also affect the length of your shipment.

      Loading up your goods into a cargo ship takes three to seven days, which can highly vary depending on whether you’re using FCL or LCL. Chinese ports may also conduct crackdowns at times. Other delays may also be caused if the port gets congested due to peak times. Meanwhile, unloading your goods can take a week as well.

      Finding a competitive and well-connected freight forwarder translates to faster shipping. While little to none can be done with the speed of cargo ships, the speed of your freight forwarding partner can change the game prior and after transit. ZGGShip can provide you with the fast shipping you need.

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