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ZggShip: A Trustful &
Reliable Freight Forwarder

ZggShip can help you fast & safety ship your goods from China to everywhere in the world.

ZGGShip has been rewarded many honors like "The best shipping service provider", "The Famous Brand in Shenzhen forwarding" also we have won NVOCC, FMC, WIFFA, WCA, JC TRANS enrollment.

ZGGSHIP is a leading international company that provides solutions and services in the fields of international air transport, ocean shipping, express delivery, railways, customs clearance, warehousing, end-to-end logistics, pickup and delivery services.


How work achievements

11 years

Transportation experience

300 K

Closed shipments

20 thousand

Satified clients

More about ZggShip

Many years ago, our founder, Mr. CLARK.GUO, worked as a purchasing manager for an auto parts company in New York, USA. I was looking for more competitive prices. Every time I wasted too much time on logistics and supplier selection and communication. , Especially every time you choose a new freight forwarder and supplier, there is too much insecurity as a buyer because we don't know each other enough.

There are too many emergencies and disputes in the international trade war, so in order to provide more assured international shipping service to the buyers of small and medium-sized enterprises, we founded ZGGship


Our Values

"People always come first", it is what we are truly believed in. We target the needs of our customers and take steps to meet them. In matter of fact, our company is based on valuing people and their desires. We aim to create a new line of thought and culture where respecting the customer, his satisfaction and trust to our commitment are paramount.

In addition, when we start our business with you, we are loyal to our partnership till the end. These values lead us to a professional, safe, vibrant and experienced work environment.


Let us share with you the secret of a good and professional cooperation. It's mutual trust and support. Our relationship with our customers is based on trust. Thus, you trust us and we will support you in meeting your needs. When you choose Zggship, you will enter into a family where all the members support each other. So be sure that in cooperating with us, you are fully safe.

Also we believe your win is our win. In other words, your satisfaction and trust is a reflection of our work commitment and credibility. Also, Zggship's initiative and innovation in offering world-class services has earned us our current prestige and position. In this way, we believe in creativity and flexibility in offering services.


Our company Milestone

2021 year
2020 year
2017 year

US branch Found

The US branch was established, and we are still working hard.


Performance has increased by more than 300%, serving customers over 20K+

Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA service department was added, Shenzhen and Yiwu warehouses were added.

2015 year
2013 year
2010 year


Hong Kong, Yiwu company was established and successfully reached cooperation with Xiaomi, TCL, Wal-Mart supply chain channels.


Ningbo company was established, Get NOVCC, signed EMC, CMA, COSCO US and Middle East routes


In 2010, Shenzhen company was established, signed with 3 airlines and 2 service teams in Shenzhen


The team that support and help you

Clark Guo
Emma Z
Sales Manager
Matt Zheng
Ginger Trap
HR Manager

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What our clients
think about us


"Excellent service and good communication. ZggShip handled everything and nothing was a problem. When you find great service you just want to use them again as it makes it so easy. I will continue to use them."

"I contacted Zggship for a shipment from China to the US and right from the start they were super helpful. I cant speak highly enough about their service and advice. I will be using them for all future freight forwarding jobs. Thanks Clark and Emma!"

Well Singer

Manager of Westwood


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