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Regardless of how intricate your shipping needs are, we are confident that we can meet all of them. For more than 11 years, we at ZGGShip have been moving the goods of numerous valuable clients to their destinations securely.

Our global crew has the experience and assets to safely transport your products to any location in the world. With ZGGShip, you can enjoy quality rail freight forwarding at economical rates.


Rail Freight Forwarding Services

At ZGGShip, you can enjoy highly competitive freight forwarding services via different modes of transportation, including sea, air, railway, and others. We also offer other related value-added services you need.

Hassle-free Service

Enjoy smooth shipping services from pickup to delivery by working with us at ZGGShip. Our expert global team guarantees to deliver your goods without a hitch.

  • Customs clearance
  • 24/7 dedicated support
  • Value-added services

On-time Delivery

Making fast deliveries are key to gaining enhanced customer satisfaction and higher rates of client retention. ZGGShip has the assets to ensure that your goods arrive at their destination on time.

  • Complete and reliable paperwork
  • Extensive freight experience
  • Extensive global network

Competitive Service

ZGGShip has been in the industry for more than ten years, owning strong assets and global connections. We can provide you with highly competitive services made just for you.

  • Affordable freight charges
  • Cost-effective freight rates
  • Quick shipments

Warehousing Services Offered in China

Entrust your inventory management, order fulfillment, and other related operations to our professional logistics team. ZGGShip also provides our clients with various warehousing services in China, undoubtedly helping them focus more on more important elements of their business.

As a third-party logistics service provider and freight forwarding company, we can help you save money on goods transportation fees. You can also enjoy a streamlined shipping process and hassle-free deliveries with us. Work with us at ZGGShip today!

FCL Shipping Service
ZGGShip works with the top rail freight carriers to provide you with cost-effective shipping services. If you have a large number of products to transport, we offer Full Container Load (FCL) shipping suitable for your needs.

LCL Shipping Service
For clients who want a more economical solution, Less than Container Load (LCL) shipping might be the one for you. Share a freight container with other shippers like you and enjoy lower freight rates.

Services offered

  • Pick-up cargo
  • Inspection
  • FBA Prep.
  • Marketing materials
  • Quality inspection service
  • Packaging services
  • Custom label service
  • Sorting service

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Rail freight transport

If you need to ship goods weighing more than 120 000 lbs, opting for rail freight might be appropriate, among other shipping modes like sea freight. Rail freight transport requires the use of trains, railcars, trucks, and other relevant components. This is basically a type of freight forwarding via land or ground transportation.

Rail freight transport promises lower carbon footprints, better freight tracking, higher levels of safety, and cheaper expenses on fuel. As freight containers typically travel long distances with no highway congestion, transporting via railways is much safer. It is also more eco-friendly because railcars can bring a larger number of goods in one trip than other transport modes.

ZGGShip works with top carriers all over the world to provide you with highly cost-effective rail freight transport services. If you’re looking for better freight visibility, safer transport, and nature-friendly freight shipping methods, get a quote from ZGGShip today.


Why Choosing Us

ZGGShip works with these reputable carriers to provide you with reliable air freight services.


We have been operating for more than 11 years, providing trustable freight forwarding and logistics solutions to various commercial entities. Our expert team can take your goods to their destination smoothly with no bumps.

No Hidden Costs

ZGGShip understands the importance of honesty in our trade, and we uphold the principle of transparency when it comes to our terms and conditions and pricing. Enjoy highly competitive deals with no unseen expenses on us.

Time- and money-saving

Complete documentation, clean papers, and effective negotiations make up for fast clearances and non-violation of policies in shipping. Our team has the capability and experience to ensure no problems with your shipments, avoiding financial and legal penalties.

Flexible Add-on Service

We believe that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for all shippers. Tell us your needs in shipping your products, and we will try our best to accomplish them. We provide other add-on services that make your deliveries better.


Our team also provides transparent operations concerning your goods. Ease your mind as you will be able to track everything that happens with your shipment, from processes to location, on us.

24/7 Dedicated support

Communication is an integral part of successful cooperation, and we value that in high regard. All your concerns and issues can be addressed quickly with our dedicated team capable of responding to you at all times.


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“One of the best freight forwarding firms I have ever worked with. ZGGShip really fulfilled all my shipping needs. Plus, I was able to enjoy cost-effective rates lower than the offers made by other forwarders.

Thanks to Clark and his team for ensuring that my goods arrive on time. They’ve been able to quickly navigate through the processes, which is somewhat surprising because they’re faster than my previous freight forwarders. Looking forward to future collaborations with ZGGShip!”

Well Singer

Manager of Westwood


Frequently Asked Questions

We offer thousands of shipping container rates for your shipment needs. Whether you're shipping to Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Africa, or Oceania, we have got you covered.

Freight trains can carry a wide variety of products that need to be transported. Some common goods that are likely to be delivered via rail freight include agricultural and energy products like coal, ore, lumber, and others. Food, chemicals, construction materials, and more types can also be transported via rail freight as well.

The general rule of thumb is to use rail freight for bulk commodities and heavy shipments. In fact, there are different types of railcars to be used depending on what needs to be transferred. For instance, flatbed cars may be used to transport aircraft.

Some restrictions may be set in place depending on the laws of your nation and of the destination country. Hazardous products and livestock may not be able to be carried by rail freight due to safety and health issues. As freight trains usually carry huge numbers of goods, getting freight insurance is important, which we at ZGGShip can provide.

When shipping by rail, the average cost that you have to pay is roughly half of air freight costs and similar to that of sea freight. Remember that many factors can affect your total shipping expenses. You would want to take into account the following factors:

  • Amount of goods to transport
  • FCL or LCL shipping
  • Shipping destination
  • Nature of goods
  • Additional solutions

ZGGShip may calculate your freight costs by container, just like how we calculate sea freight rates. That’s why whether you choose to ship in Full Container Load (FCL) or Less than Container Load (LCL) matters too. The best thing is that although this is the case, volumetric weight doesn’t apply in rail freight. Surcharges are off-limits too.

Keep in mind that farther target locations require more astronomical freight prices. Additional services like freight insurance must also be taken into consideration.

Railway transport is almost similar to other shipping modes, with the only difference being how your goods are transported. There are many factors that may affect your total shipment expenses. You should anticipate the following items in your freight bill.

  • Customs clearance
  • Packaging
  • Pickup
  • Delivery
  • Loading and unloading (LCL)
  • Freight insurance
  • Railway rates
  • Storage
  • Add-on services

You may have to pay for the loading and unloading of your goods from your container, especially when you choose to transport them using LCL shipping services. Your freight forwarding partner should be able to clearly explain to you whatever expenses will be included in your bill.

That's why finding a reliable and experienced firm to work with is essential. Here at ZGGShip, we can bring you superb rail freight forwarding services and other additional solutions at highly competitive rates. Work with us today!

We'd love to work with you and help you handle everything ship from China to anywhere. Just contact us and telling us what products and it's dimensions etc. information, and our team will do our best to do the rest of stuffs.

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  • etc.

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ZGGShip is one of the best rail freight companies in the world. We work with some of the best rail carriers all over the globe. Our partnerships with these entities also contribute to the way we can provide you with secure and cost-effective deals.

Our team can provide you with the shipping requirements you have by collaborating with these air carriers. We can bring you highly competitive deals, secure shipping processes, and other additional services you need. Work with us today!


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