Express Freight Forwarder in China

ZGGShip would be your best partner if you want to ship your goods in a speedy manner to your clients. Enjoy tailor-made express freight forwarding plans at highly competitive freight rates on us.

    Options for Express Freight From China

    With more than a decade of experience in freight forwarding, our team knows that every client has different requirements in shipping their products. ZGGShip can guarantee to provide you with your shipping needs with our strong assets and networks.

    Express Freight Service







    Sf Express

    Door-to-door service

    Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

    Parcel Shipping

    Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

    Post Shipping

    Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

    Mail Service

    Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

    Package Shipping

    Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

    Economic Express Shipping

    7days 5days 5days 15days 7days 7days 7days

    Standard Shipping

    3-5 days 3-5 days 3-5 days 3-5 days 3-5 days 3-5 days 3-5 days

    Fast Shipping

    1-3 days 1-3 days 1-3 days 10 days 1-3 days 5 days 1-3 days

      Value-Added Services

      Free from finding the right express shipping service from China by yourself. Zggship as a one-stop freight forwarder can help solve the shipment issues from pick up to delivery. By collaborating with the top carriers in the world, we can move your goods via the express freight shipping you need. Ship with us and enjoy highly competitive rates!

      • Pack
      • Pick-up
      • Labeling
      • Quality inspection
      • Delivery
      • Real-time tracking

        Time & Money-Saving China Express Shipping

        Since different couriers have their own strong service strengths in shipping goods by express from China, finding an efficient local express freight forwarder can help you solve the problems in picking the right express shipping option. Choose Zggship to be your partner can faster your shipment from China to your destination no doubt as it can make a custom express shipment plan based on your rate and schedule.

        Delivery From China Recommended  Options Transit Time Shipping Cost Per Kg

        China to USA

        DHL, UPS, Fedex 5-7 Days $5-$7

        China to Europe

        TNT 2-5 Days $3-$5

        China to the Middle East

        Aramex 4-7 Days $3-$4

        China to Africa

        UPS, Fedex 5-7 Days $5-$7

        China to Australia

        DHL, UPS 5-7 Days $5-$8

        The content above is an illustrative guide, for definitive details please contact Zggship.

          Express Shipping From China

          All of Zggship's reliable express partners got their own branches in different Chinese cities. Tell us where your cargo is or where you want to ship from china, and then Zggship will arrange the right courier partner to ship your goods within your costs and time.

          Express Shenzhen Guangzhou Beijing Shanghai Hangzhou Hongkong
          DHL Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
          UPS Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
          Fedex Yes Yes No Yes No Yes
          Aramex Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
          EMS Yes Yes No No No Yes
          TNT No No No No No Yes
          Sf Express Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes

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            Your Reliable Express Freight Forwarder in China

            With more than a decade of experience in freight forwarding, our team knows that every client has different requirements in shipping their products. ZGGShip can guarantee to provide you with your shipping needs with our strong assets and networks.

            By collaborating with the top carriers in the world, we can move your goods via the express freight shipping you need. Ship with us and enjoy highly competitive rates!

            • Express freight from China to the USA
            • Express freight from China to the UK
            • Express Freight from China to Mexico
            • Express Freight from China to Canada

            Reliable Express Courier Partners



            Zggship can offer the best dhl shipping costs from pick up to delivery at the best speed rate.



              With express saver and worldwide expedited services, ups express shipping can ship your goods, be your package size small or large.



                Fedex express shipping time and cost calculator



                  Started its business in Hongkong, TNT excels in shipping goods from China to European road transport.



                    Started in 2015, A UAE- based courier that helps ship to the middle east countries

                      Sf express

                      Sf express

                      A China-based courier help clients ship goods mostly in Asian countries and the USA, japan, korea, singapore, malaysia


                        Why Choosing Us

                        FedEx and UPS are some of the best air cargo service providers all throughout the globe, operating in all significant global markets. ZGGShip works with these reputable carriers to provide you with reliable air freight services.


                        We have been operating for more than 11 years, providing trustable freight forwarding and logistics solutions to various commercial entities. Our expert team can take your goods to their destination smoothly with no bumps.

                        No Hidden Costs

                        ZGGShip understands the importance of honesty in our trade, and we uphold the principle of transparency when it comes to our terms and conditions and pricing. Enjoy highly competitive deals with no unseen expenses on us.

                        Time- and money-saving

                        Complete documentation, clean papers, and effective negotiations make up for fast clearances and non-violation of policies in shipping. Our team has the capability and experience to ensure no problems with your shipments, avoiding financial and legal penalties.

                        Flexible Add-on Service

                        We believe that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for all shippers. Tell us your needs in shipping your products, and we will try our best to accomplish them. We provide other add-on services that make your deliveries better.


                        Our team also provides transparent operations concerning your goods. Ease your mind as you will be able to track everything that happens with your shipment, from processes to location, on us.

                        24/7 Dedicated support

                        Communication is an integral part of successful cooperation, and we value that in high regard. All your concerns and issues can be addressed quickly with our dedicated team capable of responding to you at all times.


                        Express Freight Forwarding Services

                        ZGGShip provides a wide range of additional services spanning standard sea, air, rail, and other modes of transport. We also offer various eCommerce solutions, order fulfillment, and other services at highly competitive prices.

                        Wide Shipping Options

                        If you’ve got time-sensitive deliveries to make, we at ZGGShip can provide you with various express freight shipping options. Get customized express shipping plans from our team.

                        • Fast shipping
                        • Delivered within 1-3 days
                        • Secure express freight

                        On-time Delivery

                        We recognize that time is crucial in business, just as you do. With our strong worldwide staff, ZGGShip assures that your items will arrive on time.

                        • Outstanding qualifications
                        • Documentation
                        • Worldwide network

                        Competitive Price

                        Shipping via express freight can be expensive, but our team is confident to bring you the cost-effective and highly competitive shipping prices you need.

                        • Excellent relationships with various carriers
                        • Hassle-free delivery
                        • Extensive experience

                        Warehousing Services Offered in China

                        As a third-party logistics (3PL) services provider, ZGGShip can also bring you warehousing options. Letting us in charge of the management of your inventory, storage of your goods, fulfillment of orders, and other connected operations will surely save you time and money.

                        Focus on the other elements of your business by entrusting us to handle your goods securely. Working with a reputable warehouse service provider, such as ZGGShip, will relieve you of a significant amount of stress and let you enjoy hassle-free solutions.

                        Services offered

                        • Pick-up cargo
                        • Inspection
                        • FBA Prep.
                        • Marketing materials
                        • Quality inspection service
                        • Packaging services
                        • Custom label service
                        • Sorting service

                        Wanna know the specific Express Forwarding services in China? Get in Touch

                        Full Express Shipping Services

                        ZGGShip brings you different express shipping services that you may need depending on your requirements. Our services include expedited transport of small and big parcels, UEB and EMS services, and economic, standard, and emergency deliveries.

                        Extensive package size limit
                        Regardless of whether you want to ship small or large parcels, ZGGShip is ready to help you. Rest assured that the safety of your package would be upheld as we collaborate with top carriers like FedEx, UPS, DHL, and more.

                        EMS service
                        Enjoy affordable shipping rates by using express mail services (EMS) via the global postal network. Expect your packages of a maximum of 65 lbs to be delivered within 1 to 3 days or up to two weeks securely.

                        Economy delivery
                        If you have non-urgent packages to deliver and can allow more than seven days of shipping, choosing economy delivery would be your best choice. Deliver your goods at affordable rates!

                        Standard delivery
                        Delivering your products to your clients at just the right time can help retain them as your valuable customers. Make sure that your packages arrive within 3-5 days using our standard delivery service.

                        Emergency delivery
                        Efficient and expedited deliveries are vital for completing time-sensitive shipping requirements. ZGGShip offers to bring your goods to your clients within 1-3 days with high efficiency and safety.


                        Frequently Asked Questions

                        We offer thousands of shipping container rates for your shipment needs. Whether you're shipping to Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Africa, or Oceania, we have got you covered.

                        Express shipping refers to intermodal deliveries done in a faster manner than other modes of freight forwarding like sea freight and air shipping. It is more commonly used for fulfilling time-sensitive orders. As it requires expedited processes, you must anticipate that shipping your goods via express also costs much more.

                        At ZGGShip, one factor that we take into account when calculating your freight quote is the weight of your package. Express freight rates start between $5 to $9 per kilogram. Of course, other factors can affect your shipping fees, such as target location, nature of goods to deliver, and additional services.

                        One reason to ship via express freight from China is to grow your eCommerce business. By delivering products quickly, customers are likely to be loyal to your business and be satisfied. The qualifications of your freight forwarder are crucial for the fast shipping you can enjoy. ZGGShip can help bring you affordable and secure express shipping from China.

                        There are many processes involved in shipping your goods. What really makes express freight forwarding sought-after is that the speed in which the following steps occur is much faster than other modes of transport.

                        1. Preparation of paperwork necessary for your shipment
                        2. Tracking of inland transportations of your goods
                        3. Reservation of freight spaces
                        4. Declaration and clearance of goods to Chinese customs
                        5. Arrangement of shipping according to booking
                        6. Waiting of your goods to arrive at destination port
                        7. Preparation of customs documents and contact of consignee
                        8. Declaration and clearance of goods to the customs of shipping country
                        9. Arrangement of VAT and taxes payment
                        10. Pickup and delivery
                        11. Confirmation of delivery from your consignee

                        How fast your freight forwarder coordinates with your supplier regarding the shipment and goes through the above steps matters. Well-qualified freight forwarding firms like ZGGShip can deliver you the express shipping services you need.

                        Shipping your goods via express freight forwarding from China takes different amounts of time depending on your target shipping location. Here at ZGGShip, we can guarantee to securely deliver your products within the span of 3 to 7 days. Other factors may also affect your shipping time.

                        One of the most common things that may affect your shipping time is the weather condition. Bad weather translates to delayed flights and movement of your goods. ZGGShip works with top carriers all over the world like FedEx, UPS, DHL, and others for fast shipping and top-notch problem-solving when issues arise.

                        Mistakes in labeling are also possible reasons of express delivery delays. Putting the wrong address or recipient can result in returns and delayed shipping. ZGGShip also offers order fulfillment and warehousing services. You can count on our professional team to provide you with hassle-free and error-free deliveries.

                        We'd love to work with you and help you handle everything ship from China to the USA. Just contact us and telling us what products and it's dimensions etc. information, and our team will do our best to do the rest of stuffs.

                        Don't hesitate to contact us!

                        Simple, just contact us by filling out the contact form below.

                        To get a specific quotation, you need to provide the specific information, like below:

                        • product name
                        • Package dimensions
                        • Total weight
                        • Location of China
                        • Prefer transport method: like by sea
                        • etc.

                        Didn't have any transport method in your mind now? Don't worry, just contact us, and our experts will give the best advice based on your requirement.

                        ZGGShip is one of the best air freight companies in the world. We work with some of the best air carriers all over the globe. These commercial giants include FedEx, UPS, DHL, and other reliable and reputable organizations. Our partnerships with these entities also contribute to the way we can provide you with secure and cost-effective deals.

                        FedEx offers air shipments and air freight solutions to major markets on the globe. They specialize in transporting goods to the regions of Africa, the Middle East, North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific. On the other hand, UPS is the second-largest cargo airline in the world, while DHL is also one of the best-performing carriers worldwide.

                        Our team can provide you with the shipping requirements you have by collaborating with these air carriers. We can bring you highly competitive deals, secure shipping processes, and other additional services you need. Work with us today!

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