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Port of Ensenada

Ensenada Port Map

Port of Tuxpan Map
Port of Tuxpan Map

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Ensenada Port Facts

  • Port code: MXESE
  • Port size: 9000 square miles (Medium)
  • Port address: Blvd. Tte. José Azueta No. 224 Int Recinto Portuario, C.P. 22800 Ensenada Baja Int Recinto
  • Portuario, 22800 Ensenada, B.C., Mexico
  • Main vessel type: Cargo (limestone, cotton, bagged stones, sands, etc.
  • TEUs: 394,911 TEUs (2021)

Information About Ensenada Port (History, Economy & Trade)

The Port of Ensenada lies on the shores of Todos Santos Bay off the Pacific Ocean of Baja, California, Mexico. The port is known for its vacation spot for people in southern California, luxury hotels, etc. It was opened to trade in 1877, several years after the Todos Santos Bay was discovered.

Due to its strategic position near the US border and the Pacific Rim, the Port of Ensenada has access to international shipping routes, connecting it with 64 ports in 29 countries. As one of the largest ports in Mexico, the port of Esendana exports millions of tons, thousand of tons of cabotage, and cargos ranging from minerals, perishables, and liquified natural gas.

The average distance of the port from China is about 9353 kilometers.

Ports in Mexico

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Ship From or To Tuxpan Port

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Recent Arrivals and Departures From the Lazaro Cardenas Port


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