Door-to-door service: DTD Definition, Advantages & Service Recommendation

Think of the ease and speed of receiving your goods shipped right to your doorstep from the sender or warehouse. It sounds cool, right? That’s the advancement in the logistics industry – door-to-door service. We will discuss this in detail as we consider the meaning of door-to-door service, its advantages to customers and businesses, and the recommended service for delivery.

Image showing door-to-door service provider
Image showing door-to-door service provider

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Door-to-door services meaning

What is door-to-door service or delivery?

What does door-to-door service mean? The logistics and shipping industry is large, offering great services to online and offline customers. On a drop ship or direct ship, goods are delivered directly to your door post. This type of service is called door-to-door delivery.

In other words, the freight forwarder picks up the cargo from your warehouse and delivers it to the port, files the required paperwork, receives the goods from the other end, and sends it to your consignee’s warehouse.

Related Door-to-Door Delivery Incoterms

When global industries enter contracts with buyers and sellers, they can discuss and negotiate specific terms. These terms could be characteristics of goods, price, and quantity. Every international contract also includes international commercial terms (incoterm).

In a DDP incoterm, the seller provides door-to-door shipping service/delivery to the buyer, including customs clearance from the port origin of the goods to the destination port. It means the seller bears the risk of loss until the packages are delivered to the buyer.

Benefits of door-to-door delivery: Why it is more important than ever

Door-to-door delivery is more important today than ever because of its many advantages and benefits to customers. A few of these advantages/benefits are;

  • Door-to-door delivery saves you money. It’s most beneficial to the customer due to the contract signed by the shipping company and the customer undertaking shipment cost to its destination.
  • It saves time and makes life comfortable for the customers.
  • It saves effort, bearing the stress of transporting from one point to another to receive goods from the customers.
  • The shipping company offers insurance for goods lost in transit.

How Does Door-to-Door Service Work?

In door-to-door service, the freight forwarder picks up the goods from the sender and delivers them to the receiver’s door. For instance, Zggship is a freight forwarding company in China that needs to pick up goods(e.g., electronic devices) and transport them to a customer in the US or anywhere in the world.

Zggship, the forwarder, is expected to carry out the order appropriately, meet customers’ requirements, and take responsibility for every stage of its transportation.

Door-to-door transport

The freight forwarder often offers door-to-door shipping service to the shippers. The forwarder is responsible for cargo pick-up, documentation, transportation, and delivery from the seller to the consignee’s warehouse.

The door-to-door means of transportation include; air, sea, express, rail, etc. The freight forwarder performs a much more detailed role in ensuring the goods are safely delivered to their destination. These roles include;

  • Painstakingly analyze routes of transportation to minimize cost and time.
  • Reserve space on the train or ship in advance.
  • Select the right container to fit the size of the goods (e.g., cars) and the transport type.
  • Select the right carriers for implementing the individual sections of the route.

Best Door-to-door international shipping

Several freight forwarders offer door-to-door international shipping services across the globe. Here are some recommended few;

  • FedEx is a popular brand in the US, offering door-to-door shipping services to over 220 countries, including the USA, Africa, Europe, etc.
  • DHL is a leading brand headquartered in Bonn, Germany, with over 50 years of experience in the logistics company.
  • Aramex is the best international shipper, offering specific global services to new and existing eCommerce businesses.
  • Zggship is one of the best and most reliable Chinese forwarders, offering door-to-door shipping from China to anywhere in the world.

How much is door-to-door delivery

The door-to-door shipping cost ranges from $0.99 – $3.99 (min) per kilogram, although the cost of door-to-door delivery is never static. Several factors influence the delivery cost, especially when shipping from China to anywhere in the world. Here are some factors/things to consider in delivery cost;

  • Distance from the port of delivery to the destination port
  • Fuel price in the international market
  • Terminal fees
  • Shipping season

However, you can consult Zggship. We provide customers with the cheapest international shipping rates that are affordable, not minding the systematic changes.

How Long Does Door-to-Door Delivery Take

On average, door-to-door delivery takes about 3 to 5 business days, depending on the shipping company. Some shipping companies deliver within 1 to 3 business days. However, some factors can impact the door-to-door delivery time of goods. They include;

  • Lack of visibility
  • Traffic
  • Lack of clarity
  • Inadequate technology
  • Delivery motor/vehicle problem
  • Bad weather condition
  • Loss of package
  • Failed delivery attempt
  • High volume of shipments

That is where we come in; at Zggship, our professionals are well-trained and skilled to overcome all challenges. Our customers receive 100% satisfaction from our door-to-door delivery/services and more.


With the advancement in technology leading to the improvement in the logistics industry, its best customers take advantage of all there is in door-to-door services to improve their lives.

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