Ports in China: A List of Busiest, Largest and Major Chinese Ports

China Port Map

China Shipping Ports
China Shipping Ports

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China Shipping Ports: A Full List 

China’s ports are growing quickly. As a result, several types of ports handle different types of cargo. The Chinese ports listed here are the largest, busiest main ports. However, some of the smaller ones may be useful as well. 

The main ports are all capable of servicing a large number of ships and should be used for the majority of ship visits unless otherwise advised. These ports can also accommodate most vessels, although there may be occasional restrictions due to tidal conditions or other factors.

Shipping from China is an exciting and often confusing process. If you have never shipped from China, you may not know what a freight forwarder does. A freight forwarder is a company that specializes in shipping products from one country to another. They work with several carriers, including airlines and ocean carriers, to get your product shipped safely, quickly, and efficiently.

Shanghai port China 

Shanghai port is the world’s busiest container port.  It is located in Shanghai, China, and handles a large amount of cargo yearly. With its unique geographical location, deep water area, and convenient transportation network, Shanghai Port is one of the world’s largest container ports. 

The port has a lot of international connections, which means that it can handle a lot of different types of cargo. It has an extensive history that goes back hundreds of years. It is served by major sea routes, including the Yangtze River, China’s longest river. A large number of deep-water berths are available for ships at the port. 

China freight forwarders are the best option to ship from Shanghai port China. They know all the rules and regulations about shipping from Shanghai port China and can help you save money.

Shanghai port map
Shanghai port map

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Here are other ports near Shanghai port China

  • Yangshan Deepwater Port
  • Waigaoqiao Port
  • Shanghai Port Cruise Terminal
  • Haitong Ro/Ro Terminal
  • Luojing Terminal

Shenzhen port China 

Shenzhen International Port is a deep water seaport in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China. The city’s economy is driven by its status as one of the world’s largest manufacturing centers, with many multinational corporations having their China headquarters in Shenzhen. 

The port has a very extensive range of services: container handling, bulk cargo handling, and multi-purpose cargo handling. It also provides services to cruise ships, yachts, and fishing vessels. If you are looking to ship items from Shenzhen, then there are several things you need to know before shipping your items. 

A freight forwarder is an agent who helps companies move goods from one place to another by handling all the paperwork for customs clearance and transportation services needed for international shipments.

Shenzhen port China map
Shenzhen port China map

Image Source: China Discovery

Here are other ports near Shenzhen port China

  • Yantian International Container Terminals
  • Chiwan Container Terminals
  • Shekou Container Terminals
  • China Merchants Port
  • Shenzhen Haixing

Guangzhou port China 

Guangzhou port is the largest harbor in China and one of the busiest in the world. It is located at the mouth of the Pearl River, and its position has been crucial to developing Guangzhou as a trading center, connecting it with many parts of China and beyond. The harbor has an inner harbor for docking large ships and an outer harbor for docking small boats. 

The main port facilities include three container berths, seven bulk berths, two oil piers, and one liquid natural gas wharf. A freight forwarder is the best way to import goods from Guangzhou port. A freight forwarder is a third party who will help you with your shipping needs. 

They can help you get in touch with the best shipping companies in China and handle all your paperwork. This will save you time and money because you won’t have to deal with any of the headaches involved with international trade.

Guangzhou port China map
Guangzhou port China map

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Here are other ports near Guangzhou port China

  • Shunde port
  • Guangzhou port
  • Foshan port

Qingdao port China 

Qingdao Port, located northeast of Shandong Province, is one of China’s biggest ports. It is an important hub for international trade and a strategic gateway to Europe, North America, and Africa. In addition, the port has become one of the most important industrial bases in China’s northeastern region due to its convenient location and good transport infrastructure. 

The port’s primary industries include chemicals, steel production, and petroleum refining. Also, it has steel products, machinery parts, automobiles, electronics, and plastic products.  

The main advantage of using a china freight forwarder when shipping from Qingdao Port is that they can help you save time and money. This is because they are experts in all aspects of shipping and know exactly where to ship your goods to get them there on time at the lowest cost possible.

Qingdao port China map
Qingdao port China map

Image Source: Travel China

Here are other ports near Qingdao port China

  • Dagang port area
  • Qianwan port area
  • Huangdong oil port area 
  • Dongjiakou port area

Tianjin port China 

Tianjin port is the biggest seaport in Northern China and one of the world’s busiest container ports. It is also a major fixed asset investment hub and an essential base for international trade. On the other hand, it handles large quantities of steel products, chemicals, and general cargo. 

Tianjin port has become one of the important transshipment centers in China’s foreign trade routes and plays a critical role in China’s opening up to the outside world. The Port of Tianjin also plays an essential role in supporting economic development in Northern China. Its location provides a meaningful connection between North China and the Shandong Peninsula.

The best way to ship cargo from Tianjin port is using a freight forwarder in China. The freight forwarder is an agent of the shipping line that will allow you to handle all your shipping needs in one place.

Tianjin port China map
Tianjin port China map

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Here are other ports near Tianjin port China

  • Beijiang port
  • Haihe port
  • Nanjiang port
  • Beigang port
  • Dongjiang port

Ningbo port China

Ningbo Port, the largest port in China, is located on the east coast of Zhejiang Province. Ningbo Port has developed into an international port for trade and shipping. It is one of the most important ports in China, accounting for about 20% of foreign trade volume and 16% of domestic cargo traffic. 

It has been included in the top 40 ports in the world by handling capacity. Ningbo’s favorable geographic location has made it an important hub for international trade since ancient times. Since then, it has been one of China’s most important ports for foreign trade and transportation.

If you want to ship from Ningbo port China, use a china freight forwarder. China freight forwarders are the best way to ship from Ningbo port, China. They can help you with shipping services and ensure your goods arrive safely at their destination.

Ningbo port China map
Ningbo port China map

Image Source: China Discovery

Here are other ports near Ningbo port China

  • Beilun port
  • Zhenhai port 
  • Ningbo port
  • Daxie port
  • Panshan port
  • Meishan port

Dalian port China 

Dalian Port is located in Dalian, Liaoning Province. It is a major port on the Yellow Sea and is the largest port in China for crude oil imports. Dalian port is located in the Bohai Sea deep water area where the tide is high, and the current is strong, providing excellent shipping transportation conditions. 

The port’s primary role is to handle large car and bulk carriers carrying coal and ore from Australia, South America, and Africa. Still, it handles containers and tankers carrying crude oil, refined oil products, and liquefied natural gas (LNG).

China freight forwarders are experts in shipping, especially if you are looking to ship from Dalian port China. Also, they will help you with all aspects of shipping, including choosing the suitable carrier and packing your goods correctly. You can trust them with your entire shipment because they have years of experience in this field.

Dalian port China map
Dalian port China map

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Here are other ports near Dalian port China

  • Daliangang port areas
  • Dalianwan port areas
  • Xianglujiao port areas
  • Nianyuwan port areas
  • Ganjinzi port areas
  • Heizuizi port areas
  • Si’ergou port areas
  • Dayaowan port areas

Xiamen port China 

Xiamen, a city in Fujian province, is a major harbor on the South China Sea. The port of Xiamen is one of the country’s busiest, with an annual handling capacity of over 60 million tons. Xiamen port has developed its unique geographic advantage to become an international shipping hub in Southeast Asia. 

It has become a major global shipping center for trade between China and Southeast Asia, as well as between Asia’s eastern coast and Europe via the Mediterranean Sea. If you want to ship from Xiamen port China or want to ship from China, you will need a freight forwarder. 

A China freight forwarder is an international logistics company specializing in shipping goods from one place to another. They are experts at moving goods across borders and ensuring that they arrive at their destination safely.

Xiamen port China map
Xiamen port China map

Image Source: Dedula

Here are other ports near Xiamen port China

  • Heping port area
  • Dongdu port area
  • Haitian port area
  • Shihushan port area
  • Gaoqi port area
  • Liuwudian port area

Hongkong port China 

Hongkong port is a leading port in China. It is located at the mouth of the Pearl River, the largest river in southern China, and it has always been the gateway for China’s trade with the world. Hong Kong is a leading international trade and shipping hub, with an extensive network of ports and free-trade zones.

Hong Kong has had a long history as a manufacturing center producing clothing, footwear, toys, jewelry, and electronics. It also produces textiles, shoes, furniture, plastics, electrical appliances, and chemicals. Also, it makes consumer products such as personal care items, watches, clocks, printing services, and some electronic components.

If you want to export your goods from China to other countries, the first step is to find a good freight forwarder who can help you with all the paperwork and shipping requirements. Choosing the right freight forwarder is always crucial because it will determine the success or failure of your shipment.

Hongkong port China map
Hongkong port China map

Image Source: China Car Service

Here are other ports near Hongkong port China

  • Modern Terminals Ltd. (MTL)
  • Hongkong International Terminals Ltd. (HIT)
  • COSCO Information & Technology (H.K.) Ltd. (COSCO)
  • Dubai Port International Terminals Ltd. (DPI)
  • Asia Container Terminals Ltd. (ACT)

Nanjing port China 

Nanjing Port is the busiest port in China. The port is on the Yangtze River and includes the Xuanwu Lake area. It is one of the busiest ports in China, handling over 100 million tons of cargo each year. It serves as a central hub for international trade and logistics. 

Its location near the middle of the Yangtze River Delta is well connected to China’s national transportation network. Nanjing Port’s main business areas include shipping, logistics, warehousing/storage, and other customer services worldwide. It also provides comprehensive logistics solutions, including inbound/outbound customs clearance. 

If you want to ship from Nanjing port China, there are many reasons why you should use a freight forwarder. First of all, they know everything about the shipping process and can help you with all kinds of documents related to international shipping.

Nanjing port China map
Nanjing port China map

Image Source: Wikipedia

Here are other ports near Nanjing port China

  • Port of Changshu
  • Port of Changzhou
  • Port of Chiwan
  • Port of Chongqing
  • Port of Da Chan Bay
  • Port of Foshan
  • Port of Foshan New Port
  • Port of Huangpu

Fuzhou port China 

Fuzhou Port is one of the major ports in China. It is located in the northwest corner of Fujian Province, adjacent to the Taiwan Straits, facing Taiwan and the Pacific Ocean. The Port of Fuzhou is an open port that handles domestic and international trade. The primary commodities shipped through the port include coal, petrochemicals, steel, and general cargo. 

Also, its significant imports include iron ore, coal, steel products, grain, timber, and crude oil; major exports include electronic components, garments, and textiles. The port also has a fishing fleet that provides seafood to local markets. 

Shipping from Fuzhou port China is no easy task. Many types of transportation can be used, including air and ocean freight. A good freight forwarder will be able to help you choose which one is best suited for your needs and budget.

Fuzhou port China map
Fuzhou port China map

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Here are other ports near Fuzhou port China

  • Pingtan Port Area 
  • Jiangyin Port Area or New Fuzhou Port
  • Songxia Port Area
  • Minjiangkounei Port Area 
  • Luoyuanwan Port Area

Humen port China 

Humen port China is located in the northern part of east China’s Jiangsu province. It is the largest deep-water port in the Yangtze River Delta region, with annual cargo throughput exceeding 120 million tons. The port offers a wide range of services to meet the needs of different types of vessels and cargoes. 

These include offshore storage facilities for petrochemical products, a large cold storage facility for seafood products and other commodities, and three dry bulk terminals that can handle more than 100 million tons per year. 

If you want to ship from Humen port China, use a china freight forwarder. The China freight forwarder will help you ship from Humen port to your destination. The main work of a china freight forwarder is to reduce the complexity of shipping and logistics services.

Humen port China map
Humen port China map

Image Source: Hacis

Here are other ports near Humen port China

  • Nansha  port
  • Dongguan port
  • Huangpu port
  • Zhongshan port 
  • Shunde port 

Zhoushan port China

 Zhoushan port is a deep-water port located in Zhoushan City, China’s most significant island city. Also, it is the largest port in East China and the most important one for shipping from Shanghai to the north of China. The port is essential in Zhejiang Province, China, with a core business in handling cargo destined for the rest of China and overseas. 

It is one of China’s major ports in foreign trade. Zhoushan Port has excellent geographical location and transportation network advantages. The expressways connect it to Hangzhou, Shanghai, Ningbo, Tianjin, and other cities. 

Shipping cargo from Zhoushan Port, China, can be done through many different methods depending on what type of goods you are shipping and where they are going. However, when shipping cargo from Zhoushan Port, China, you must use a professional freight forwarding company to handle this for you so that nothing goes wrong.

Zhoushan port China map
Zhoushan port China map

Image Source: Super Engineering

Here are other ports near Zhoushan port China

  • Beilun port
  • Zhenhai port
  • Ningbo harbor 

Common FAQs on Ports in China

What  is the nearest port to guangdong china?

Guangzhou Port is the largest port in China, it is located in the city of Guangzhou, Guangdong Province. The nearest ports to Guangdong China are Guangzhou Port (former Guangzhou Port and Huangpu Port), Nansha Port and Lianhuashan Port.

How far is it from Nanjing port to Shanghai port?

Nanjing and Shanghai are both on the Yangtze River, but they are located on opposite sides of the river. The driving distance between the two cities is 294.7 kilometers (183 miles).

How far is it from Tianjin port to Xingang port?

Travel from Xingang Port to Tianjin by air will require a total flight distance of approximately 56 kilometers (34.8 miles) or 30.2 nautical miles. The flight time is expected to be about 30 minutes, depending on the aircraft and flight conditions.

What  is the nearest port to Shandong china?

The nearest port to Shandong is Binzhou port. It’s in the northern part of the province, near Qingdao city. Binzhou port has good connections with other ports in Shandong province including Yantai port, Weihai port and Weifang port.

What  is the distance from Taicang port to Shanghai port?

The Port of Shanghai is located in the east side of China, near to Shanghai city. It is one of the busiest ports in the world. The Ports of Shanghai and Taicang are 129 kilometers apart. The driving distance is 157.2 kilometers.

What  is the nearest port to Zhejiang china?

The Port of Wenzhou is a natural deep-water harbor located in the city of Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. It is the nearest port to Zhejiang China. The port is mainly engaged in handling various bulk cargos such as coal and steel products.

How far is from Nansha port to Shenzhen port?

The Nansha Port is located on Hainan Island and is only 80 miles away from Shenzhen in Guangdong Province. You can travel by car or boat to get there, but it will take around 15 hours on average.

How far is it from Tianjin port to Xingang port?

The driving distance between Xingang Port and Tianjin is approximately 56 kilometers (34.8 miles) or 30.2 nautical miles. The driving time between Xingang Port and Tianjin varies depending on the route, but the average travel time is about 52 minutes on a highway.

How far is it from Shanghai port to Ningbo port?

Ningbo is a coastal city in Zhejiang province of China. The distance between Ningbo and Shanghai Port is 97 kilometers. The driving distance is 250.5 kilometers.

What  is the nearest sea port to Henan china?

Henan Province has a long history of foreign trade, and it was one of the earliest places to open up to foreign merchants. The nearest sea port to Henan China is Huanghua Port, which is located in the northwest of Zhengzhou City.


Ports in China are of vital importance as they can drastically change the economic fate of a country. The ports here not only assist in shipping goods to other countries, but also receive imports from all over the world. Ports are economic and transportation hubs. A good working port can increase trade between two specific cities, which help each other’s economy prosper. 

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