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Every entrepreneur wants the best for their brand. And sourcing the right freight forwarder for your business is crucial. Learn more as we explore these top freight forwarders in Saudi Arabia whose shipping process is safe, fast, and economical.

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List of the Top Freight Forwarders in Saudi Arabia

Here’s a list of the top Saudi Arabia forwarders for a quick glance;

  1. ALJAWAD Moving & Logistics
  2. Almajdouie Logistics
  3. Freights Solutions Co.
  4. Capital Logistics Trading
  5. Falcon Freight Pvt. Ltd
  6. DHL Global Forwarding, Saudi Arabia
  7. Skyfreight Riyadh

Table Showing Details of the Top Freight Forwarders in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Freight Forwarders ALJAWAD Moving & Logistics Almajdouie Logistics Freights Solutions Co. Capital Logistics Trading
Company logo
Location Jeddah, Western Dammam Eastern Province Riyadh, Riyadh Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Year of establishment 2010 1965 2008 1999
No. of employees 11 – 50 employees 1001 – 5000 employees 201 – 500 employees 1 – 20 employees
Contact +966 920008910 +966920029221 +966 54 440 1996 +966 (011) 4765773
Saudi Arabia Freight Forwarders Falcon Freight Pvt. Ltd DHL Global Forwarding, Saudi Arabia Skyfreight Riyadh Capital Logistics Trading
Company logo
Location Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Bin Omrah, Doha, State of Qatarr Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Year of establishment 1980s 1969 1966 1999
No. of employees 201 – 500 employees 10,000 + employees 5000+ employees 1 – 20 employees
Contact +966 1264 73710 +966 011 465 4200 +974 486-5232 +966 (011) 4765773

#1 AL JAWAD Moving & Logistics

International Moving Services in Saudi Arabia


Al Jawad company logo

Image Source: Al Jawad company page (LinkedIn)

Al Jawad professionals attend to inbound and outbound shipping and relocation requirements. As a member of the International Association of Movers (IAM), Al Jawad has its specific agents worldwide to ensure the seamless movement of goods at the best rate.
The enterprise has dedicated international freight logistics experts assigned to address all customers’ concerns relating to the shipment of goods.

#2 Almajdouie Logistics

Global Freight Forwarding Services in Saudi Arabia


Almajdouie company logo

Image Source: Almajdouie company page (LinkedIn)

Almajdouie has extensive expertise in freight forwarding, with offices strategically located in Saudi Arabia to ensure global coverage through a comprehensive network of air, road, and sea transportation solutions.
Its in-house clearance team, airports, seaports, etc., leverage the relationship with major global freight forwarding companies to provide tailored-made solutions.

#3 Freights Solutions Co. Ltd

Customs Brokerage Services in Riyadh

Freight Solutions company logo

Image Source: Freight Solutions company page (LinkedIn)

Freights Solutions provide expert customs brokerage services to ensure necessary documents are prepared and ready on time to avoid issues during the process. In addition, its licensed personnel are versed and keep up with up-to-date on the latest trade news and regulations.
The organization does clearance on major seaports, airports, and border clearance between GCC countries and those around Saudi Arabia.

#4 Capital Logistics Trading

Supply Chain Management Services in Saudi Arabia


Capital Logistics company logo

Image Source: Capital Logistics company website

Capital Logistics Trading (CLT) is experienced in offering supply chain management solutions. The organization manages the world’s largest companies’ complex global flow of goods, information, and finance.
CLT designs supply chains from planning and procurement by receiving and delivering cargo to its final destination. Every solution is tailored to meet the requirements of its customers.

#5 Falcon Freight Pvt. Ltd

Land/Air and Land/Sea Transportation Services in Jeddah


Falcon Freight company logo

Image Source: Falcon freight company

Falcon Freight is the first company to introduce Land/Air and Land/Sea combined transportation via UAE as part of its multi-modal solutions. The company transports refrigerated trucks of fruits from Riyadh to Dubai and then by air to Japan. In addition, it transports many on-flat and low beds to Dubai and then to Iraq and other CIS destinations by sea.

#6 DHL Global Forwarding, Saudi Arabia

Rail Freight Forwarding Services in Riyadh


DHL Global Forwarding company logo

Image Source: DHL Global Forwarding company’s page (LinkedIn)

DHL Global Forwarding provides secure, safe, and environmentally friendly freight transportation via rail either within Europe or transporting FCL or LCL cargo from Europe, to Asia, West and Eastbound, all your concerns are duly addressed by the company. DHL rail freight service is available for containers, wagon groups, trailers, and blockchain movements.

#7 Skyfreight Qatar

International Freight Forwarding in Qatar


Sky Freight company logo

Image Source: Sky Freight company website

Skyfreight provides tailored solutions for all import and export air freight solutions. Backed by several years of experience in customs brokerages, Skyfreight serves customers with the confidence and assurance that their goods will be handled appropriately.
Additionally, the company replenishes clients with alternative options on how to handle shipment requirements better.

Shipping Options/Services Offered by Saudi Arabia Freight Forwarders

Freight Forwarders in Saudi Arabia Shipping Options/Services
ALJAWAD Moving & Logistics Packing and Moving
Freight forwarding Services
Almajdouie Logistics Freight Forwarding
Road Transportation
Customs clearance
Heavy transportation
Freights Solutions Co. Air Freight
Sea Freight
Packing and Moving
Storage and Delivery
Customs clearance
Capital Logistics Trading Ocean Freight
Air Freight
Sea/Air Combined Transport
Warehousing & Distribution
Supply Chain Management
Falcon Freight Pvt. Ltd Sea Freight
Air Freight
Land/Air and Land/Sea Transportation
Project Cargo
Warehousing and Supply Chain Management
DHL Global Forwarding, Saudi Arabia Air Freight
Ocean Freight
Rail Freight
Road Freight
Document and Parcel
Skyfreight, Qatar Customs Brokerage
Domestic and International Forwarding
Air Freight Import and Export
Ocean Freight

Shipping to Saudi Arabia: Things You Need to Know Before Saudi Arabia’s Shipment

Saudi Arabia(2022): Quick Facts

Map of Saudi Arabia

Image Source: Google

  • Population: 36 million (Sept. 2022)
  • Languages: Arabic and English
  • Currency: Saudi riyal
  • Major Cities
      • Riyadh – Capital of KSA
      • Jeddah – a modern port city
      • Makkah – the holiest city in Islam
      • Madinah – the second holiest city
      • Dammam – popular tourist destination
      • Al-Kharj – a beautiful historical city
      • Tabuk – the most beautiful city in Saudi Arabia
  • Sea ports/ cargo ports/ container ports
      • Jeddah Islamic Port
      • King Abdul Aziz Port
      • Yanbu Commercial Port
      • Jubail Commercial Port
      • King Fahad Industrial Port in Yanbu
      • Port of Jazan/Jizan
      • Ras Al-khair Port
      • Dhiba Port
  • Airports
      • Abha International Airport
      • Taif International Airport
      • King Abdulaziz International Airport
      • Bisha Domestic Airport
      • Neom Bay Airport
      • King Saud Air Base
      • Khafji Airport
      • Abu Ali Airport
      • Haradh Airport
      • King Khalid Air Base

Saudi Arabia: Economics

Why You Need Freight Forwarders in Saudi Arabic

If you are a business owner transporting goods from Saudi Arabia to China or anywhere in the world, you don’t want to run at a great loss, amongst other challenges with the movement of your cargo. Here are some reasons you need a well-trusted and reliable forwarder in Saudi Arabia;

  • To reduce cost by negotiating the best price for your goods.
  • Optimize and assign the best route for your goods based on weight and volume
  • Manage all inventories.

What is Saudi Arabia’s Main Export

Many business opportunities abound in Saudi Arabia. The country is known for its many exports to other countries like China, the USA, the UK, India, Japan, South Korea, etc., which has tremendously impacted its economy. In addition, the country imports goods from other countries across the globe.

The top shippable commodities from countries such as China, UAE, India, and Germany, include;

  • Refined Petroleum
  • Broadcasting equipment
  • Package medicaments
  • Telephones
  • Cars

Saudi Arabia’s Trading Partners

The Importation and exportation of goods in Saudi Arabia have greatly benefited the country. It blooms economically and politically growth because of its relationship with other countries like;

  • The United States of America
  • China
  • Japan
  • The United Arab Emirates
  • India

Shipping to Saudi Arabia

Freight Forwarder from the US to Saudi Arabia

  • Some freight forwarders from the US to Saudi Arabia include; Schumacher Cargo Logistics, Eurosender, Shipa Freight, Arabco Logistics, City link Companies, etc.
  • Shipping options include; Sea freight (35-45 days); Air freight (2-7 days)

Freight Forwarder from China to Saudi Arabia

Let’s take off the stress you encounter while shipping goods from China to Saudi Arabia. At ZGGship, we got you covered. Our services are top-notch, and we take pride in satisfying our customers.

ZGGship is a Chinese-based freight forwarder with a strong transportation network, independent offices, and warehouses in several countries and regions worldwide.


This article gives insight into some of Saudi Arabia’s freight forwarders with outstanding services over the years. This will help you in deciding the best forwarder for your brand. Also, visit their websites to learn more about their services.
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