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Freight Forwarding Companies in the USA: A List of Domestic and International Freight Forwarding Companies (2022)

Here’s a comprehensive list of the best and most reliable domestic and international freight forwarding companies in the USA for 2022 whose services are outstanding to get your problems solved before shipping from or to USA

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List of the Top Freight Forwarders in the USA

On a quick note, check out the top domestic and international freight forwarders in the USA;

  1. Savino Del Bene
  2. Trinity Logistics
  3. Deugro (USA) Inc.
  4. Concordia International Forwarding Corporation
  5. Flexport, USA
  6. DHL Global Forwarding Americas
  7. Simple Forwarding Inc.
  8. EMC Cargo

Table Showing Detailed Description of the Top Domestic and International Freight Forwarders in the USA
Freight Forwarders in the USA


Freight Forwarders in the USA Savino Del Bene Trinity Logistics Deugro (USA) Inc. Concordia International Forwarding Corporation
Company logo
Location Bensenville, Illinois USA Seaford, Delaware Spring, TX 77380, United States Uniondale, NY, United States
Year of establishment 1899 1979 1924 1978
No. of employees 1,001 – 5000 employees 201 – 500 employees 1001 – 5000 employees 162 employees
Contact +1 847-390-3600 (800) 846-3400 +1 281-443-3001 +1 516-561-1100


Freight Forwarders in the USA Flexport, USA DHL Global Forwarding Americas Simple Forwarding Inc. EMC Cargo
Company logo
Location San Francisco, California, USA Miami Gateway, USA Monroe, New York Lawrenceville, Georgia
Year of establishment 2013 1815 2016 2009
No. of employees 1001 – 5000 employees 220 employees 2 – 10 employees 2 – 10 employees
Contact +1 415-231-5252; (855) 353-9123 +1 954-626-4120 (212) 203 5575 (678) 558 8013

#1 Savino Del Bene

Largest Global Freight Forwarders in the USA


Savino Del Bene company logo

Image Source: Savino Del Bene company website

Savino Del Bene is one of the USA’s largest global logistics and forwarder companies. As a versatile and most reliable freight forwarding agent in the US, the organization provides point-to-point logistics solutions to reduce inventory and distribution costs. It also facilitates the entry of customers’ products into the market through traceable and rational processes.

#2 Trinity Logistics

Warehousing Services in Delaware, US


Trinity Logistics company logo

Image Source: Trinity Logistics company page (LinkedIn)

Trinity Logistics is a warehousing provider with branches across the nation that allows businesses to scale up at their own pace and cold storage solutions with Burris logistics. In addition, the team assists customers with trans-loading, cross-docking, order fulfillment, and distribution. As a result, the organization operates warehousing services that fit every need and are in the right place.

#3 Deugro (USA) Inc.

Express Air Freight in the USA


Deugro company logo

Image Source: Deugro company page (LinkedIn)

Deugro offers an air freight consolidation hub at strategic locations globally where items are expedited and sent out and its IATA professional controls documentation. As for speed, the organization finds the best direct route and schedules the earliest departure to save time.
The enterprise also offers air freight products to find an ideal combination of routing, delivery times, handling of commodities, and freight pricing for every client.

#4 Concordia International Forwarding Corporation

International Freight Company in the US


Concordia company logo

Image Source: Concordia company page (LinkedIn)

Concordia International forwarder is committed to becoming an extension of its clients’ office. The organization offers shipment services with the ultimate objective of finalizing sales, collecting payment, and satisfying clients overseas.
Concordia’s service philosophy is to adjust to customers’ products and needs in the international market, increase cash flow, and promote growth through the efforts of its professionals.

#5 Flexport, USA

Supply Chain Visibility Services in the USA


Flexport company logo

Image Source: Flexport company page (LinkedIn)

The Flexport platform track customers’ inventory in motion, making customs exceptions more timely and structured. In addition, with Flexport, shipment details are just a click away.
The organization also solidifies the relationship between the customers, its brokers, and the supply chain partners to efficiently resolve issues and avoid customs clearance delays or unnecessary scrutiny.

#6 DHL Global Forwarding Americas

Leading Domestic Freight Forwarder in Miami


DHL Global Forwarding company logo

Image Source: Company LinkedIn page

DHL Global Forwarding provides a unique combination of global reach and local expertise in the freight forwarding industry. It uses internal DHL aircraft and commercial transportation to meet its customers’ specific domestic cargo requirements.
Its domestic air freight product has many years of experience. Also, customers can choose the service speed and price that works best for them.

#7 Simple Forwarding Inc

Freight Forwarder China to USA Amazon FBA


Simple Forwarding company logo

Image Source: Simple forwarding company page (LinkedIn)

Simple Forwarding caters to Amazon sellers and entrepreneurs who intend to ship goods from manufacturers/suppliers in China to the US and Amazon FBA warehouses scattered across the country. The organization makes this possible timely through its efficient shipping to Amazon FBA. It also takes care of customers’ custom charges incurred.

#8 EMC Cargo

Freight Forwarder in Georgia USA


EMC cargo company logo

Image Source: EMC cargo company website

EMC Cargo is a freight forwarder in Georgia, USA, which offers a full range of international ocean freight services to all points across the globe. The organization is committed to booking customers’ cargo on regularly scheduled carriers to provide reliable, on-time sailing and arrival at its destination.

Shipping Options/Services Offered by USA Freight Forwarders

Freight Forwarders in the USA Shipping Options/Services
Savino Del Bene Ocean Freight
Air Freight
Logistics Solutions
Trinity Logistics International Shipment
Managing Services
Deugro (USA) Inc. Air Freight
Ocean Freight
Project Freight Forwarding
Transport Engineering
Freight Management and Re-Supply Logistics
Concordia International Forwarding International Forwarding Corporation
International Air EXxports
Customized Consolidation Services
Flexport, USA Freight Forwarding
Custom Brokerage
Supply Chain Management
Global Trade and Logistics
International Shipping
DHL Global Forwarding Americas Air Freight
Domestic Freight
Project Cargo
Sea Freight
Vertical Market Specialists
Simple Forwarding Inc. Air Freight
Ocean Freight
Ground Freight
Amazon FBA
Customs Clearance
EMC Cargo Sea Shipping
Air Transport
Trucking Delivery

Shipping to the USA: Things You Need to Know Before USA Shipment

USA(2022): Quick Facts

Map of the United States

Image Sources: Freepik

  • Population: 332,403,650 (Jan. 2022)
  • Language: American English
  • Currency: Dollar
  • Major Cities
      • New York City, NY
      • Los Angeles, CA
      • Dallas, TX
      • Philadelphia, PA
      • Houston, TX
      • San Diego, CA
      • San Antonio, TX
      • San Jose, CA
      • Phoenix, AZ
  • Sea ports/ cargo ports/ container ports
      • Port of San Francisco
      • Port of Houston
      • Port of South Louisiana
      • Port of Beaumont
      • Port of Oakland
      • Port of New Orleans
      • Port of Long Beach
      • Port of Los Angeles
  • Airports
      • Orland International Airport
      • George Bush International Airport
      • Charlotte Douglas International Airport
      • Detroit Metropolitan Airport
      • Chicago O’Hare International Airport
      • Denver International Airport
      • John F. Kennedy International Airport
      • Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport
      • Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
      • Harry Reid International Airport

United States of America: Economics

  • GDP: $19.70 trillion (second quarter estimate, 2022)
  • Exports of goods
      • Integrated circuits
      • Passenger cars
      • Refined petroleum
      • Food, beverages and feed
      • Civilian aircraft and aircraft engines
      • Auto parts, engines and car tires
  • Imports of goods
      • Broadcasting equipment
      • Machinery (computers, hardware, etc)
      • Pharmaceuticals
      • Vehicles
      • Minerals, fuel, and oil

Why You Need Freight Forwarders in the USA

You don’t want to spend so much time and money chasing each carrier involved in shipping your goods. This is one of the cons of not involving the service of a freight forwarder for your business.

Therefore, you must get a freight forwarder if shipping goods from the US to China or anywhere in the world for the following reasons;

  • A forwarder helps save time and deliver goods to their destination using their knowledge and network in the industry.
  • A forwarder takes off all the stress and hustles during the process.

Strong Business Opportunities in the USA

Several business opportunities abound in the US. First, the country is known for its large exports to other countries like China, Germany, Canada, Mexico, etc., which remarkably impacts its economy. In addition, the country imports goods from other countries across the globe.

The top shippable commodities from countries such as China, Mexico, Japan, Germany, etc., to the US, include;

  • Natural gas
  • Gold and silver
  • Wheat and corn
  • Machinery
  • Cars

How Many Freight Forwarders are there in the US?

As of 2022, there are over 90,000 freight forwarders companies and agents in the US. This figure is a decline of 0.9% from 2021. However, the number has been maintained in the last five years.

Some states in the US have contributed largely to the increased number of forwarding brokerage companies in the country, including California, Texas, and Florida.

Shipping Companies from China to the USA

The cheapest means to ship goods from China to the USA or anywhere in the world is by FCL container sea freight. Importers who buy more from suppliers tend to enjoy cheaper freight rates than those who buy less.

Largely, shipping companies in China partner with most manufacturers/suppliers in the USA to ship customers’ cargo from China to the US. Some of these companies include;

  1. ZGGship
  2. FedEx
  3. DHL
  4. UPS
  5. TNT

Best China Freight Forwarder to the USA

Choosing a freight forwarder to ship your products from China to the USA is good, but selecting the best is great. To avoid missing out on what is perfect for your brand, you should implore the services of ZGGship.

The organization is the best and most reliable freight forwarder in the USA. As a business with 11 years of experience, the organization serves thousands of customers and has a good cordial relationship with major transportation firms.


We’ve thoroughly researched and brought you the US-based freight forwarder in 2022. We want to believe this information is helpful enough to make you decide what’s best for your brand.

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