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Finding the best shipping company in Canada that can satisfy your needs is the way to go for efficient shipments. If you are shipping from China to Canada, check out the top shipping partners in this article.

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While most shipping service providers can offer you similar services like sea freight and air deliveries, only the top shipping companies in Canada can give you reliable and cost-effective shipping solutions. By considering their years of experience, services to offer, revenue, and related factors, we have made a list of shipping companies in Canada below.

List of the Shipping Companies in Canada

Shipping Companies in Canada DHL Express (Canada) Ltd. FedEx Express Canada Ltd. GLS Logistics Systems Canada Ltd. Stackry Inc. Pitney Bowes Inc.
Company Logo
Location Brampton Mississauga Quebec New Hampshire Mississauga
Year of Establishment 1969 1971 1989 1986 1920
Gross Revenue EUR 81.7 billion USD 93.5 billion EUR 5 billion USD 3.8 million USD 3.554 billion
No. of Employees 380,000 600,000 22,000 15 11,000
Contact +1 855 345 7447 +1 800 463 3339 +1 888 463 4266 +1 781 491 0874 +1 866 669 6627
Shipping Companies in Canada Laparkan Trading Ltd. Andlauer Transportation Services UPakWeShip Inc. Purolator Inc. Pitney Bowes Inc.
Company Logo
Location Toronto Vaughan United States Mississauga Mississauga
Year of Establishment 1983 1991 1988 1960 1920
Gross Revenue USD 89 million USD 15 million USD <5 million USD 2.6 billion USD 3.554 billion
No. of Employees 802 279 51-200 2.6 billion 11,000
Contact +1 800 385 3278 +1 877 694 4454 +1 843 225 7217 +1 888 744 7123 +1 866 669 6627

1. DHL Express (Canada) Ltd.

Best logistics company in Canada

dhl express canada ltd logo

Image Source: DHL Express (Canada) Ltd.

DHL Express (Canada) Ltd. is part of the Deutsche Post DHL Group, the logistics and courier service powerhouse. Committed to innovating and simplifying logistics, shippers can access flexible shipping options using the company’s MyDHL+. It is also able to work with top freight forwarders to deliver the fastest shipping from China to Canada.

2. FedEx Express Canada Ltd.

Best shipping company for small businesses in Canada

fedex express canada ltd logo

Image Source: FedEx Express Canada Ltd.

FedEx Express Canada Ltd. is one of the best shipping companies in Mississauga, with it being part of the well-reputed FedEx Corporation. It is particularly known for its ground and air freight services but it can also provide ocean freight transportation. If you use express shipping from China to Canada with your freight forwarder, FedEx would be a good choice.

3. GLS Logistics Systems Canada Ltd.

Best trucking company in Canada

gls logistics systems canada ltd logo

Image Source: GLS Logistics Systems Canada Ltd.

The GLS Group penetrated the Canadian market in 2018 through its acquisition of Dicom, now known as GLS Logistics Systems Canada Ltd. This company is known for its truck delivery services, express shipping, and logistics solutions. With continuous efforts in expanding in North America, GLS agreed to acquire Rosenau Transport in 2021, a top freight carrier in Canada.

4. Stackry Inc.

USA shop and ship


stackry inc logo

Image Source: Stackry Inc.

Stackry Inc. is a US-based package delivery company that ships products shopped in the United States to international locations like Canada. This company also offers shipment consolidation to provide its customers with reduced shipping costs. Stackry Inc. uses the services of top couriers like USPS, FedEx, DHL, and Aramex to accomplish its deliveries.

5. Pitney Bowes Inc.


pitney bowes inc logo

Image Source: Pitney Bowes Inc.

Description (50)

6. Laparkan Trading Ltd.

Marine shipping company in Canada


laparkan trading ltd logo

Image Source: Laparkan Trading Ltd.

Laparkan Trading Ltd. was first established to build a shipping channel for Caribbean communities living in Canada, United States, and United Kingdom. It is an international shipping company in Toronto specializing in commercial freight transportation, project cargo, mailing, and more. Laparkan Trading Ltd. focuses on customer satisfaction with its 39 years in the trade.

7. Andlauer Transportation Services

Health products shipping


andlauer transportation services logo

Image Source: Andlauer Transportation Services

Andlauer Transportation Services, more popularly known as ATS or ATS Healthcare, is a company with rich experience in transporting medicine-related commodities. It excels in temperature management services in delivering pharmaceuticals through air and ground transportation. ATS Healthcare has established its presence in all major cities in Canada.

8. UPakWeShip Inc.

Cheapest shipping company in Canada

upakweship inc logo

Image Source: UPakWeShip Inc.

UPakWeShip Inc. took a new approach to international shipment with its DIY services. The company provides the shipping container, lets you pack everything inside, and handles the delivery of the container to your target location. UPakWeShip Inc. is also known for its cheap rates.

9. Purolator Inc.

Logistics provider in Canada

purolator inc logo

Image Source: Purolator Inc.

Purolator Inc. is a leading company owned by Canada Post. This company specializes in parcel delivery and freight logistics in and out of Canada. Aside from LTL shipments, Purolator Inc. also offers international express shipping services in more than 210 countries worldwide. If you are importing from or exporting to Canada, its vast network will come in handy.

Shipping Options Offered by Shipping Companies in Canada

DHL Express (Canada) Ltd. Parcel shipping
Global freight forwarding
Supply chain solutions
FedEx Express Canada Ltd. Ocean and air freight forwarding
Express shipping
Customs brokerage
Supply chain management
GLS Logistics Systems Canada Ltd. Parcel shipping
Logistics solutions
Freight forwarding
Express transport
Stackry Inc. Consolidated product shipments
Shop and ship
Pitney Bowes Inc. Mailing services
E-commerce fulfillment
Parcel delivery
Postal services
Laparkan Trading Ltd. Air freight
Commercial ocean transportation
Intermodal delivery
Customs clearance
Door-to-door services
Andlauer Transportation Services Air freight
Ground freight
LTL shipping
Dangerous goods shipping
Temperature management
UPakWeShip Inc. Container shipping
Shipping insurance
Purolator Inc. Freight forwarding
LTL shipping
International delivery

Shipping to Canada: Things You Need to Know Before Canada Shipments

Canada (2022): Quick Facts

flag-map of canada

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

    • Population: 38,461,425
    • Language: French, English
    • Currency: Canadian Dollar (CAD)
  • Major Cities: 
      • Toronto
      • Montreal
      • Calgary
      • Ottawa
      • Edmonton
      • Winnipeg
      • Mississauga
      • Vancouver
      • Brampton
      • Hamilton
  • Sea Ports: 
    • Port of Vancouver
    • Port of Montreal
    • Port of Prince Rupert
    • Port of Halifax
    • Port of St. John
  • Airports: 
    • Toronto Pearson International Airport
    • Montréal-Trudeau International Airport
    • Calgary International Airport
    • Vancouver International Airport
    • Montréal-Mirabel International Airport
    • Edmonton International Airport
    • St. John’s International Airport
    • Winnipeg Richardson International Airport
    • Saint John Airport
    • Saskatoon John G. Diefenbaker International Airport

Canada: Economics

Why You Need Shipping Companies in Canada

Getting the best shipping company in Canada means three things: 1) you get to access their wide shipping network, 2) you can use quality services, and 3) you can achieve sustainable and efficient logistics chains. Importing/exporting from/to Canada can be complicated, and a local shipping company in the country can help you.

Strong business opportunities in Canada

The following are Canada’s top traded products with countries, including China, the United States, and more.

  • Cars and auto parts
  • Vehicle accessories
  • Trucks
  • Crude
  • Refined petroleum
  • Electronic products like smartphones and computers
  • Medical products
  • Gold and metals
  • Jets

Checklist of Canada Imports & Exports

1. Paperwork

  • Bill of Lading
  • Canada Customs Invoice
  • [Alternative] Commercial Invoice
  • Cargo Control Document
  • Shipper’s Export Declaration
  • Proof of Delivery

2. Regulations & restrictions

  • A Business Number (BN) issued by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is required before any import or export to Canada. 
  • Special papers and permits must be filed depending on the nature of your goods.
  • The correct tariff classification number according to the Harmonized System must be obtained.
  • Goods and services tax of 5% applies to most imported goods. 
  • Excise duty applies to tobacco and alcohol products. 
  • Preferential duty rates may apply when importing/exporting from countries signatory to trade agreements with Canada. 

3. Labeling and marking requirements

  • All labels must be in both English and French.
  • A product’s generic name and its function must be declared in both languages.
  • The manufacturer’s or dealer’s name must be properly indicated in either language.
  • Depending on the goods type, the Canada Border Services Agency may require a country of origin marking. 
  • Labeling and marking requirements may vary from province to province.

Canada’s trading partners

The top imports and exports of Canada mainly come from the following countries. 

  • United States
  • China
  • United Kingdom
  • Japan
  • Mexico
  • Germany
  • European Union
  • South Korea
  • Italy
  • France

International Freight Shipping Canada

A freight forwarding can also help you achieve low-cost and well-coordinated shipments in Canada with their various partnerships with top shipping lines. The following are the top 5 freight forwarders in Canada that you can choose to work with.

  • FMC International Global Forwarding and Logistics
  • Pentagon Freight Services Canada Ltd.
  • Cole International
  • CSA Transportation
  • Livingston International

Best Freight Forwarder from China to Canada

If you are shipping from China, the world’s largest manufacturing capital, working with a reliable freight forwarding partner is a must. ZGGShip is a leading freight forwarder in the country who can provide you with sea freight, air freight, and express shipping solutions to Canada. The company can also provide you with warehousing services, drop ship fulfillment, and other value-added services.


Working with a reliable shipping company means that you can establish a sustainable supply chain for your business. You have read about Canada’s top shipping service providers in this article. If you are looking for the best shipping rates in Canada, work with China’s best freight forwarder, ZGGShip, today.

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