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Lazaro Cardenas Port Map

Map of Lazaro Cardenas Port
Map of Lazaro Cardenas Port

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Lazaro Cardenas Port Facts

  • Port code: MX LZC
  • Port size: 185 hectares 
  • Port address: Prol. Av. Lazaro Cardenas No. 1 Colonia Centro Ciudad Lazaro Cardenas, Michoacan C.P. 60950 Mexico 
  • Main vessel type: Cargo ship
  • TEUs: 2,250,000 TEUs (annually)


Information About Lazaro Cardenas Port(History, Economy & Trade)

Lazaro Cardenas Port is located at the tip of the river Rio Balsas in the state of Michoacan, Mexico. Being home to the deep-water seaport, Lazaro Cardenas port is the largest seaport in Mexico and one of the largest in the Pacific Ocean basin. The port’s annual capacity delivery of 25 tonnes of cargo and 2.2 million TEUs makes it the second busiest in Mexico. 

 The port is soon becoming a major container capacity facility because of congestion at the US ports and its closeness to Houston, Chicago, Kansas City, etc. The port of Lazaro Cardenas also ships to and from China at a distance of 13,413 kilometers.

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Ship From or To Lazaro Cardenas Port

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Recent Arrivals and Departures From the Lazaro Cardenas Port


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