Qingdao port China map

Qingdao port China

Qingdao Port, located northeast of Shandong Province, is one of China’s biggest ports. It is an important hub for international trade and a strategic gateway to Europe, North America, and Africa. In addition, the port has become one of the most important industrial bases in China’s northeastern region due to its convenient location and good …

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Map of Lazaro Cardenas Port

Port of Veracruz – ZGGShip

Veracruz Port Map Image Source: researchgate.net Veracruz Port Facts Port code: MX LZC Port size: 185 hectares Port address: Prol. Av. Lazaro Cardenas No. 1 Colonia Centro Ciudad Lazaro Cardenas, Michoacan C.P. 60950 Mexico Main vessel type: Cargo ship TEUs: 2,250,000 TEUs (annually) Information About Veracruz Port (History, Economy & Trade) The Port of Veracruz …

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Manzanillo Port – ZGGShip

Manzanillo Port Map Image Source: Manzanillo Port basic or overview Port code: MXZLO Port size: Covers 437 hectares of land Port address: Av. Teniente Azueta No. 9 Col. Burocrata Manzanillo, Colima C.P. 28250 Mexico Main vessel type: Pacific Ocean cargo TEUs: 3.37 million TEUs Information About Manzanillo Port(History, Economy & Trade) The port of Manzanillo …

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Guaymas Port – ZGGShip

Port of Guaymas Map Image Source: Adnavem.com Guaymas Port Facts Port code: MXGYM Port size: Medium (83.7 hectares) Port address: Recinto Portuario S/N, Zona Franca, 85430 Col. Punta Arena Guaymas, Son., Mexico Main vessel type: Cargo TEUs: 175,000 TEUs yearly Information About Guaymas Port (History, Economy & Trade) The Guaymas town was established in 1769 …

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The port of Altamira – ZGGShip

Port of Altamira Map Image Source: Google Altamira Port Facts Port code: MXATM Port size: Small Port address: Calle Río Tamesí km. 0+800 Puerto Industrial de Altamira, Tamaulipas C.P. 89608 Mexico Main vessel type: Containerized cargo for ocean-going ships TEUs: 821,645TEUs Information About Altamira Port (History, Economy & Trade) The port of Altamira is on …

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Ports of Saudi Arabia: A List of Largest, Biggest, Busiest Shipping Ports in Saudi Arabia 2022

Before engaging in your next import or export to the USA, find out more information about the largest, biggest, and busiest seaport of Saudi Arabia. Image for representation Image Source: Pexel Saudi Arabia Major Imports and Exports Image Source: Arabnews Saudi Arabia has the largest economy among the Arab Countries. It is known for its …

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