Guangzhou Port: All information You Want to Know About Port of Guangzhou

Are you an importer or exporter who wants to ship from or to Guangzhou? If so, you should read this blog to know more about Guangzhou port and on how to ship with China freight forwarders.

Guangzhou Port is the most important port in South China, as well as one of the busiest ports in the world. It is also one of the major seaports in China, which has played an important role in facilitating the development of trade with foreign countries.

Guangzhou port map

Port of Guangzhou map

Image Source: American Journal Of Transportation

The Port of Guangzhou Container Terminal was one of the first container terminals to open on the Chinese mainland. Guangzhou Port is located at the confluence of three major rivers in South China: Dongjiang, Xijiang, and Beijiang. It is about 150 kilometers away from Hong Kong and Macao and about 300 kilometers from Hainan Island.

As a result of its advantageous location and convenient transportation network, Guangzhou is able to import goods from all over the world. Moreover, it has developed into one of the largest foreign-trade ports in China, as well as an important gateway to other countries in Southeast Asia and Central Asia.

Port of guangzhou Facts & Basics

The Port of Guangzhou, South China’s largest comprehensive hub port, is seeing an increase in cargo volume and ships calling in. This is due to the brisk economic activity in Guangzhou and its environs. According to statistics released by the Guangzhou Maritime Safety Administration, during the first half of this year, the number of ships calling in at the port reached 1,331, an increase of 10.6 percent compared with last year. The volume of cargo handled by these ships reached 8.3 million tons, up 12 percent over last year.

Guangzhou port details

  • Port code: CNCAN
  • Port birth: Guangdong province, China
  • Port size: 1400 meters (4.6 thousand feet) long and 1300 meters (4.3 thousand feet) wide
  • Annual TEUs: Guangzhou Port International Co., Ltd. of China handled a total of 22.6 million TEUs in 2021.
  • Vessel types: Cargo (87%), Tanker (4%), Fishing (1%), Other (1%), Law Enforce (0%)
  • Opening hours: 24 hours
  • The shippable goods in this port: agricultural, industrial, and manufactured products, including oil, coal, grain, chemical fertilizer, steel, ore, and automobiles, are shipped through the port.

Guangzhou port history, economic & development

Guangzhou port

Image Source: Basenton Logistics

Guangzhou Port Group Co., a state-owned enterprise, operates the port. Ltd. Despite unfavorable geopolitical conditions, the port has seen a steady increase in the number of containers handled. It was an important trade port in the third century, during the reign of the Qin dynasty, and was described as “part of the Silk Route of the Sea.”

Guangzhou has a long history of trade dating back to 221 B.C. The world-famous maritime silk road was roughly established at that time. Guangzhou Port served as the starting point for China’s foreign trade activities. The Chinese government established it as a city in 214 B.C., and it was named “Guang” (meaning “wide”).

Since 1949, Guangzhou Port has acquired its historic and cultural heritage and continued to develop as an important driving force in transforming Guangzhou into a national central city with economic influence and agglomeration functions, as well as the gateway to the world for South China in the context of economic globalization.
In the following years, Guangzhou became one of the top ports in China and was called “the gateway of the East”. It was also known as “the most prosperous city in Asia”.

Guangzhou Port Status: Is it Closed or Congested?

Guangzhou Port’s cargo and container throughput remained fourth in China and fifth in the world in 2019. The port is an important part of China’s economy, and it connects many industries with global markets. It handles approximately 9 million TEU of containerized cargo per year, making it one of the busiest ports in the world.

However, there are concerns that congestion at the port has caused delays for some shipments. The port’s congestion problem has been ongoing for several years now, but recently it has gotten worse due to an increase in demand for exports from China.

If you want to ship goods from Guangzhou Port, use a China ocean freight forwarder. A China freight forwarder will take care of all the details involved with getting your shipment out of the country and into your hands safely.

Guangzhou shipping schedule & charges

The 20-foot empty global trading container terminals charge will be increased by 19% from RMB300 to RMB357 ($56), while the loaded international trading container handling charge for barge container and trailer container will be increased by 8% and 19%, respectively, from RMB540 and RMB490 to RMB583. If you need to ship goods from Guangzhou to the United States, China, or other parts of the world, look no further than Zggship Shipping Company.

Expected arrivals and departure at guangzhou port

At the port of Guangzhou, all expected arrivals and departures are listed. The information is updated every hour. The list includes the name of the ship, type and expected departure.

Scheduled departures from Guangzhou’s port


Vessel name Voyage Number Departure date (aprox)

Arrivals scheduled at the Guangzhou port


Vessel name Voyage Number Arrival date (estimated)
UMM SALAL MD1020E YMLU 03 Oct/2022
UMM SALAL MD1020E YMLU 10 Oct/2022
UMM SALAL MD1020E YMLU 17 Oct/2022

Time estimate for sending a container to Guangzhou


Continent of origin Country of origin Port of origin Port of destination Transit time (days) 20DV FCL
Europe Spain Bilbao Guangzhou 68 1,285$
Europe Spain Gijon Guangzhou 67 1,285$
America United States St Louis Guangzhou 52 2,947$
America United States Atlanta, Ga Guangzhou 4 2,197$
America United States Charlotte Guangzhou 4 2,022$
America United States Huntsville Guangzhou 4 2,447$

The route Bilbao – Guangzhou has the longest transit time to ship a container to Guangzhou, with an average of 68 days. The route Atlanta, Ga – Guangzhou has the shortest transit time to Guangzhou, with an average of 4 days.

How much does Guangzhou port charge?

The Port of Guangzhou charges fees for all services provided by the Port Authority such as handling charges, wharfage fees, pilotage fees and cargo handling charges. These are calculated based on actual vessel size and type of cargo being handled at the port. The amount charged will vary depending on whether you are using a container terminal or not, how many containers you have with you, or how much space they occupy.

Rates for container shipping to Guangzhou


Valencia – Guangzhou From 1,199 $
Madrid – Guangzhou From 1,201 $
Algeciras – Guangzhou From 1,332 $
Long beach – Guangzhou From 1,388 $
Los angeles – Guangzhou From 1,400 $
New york – Guangzhou From 1,704 $

Rates for container shipping from Guangzhou


Guangzhou – Madrid From 3,774 $
Guangzhou – Valencia From 5,843 $
Guangzhou – Barcelona From 5,882 $

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Main guangzhou shipping companies

  1. ZGGShip. It is one of the best freight forwarding companies in China when it comes to providing solutions and services for your valuable cargo.
  2. Linde Beijing International Transport Agency
  3. Shengyu Freight

Other Shipping From guangzhou Options

The sea freight will take longer than the air freight China because there are many ports along the way where your goods will have to stop, unload and load onto other vessels or trucks. The time difference between the two depends on how long it takes to load and unload at each port, as well as how quickly each leg of your shipment can get through customs.


There are several reasons why the port of Guangzhou is so important to the Chinese shipping industry. As one of the largest ports in China and the world, Guangzhou handles a huge number of cargo shipments every year. The port is also crucial to local manufacturing industries, with China making products for export around the world.

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