Shenzhen Port: All information You Want to Know About Port of Shenzhen

All information You Want to Know About Port of Shenzhen

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Shenzhen Port is one of the most important ports in South China’s international trade as a container hub port and Special Economic Zone (SEZ). For importers and exporters who want to ship from or to Shenzhen, the Port of Shenzhen is one of the world’s largest and busiest ports.

Shenzhen Port Map

Shenzhen Port Map

The Shenzhen Bay Port terminal is a juxtaposed border crossing and port of entrance and departure between mainland China and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, geographically located in Dongjiaotou, Shekou, which is located on the southwestern corner of the city of Shenzhen in Guangdong Province.

Port of Shenzhen Facts & Basics

The Port of Shenzhen is the collective name for several Chinese ports located along parts of the coastline of Shenzhen, Guangdong Province.

The port of Shenzhen is divided into two areas by the Kowloon Peninsula, western port and eastern port, and spans 260 kilometers along the city’s coastline. There are approximately 21 feeder routes to other ports in the Pearl River Delta region, and 500 ships pass through the Shenzhen port each month.

The “three main ports” refer to Yantian Port, Nanshan Port, and Dachan Bay Port, which focus on container transportation and reflect Shenzhen Port’s core competitiveness. What also contributes to its business and large patronage is the economic development in Shenzhen;

Port code: CNSZX, CNSHA
Port berth: 140 berths
Port size: 260 km along the coastline
Annual TEUs: 28.77 million
Vessel types: Cargo (69%), Container Ship (16%), Tanker (4%), Fishing (1%), Crude Oil Tanker (0%).
Opening hours: Passenger: 07:00 – 22:30; Freight: 24 hours.
The shippable goods in this port: Tech products, kitchen wares,foods, clothing, Jewelleries, furniture’s, Clothes amongst others
Longitude and latitude: 114.0883° E, 22.5411° N
Timezone: GMT+8
Currency: Renminbi (RMB) or the yuan but due to its closeness to HK,there is high possibility to accept HKD.
Authority Website:

Shenzhen Port History & Development

Shenzhen Port History & Development

Shenzhen Bay Port is a component of the Hong Kong-Shenzhen Western Corridor, which was proposed in the 1990s by the Shenzhen municipal government to both the Chinese central government and the colonial British government of Hong Kong.
The Hong Kong and Shenzhen governments reached an agreement in 2001, a corridor was built, and The Port was opened on July 1, 2007.

Following the creation of the special economic zone (SEZ) in 1979 there has been a large economic contribution of Shenzhen Port to the overall economic and GDP of China as a whole. Shenzhen attracted more foreign direct investment and gradually transferred to electronic and information industries.

Asia neighboring countries are one of the leading partners of Shenzhen Port with South Korea and Japan leading the chart, followed by the United States and Australia. African countries are also great importers from Shenzhen Port and without restraints Europe are as well in large patronage.

Shenzhen container Port Status: Is it Congested?

Being of the world’s largest and busiest port has left this port prone to congestion, with the report of outbreak of another wave of Covid-19 early this year in march, a 7 day sit at home was mandated for workers including workers at the Shenzhen sea port, this has resulted in massives congestion as many containers arrived the port without clearing and arrangements.

With 27.7 million TEU and over 40 registered shipping companies including one of the leading china ocean freight companies at the port, it gets busier each day as there are over 35 plus ships waiting to dock and to be loaded. Shenzhen port is incredibly large but is able to accommodate the large shipment activity going at the port each day, except for covid lockdowns there is always a smooth running.

Import From Or Export To shenzhen

There is no general import permit for importing Chinese products. Certain Chinese goods, however, may require a permit from a federal agency. Different federal agencies oversee various imported products, and the requirements can differ. Looking at the closeness of Hong Kong to Shenzhen there is a large variety of goods that can be imported but you must first be aware of your destination country policy as regards such goods or products.

Looking for the Service to Ship at Shenzhen Port?There are numerous ocean freight forwarders registered at shenzhen port but zggship stands out as the best freight forwarder in shenzhen china, we help manage, secure and deliver your goods at the final destination without any hitch.

Shenzhen Shipping Schedule & Charges

Shenzhen China shipping to USA schedules are quite flexible, ranging from 13 days plus and with a service as low as $5.

Expected Arrivals And Departure At Shenzhen Port

Depending on the time of loading and arrival destination the the expected time of arrival and departure can be estimated as long as you are using the right shipping freight forwarder. From shenzhen port to any of this port in the USA, here is the estimated time of arrival and departure:
Northwest Seaport Alliance (NWSA) of Seattle and tacoma: The average 1-2 weeks to 30-40 days for ocean freight. The Port of Savannah the average arrival time depends as well on the type of freight but takes an average of 3weeks to one month, same as The Port of New York and New Jersey, The Port of Long Beach and The Port of Los Angeles.

How much does shenzhen port charge?

Depending on the shipping location and container, Shipping price from Shenzhen to the five major ports in the USA.The terminal handling charge in the Shenzhen port is much lower, and America is only USD 50 per TEU lower than from Shenzhen. Choosing the right shipping freight company also helps ease these charges but you can sure have an idea of what to expect.

These are examples of the cheapest rates for 20 foot FCL container shipping to Shenzhen

  • Chicago – Shenzhen From 1,232 $
  • Houston – ShenzhenFrom 1,443 $
  • Long beach – Shenzhen From 1,484 $
  • New york – Shenzhen From 1,552 $
  • Baltimore – Shenzhen From 2,252 $

These are examples of the cheapest rates for 20 foot FCL container shipping from Shenzhen

  • Shenzhen – Long beach From 3,807 $
  • Shenzhen – OaklandFrom 3,817 $
  • Shenzhen – Seattle From 4,482 $
  • Shenzhen – Los angeles From 4,568 $
  • Shenzhen – Tacoma From 9,110 $

Main shenzhen shipping companies

There are over 40 shipping companies at Shenzhen relatively offering service to traders, importers and exporters, their offerings vary according to their unique propositions. Here is a brief description of what the top companies are and our suggestions based on high success rate and clients satisfaction.

  • Cosco Shenzhen
  • Zim Shenzhen
  • Kmtc Shenzhen:
  • V ships Shenzhen ltd
  • Maersk shenzhen:
  • Cma cgm shenzhen

Other Shipping From shenzhen Options

Aside being known for it large sea port, shenzhen being a major stakeholder in the SEZ community and also due to its proximity to hong kong leaves room for flexibility for other shipping options like Express and freight services.The nearest airport to Shenzhen is Shenzhen Bao’an International (SZX) Airport which is 28.2 km away. Other nearby airports include Hong Kong (HKG) (28.9 km), Huizhou (HUZ) (78.3 km), Zhuhai Jinwan (ZUH) (93 km) and Guangzhou Baiyun (CAN) (122.1 km). Also all containers are well handled on sea shipping. You can liaise with zggship for air freight from china today!


Shenzhen port as of reports from early 2022 suggest it to be the second busiest port and considering tonnes of daily activities at the port explains its huge economic contribution to China as a whole. It is also necessary to know that the existence of this port doesn’t guarantee safe landing to all your goods but choosing the right ocean freight forwarder would put the smile on your face.

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