Port of Moerdijk

Port of Moerdijk

Port of Moerdijk
Port of Moerdijk

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Port basic or overview

The Port of Rotterdam is Europe’s largest and busiest port, and it serves as a significant hub for further distribution. Founded in the 1960s in the estuary of the Rhine and Meuse rivers, the Port of Moerdijk is developed and managed by the Moerdijk Port Authority, a semi-governmental organization.

  • Port code: NLMOE
  • Port size: 2600 hectares
  • Port addresses: Havenschap Moerdijk Plaza 3 Moerdijk, SL NL-4782 Netherlands
  • Main cargo/vessel type: Inland, Motor Freighter (24%), Inland, Motor Tanker, liquid cargo, type C (16%), General
  • Cargo (11%), Inland, Unknown (8%), Inland, Motor Tanker (7%), are the vessel types that regularly call at
  • MOERDIJK. MEARE was the last vessel to call at this port 14m and 36s ago. The largest vessel recorded to have entered this port is 236 meters long. The greatest drought is 8.9 meters. 63878t is the maximum Deadweight.
  • TEUs: 270 TEU

The Port of Rotterdam provides countries with a competitive advantage in international trade while also generating economic gains and creating jobs in the short and long term. Provides an entry point for investors and business moguls to transact, increasing the Netherlands’ GDP to more than $1200 billion. Still need more info about this port and how to ship your goods? Find out more. Moerdijk Port will be the Flemish-Dutch Delta’s hub for sustainable logistics and process industry by 2030.

Ports in Netherlands

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Ship From or to Moerdijk Port

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