Port of Marseilles Map

Port of Marseilles


 Port of Marseille Map
Port of Marseille Map

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  • Port code – FRFOS
  • Port size – 400 hectares
  • Port addresses – Northern Marseille and Fos-sur-Mer (northwest of Marseille)
  • Main cargo/vessel type – Bulk, containers, tankers, gas, cargo
  • TEUs – 1,400,000

The Marseille Fos Port, located in Southern France, is a major European port. It is the largest port in France by cargo tonnage and one of the biggest ports in the Mediterranean region.

Marseille harbor is a major hub for transportation and commercial trade. This port links between the European continent, Africa, and the Middle East, providing passage for goods and passengers. Meanwhile, its distance from China is around 10,000 nautical miles.

The local port of Marseilles was the Old Port of Marseille. Eventually, it was discarded due to its inability to handle extensive maritime traffic. In 1844, the government decided to construct another port in the northern portion of Old Port, which became the cruise port Marseille.

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