Port of Den Helder

Port of Den Helder

Port of Den Helder
Port of Den Helder

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Port basic or overview

Den Helder is located on the south side of the Waddenzee, 40 kilometers north of Alkmaar. General overview: The primary role is that of a supply center for North Sea oil and gas platforms, as well as a Naval Base and Fish Auction. It offers good shelter at anchorage and in the harbor, especially during bad weather, and is a popular port of call for many fishing boats. Construction materials, fuel, wood products, and fish are among the cargoes handled.

  • Port code: NLDHR
  • Port size: 1000 m
  • Port addresses: Het Nieuwe Diep 33 3, 1781 AD Den Helder, Netherlands.
  • Main cargo/vessel type: Approx 2,324 vessels and 265,000t of oil platform supplies handled annually
  • TEUs: 1856 TEU

Den Helder’s international seaport provides a wealth of space and opportunities. It is home to a growing number of offshore-related businesses, as well as the Royal Dutch Navy’s fleet, a large fishing fleet, and a modern fish auction. The extremely advantageous geographical location provides numerous opportunities for (water-related) businesses. Check out more awesome facts about this port.

Ports in Netherlands

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Ship From or to Den Helder Port

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