Port of Amsterdam

Port of Amsterdam

Port of Amsterdam
Port of Amsterdam

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Port basic or overview

The Port of Amsterdam is a tideless port located on the banks of the North Sea Canal and the IJsselmeer, a shallow artificial lake in the Netherlands’ northwest.

  • Port code: NLAMS
  • Port size:Size of harbor is 620 ha (1,500 acres) while land area is 1,995 ha (4,930 acres)
  • Port addresses: De Ruijterkade 7 1013 AA Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Main cargo/vessel type: The Port of Amsterdam handled a total 65.4 million tons of sea-going cargo, including
  • 44.4 million tons of incoming and 20.9 million tons of outgoing cargoes.
  • TEUs: 45.376 TEU

Amsterdam’s first port activities date back to the 13th century. The port was first mentioned in 1342, when Amsterdam was granted city rights. The port was one of the main harbors of the Dutch East India Company during the Dutch Golden Age.
The primary goal of the Port of Amsterdam is to stimulate economic activity and employment throughout the Amsterdam port region. Within its working area, the company ensures the safe, quick, and environmentally responsible management of shipping traffic. The Port of Amsterdam is focused on port sites (rental and leasing), quays, and water. The Port of Amsterdam is a modern logistics and industry hub that is rapidly evolving in terms of energy transition and circular economy.

Ports in Netherlands

If you need to deliver goods to other cities in the Netherlands, you may opt for other strategic ports of Netherlands.

Ship From or to Amsterdam Port

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