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Looking for reliable and trustworthy freight forwarders to ship your goods from the UK to China or anywhere in the world? Read further as we bring you the best freight forwarders in the United Kingdom that render top-notch services.

Image showing freight forwarding service
Image showing freight forwarding service

Image Source: Unsplash

Here’s a quick list of the top 20 UK freight forwarders at a glance;

  1. Flexport International Limited
  2. British Logistic
  3. JS Forwarding
  4. Southampton Freight Services Ltd
  5. Pentagon Freight Services Ltd
  6. Future Forwarding UK
  7. Cavenco Freight Forwarders, UK
  8. Davies Turner
  9. GFS -Global Freight Solutions
  10. YFT Logistics Ltd
  11. Global Freight Services Ltd
  12. Chiltern Air Freight Ltd, Slough
  13. Ryley Forwarding – Essex, UK
  14. SEKO Logistics London, Ltd
  15. XPO Logistics, Europe
  16. Alinnza Trading London Ltd
  17. AAA Freight Services Ltd
  18. Hamburg Sud, UK
  19. Lysander Shipping
  20. IMS Freight International

Table Showing Detailed Description of the Top 20 Freight Forwarders in the UK

Freight Forwarders in the UK Flexport International Limited British Logistic JS Forwarding Southampton Freight Services Ltd Pentagon Freight Services Ltd
Company logo
Location Stamford Street, London South Croydon, London Felixstowe, United Kingdom Hampshire, England UK Dartford, England
Year of Establishment 2019 1993 1983 1998 1974
No. of Employees Less than 10 employees 50 – 249 employees 11 – 50 employees 1001 – 5000 employees
Contact (941) 555-0123 +44 (0) 7584 077 777 01394 274 747
+44 (0) 23 8086 0999
+44 (0) 1689 877777
Freight Forwarders in the UK Future Forwarding UK Cavenco Freight Forwarders, UK Davies Turner GFS -Global Freight Solutions YFT Logistics Ltd
Company logo
Location Birstall Leed, West Yorkshire Waltham Cross, UK Coleshill, Birmingham Horsham, England Southampton, Hampshire, UK
Year of Establishment 1977 1983 1870 2001 2009
No. of Employees 501- 1000 employees 51 – 200 employees 2 – 10 employees
Contact +44 (0) 844-879-4977 01992 712 333
0330 030 1870 +44 345 600 2346 023 8047 2696
Freight Forwarders in the UK Global Freight Services Ltd Chiltern Air Freight Ltd, Slough Ryley Forwarding – Essex, UK SEKO Logistics London, Ltd XPO Logistics, Europe
Company logo
Location Telford, Shropshire Colnbrook, Berkshire Witham, Essex Victoria Street, Windsor, UK, EMEA Lyon, Europe, UK
Year of Establishment 1996 1982 1947 1976 2011
No. of Employees 2 – 10 employees 15,000+ employees 1001 – 5000 employees 1001 – 5000 employees 10,000+ employees
Contact +44 (0) 1952270699 +(0) 1753 680535
+44 (0) 1376 505170
+44 1753 907860
+44 1788 226600
Freight Forwarders in the UK Alinnza Trading London Ltd A A A Freight Services Limited Hamburg Sud, UK Lysander Shipping IMS Freight International
Company logo
Location London, UK Glasgow, Scotland Glasgow, UK Liverpool, UK Southampton, Hamsphire
Year of Establishment 2015 2010 1871 1993 2007
No. of Employees 2 – 9 employees 2 – 10 employees 1001 – 5000 employees 11 – 50 employees 2 – 10 employees
Contact 020 8004 7744 +44 203 9269 999 +49 40 37052400
+44 151 224 1500
02380 623 778

#1 Flexport International Limited

Global Logistics Company in the UK

flexport company logo
flexport company logo

Image Source: Google

Flexport is a founder-led company with a passionate leadership team who are experts in logistics, technology, global trade, and economics. is the heart and soul of Flexport, using its connection to help humanity.
Its technology builds connections, making global trade and aid easy for its customers. The organization has a success story of moving businesses forward using its logistics and end-to-end solutions.

#2 British Logistic

Road Freight in the United Kingdom

British Logistic company logo
British Logistic company logo

Image Source: Company website

The organization partners with world-class leaders in road transport to ensure 100% mobility of fleets. In times of fast changes, open access market, and dynamic trade balance, Bristic logistics’ winning strategy is to stand out. Though young, the enterprise strives to develop, make appreciable progress, and succeed in all endeavors.

#3 JS Forwarding

Sea Freight Imports and Exports

JS Forwarding company logo
JS Forwarding company logo

Image Source: JS Forwarding website

A specialist like JS Forwarding manages the full process of transporting goods from the point of origin to their destination via sea, saving time and stress for businesses, especially SMEs.
The organization works with all leading international carriers and offers a range of competitive shipping services for both part and full shipments to and from different destinations.

#4 Southampton Freight Services Ltd

Air Freight Company, UK

Southampton company logo
Southampton company logo

Image Source: Southampton company website

Southampton freight offers air freight services tailored to meet each shipment’s needs. In addition, the organization offers choices over cargo movement, delivering excellence at all times.
It takes delight in its customers as the most important part of the business; therefore, it deeply cares about meeting its customers’ needs with optimal satisfaction.

#5 Pentagon Freight Services Ltd

Supply Chain Logistics in the UK

Pentagon company logo
Pentagon company logo

Image Source: Pentagon company website

Pentagon freight provides the best-in-class freight forwarding and logistic services to clients in China and globally. In addition, the enterprise wishes to be the most admired supply chain logistics provider.
No matter the logistical requirements, the enterprise handles end-to-end critical supply chain logistics solutions designed to optimize and support customers at all times.

#6 Future Forwarding, UK

Ocean Freight Forwarders in the UK

Future Forwarding company logo
Future Forwarding company logo

Image Source: Future Forwarding company website

Future Forwarding is one of the ocean freight forwarders with headquarters in the USA and the UK, respectively. The organization arranges FCL and LCL for transportation to China and anywhere in the world.
As a business, the company’s greatest asset is its customers and employees; therefore, it seeks to keep the relationship central and pivotal.

#7 Cavenco Freight Forwarders, UK

Roll-on/Roll-off Freight Forwarding Services in the UK

Cavenco company logo
Cavenco company logo

Image Source: Cavenco company website

Cavenco Freight Forwarders is one of the most competitive freight forwarders in the UK. The organization offers the roll-on/roll-off (Ro-Ro) freight service, which is cost-effective and most reliable for the shipment of vehicles.
The organization is a family owned business and has built a solid, comprehensive, and reliable range of services to and from the UK.

#8 Davies Turner

Rail Freight Forwarders in the UK

Davies turner company logo
Davies turner company logo

Image Source: company website

Davies Turner is proud to be the only freight forwarder in the UK operating a direct dedicated weekly rail for groupage service and full load shipments from China to the UK.
The service provides customers with fast, secure, and competitive options for moving cargo when the ocean is too slow and the air is expensive.

#9 GFS -Global Freight Solutions

Expert Logistics Company in the UK

GFS company logo
GFS company logo

Image Source: GFS company website

GFS is one of the UK’s top providers of flexible and affordable companies, combining multi-carrier delivery services with technology and logistics. The experts understand everything about carriers, vehicles, and transport networks to ensure delivery services run in good time.
The GFS professionals know how to handle and resolve issues to divert risks and foster confidence.

#10 YFT Logistics Ltd

Best Amazon FBA Freight Forwarder in the UK

YFT Logistics company logo
YFT Logistics company logo

Image Source: YFT LinkedIn Page

YFT (Your Freight Transporters of the Future) understand Amazon’s system well enough. The organization offers consultation on navigating government and country policy for Amazon FBA goods and is willing to help its customers through.YFT also offers help to companies who choose to import Amazon cargo into the UK, EU, or the USA.

#11 Global Freight Export and Import

Pilot/Air Freight Services in the UK

Global freight company logo
Global freight company logo

Image Source: Global freight company website

Global freight is an award-winning international forwarder in the UK. The organization offers extensive air freight services using the world’s largest commercial airlines and charters to pilot cargo until it reaches its final destination. As a result, goods are delivered within the fastest possible time, and the cost is minimized.

#12 Chiltern Air Freight Ltd, Slough

Air and Sea Shipping Specialist in the UK

Chiltern Company logo
Chiltern Company logo

Image Source: Chiltern company

Chiltern Air Freight has several years of experience in regular shipping and unusual loads across the globe, both by chartered aircraft and scheduled flag carrier flights. Located in Colnbrook, Slough, the company has a close connection with Heathrow Airport and easy access to 3 motorways within and outside London.

#13 Ryley Forwarding – Essex, UK

Clearing and Forwarding Agent in the UK

Ryley Forwarding company logo
Ryley Forwarding company logo

Image Source: Google

Ryley Forwarding submits import and export customs entries on behalf of its customers and arranges clearance at all major ports in the UK and airports, including the port of London Gateway, Southampton, Liverpool, Felixstowe, etc.
The organization’s trained staff uses their knowledge of UK customs regulations to ensure all correct processes are in place and customers can access the regimes.

#14 SEKO Logistics London, Ltd

Warehousing and Order Fulfillment Services in the UK

SEKO company logo
SEKO company logo

Image Source: Company’s page on LinkedIn

SEKO Logistics London has a global infrastructure of multi-user logistic equipment that enables them to stock up on customers’ products and meet timely orders while saving costs in the local market.
The service also provides customers with a ‘pay as you go’ model, which is supported by the logistic management professional and web-based technology.

#15 XPO Logistics, Europe

Global Freight Forwarding Services in the UK

XPO company logo
XPO company logo

Image Source: Company’s page (LinkedIn)

XPO covers the global shipping of goods of all sizes and weights anywhere in the world. Its global network of experienced freight forwarders guides all cargo across custom points, offering local oversight at numerous destinations.

The organization also gives customers insights into freights in transit through its secured digital porta and unlimited access to details and tracking status.

#16 Alinnza Trading London Ltd

Cross Trade Solutions in the UK

Alinnza company logo
Alinnza company logo

Image Source: Company’s site

Alinnza trading has many years of cross-trading experience, especially from Latin America, the USA, Europe, and Asia. The organization controls cross trade between air, rail, road, and sea freight.
Experts in the organization understand the best routes, loading combinations, and favorable freight rates. In addition, its global network has several offices with proven partnerships.

#17 AAA Freight Services Ltd

Best Custom Clearance Agent in the UK

A A A Freight company logo
A A A Freight company logo

Image Source: AAA Freight services

AAA Freight offers its customers headache-free cargo solutions. It handles all customs clearance issues for its clients, such as paying UK taxes, declaring goods officially to HMRC, etc., to prevent cargo from getting lost in customs complexity.

All customers need to do it to present the necessary documents; commercial invoice, letter of authority, airway bill, etc.

#18 Hamburg Sud, UK

Cold Chain Solutions in the UK

Hamburg company logo
Hamburg company logo

Image Source: Company’s LinkedIn page

Hamburg Sud offers solutions for cold chain supplies. The organization simplifies the transportation of perishable goods while reducing the risk and administrative workloads for businesses.
Its expert team assesses the supply chain from end to end and enables customers to improve further and narrow the logistic network to support businesses.

#19 Lysander Shipping

Project Forwarding Solutions

Lysander company logo
Lysander company logo

Image Source: Company’s page (LinkedIn)

Lysander shipping is surpassing its ability to handle the project forwarding needs of customers. It offers exceptional project services to industries such as Oil & Gas, Construction, etc.
As experts in the market and trade routes, the organization checks all crucial information and extensively plans details to have a personal touch on all project work.

#20 IMS International Freight Forwarders

Online Shipment Solutions in the UK

IMS company logo
IMS company logo

Image Source: IMS company site

IMS freight forwarders are committed to providing their customers with Boxtrax, a digital solution. The service enables businesses to view up-to-date information concerning their shipment. In addition, the online portal gives customers access to their dashboard to view advanced data and monitor logistic information all over the globe.

UK Freight Forwarders in 2022

Freight Forwarders from the United States to the UK

  • Some freight forwarders from the US to the UK include; Pinnacle,, FedEx, Shipa Freight, DHL Express, etc.
  • Shipping options include, Sea freight (26 – 40 days); Air freight (4 – 8 days); Express freight (2 – 5 days).

Freight Forwarders from Turkey to the UK

  • Some freight forwarders from Turkey to the UK include; Mercator Cargo Systems, Gondrand UK, Al-fares Logistics, etc.
  • The shipping options available are, Air freight (1 – 3 days); Sea freight (4 – 6 days); Rail freight, etc.

Freight Forwarders from India to the UK

  • Some freight forwarders India to the UK include; Mercator Cargo Systems, Shipa Freight, NeoWorld, Shippo, etc.
  • Shipping options include, Air freight (3 – 9 days); Ocean freight (20 – 35 days); Rail freight (15 – 40 days).

Freight Forwarders from Japan to the UK

  • The freight forwarders are; Across the ocean shipping, Power Forwarding, Mercator Cargo Systems, Japan Luggage Express, etc.
  • Shipping options include; Air freight (4 – 7 days); Sea freight (40 – 47 days); Rail freight (20 – 22 days)

Freight Forwarders from the UK to New Zealand

  • Freight forwarders include; Barrington Freight, Elanders UK,OSE Logistics,DPD Local Online, DHL Exxpress, etc.
  • Shipping options include; Air freight (3 – 7 days), Sea freight (26 – 50 days), Rail freight (20 25 days).

The Best Freight Forwarder from China to the UK

Looking to source the best freight forwarder for your business? Look no further than ZGGship. As a Chinese freight forwarder with a reliable reputation, ZGGship assists customers in shipping goods from China to Canada or anywhere in the world safely and in good time.

With 11 years of experience in the industry, the organization serves thousands of customers and has a solid network with several transportation companies.


The above information has been thoroughly researched to reveal the best 20 freight forwarders in the UK. You might want to check out their website for more information about their services and products.

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