Top 5 Shanghai Freight Forwarders

Shanghai Freight Forwarders: A List in 2022

Are you looking for a freight forwarder shipping from Shanghai? This article includes a list of shipping and logistics companies based in Shanghai for your china shipping needs.


China is indeed a primary freight forwarding hub and Shanghai is one of China’s top hub spots for trade. T he port of Shanghai is one of China’s busiest seaports. It is located near Shanghai and consists of a river port and a deep-sea port. Shanghai International Port, a publicly-traded company, manages this port. In 2010, it surpassed all competitors to become the world’s largest container hub.

This article clearly states all the factors involved in locating the best Shanghai freight forwarders, thus, you can make well-informed decisions about various aspects of shipping from Shanghai.

List of the Top Shanghai Freight Forwarders: Quick View

Here’s a curated list for this article.

  1. Shanghai SAGA International Freight Forwarder Co.Ltd
  2. TRF Logistics Shanghai Co., Ltd
  3. Shanghai Hamel Logistics
  4. Dedola Global Logistic
  5. Worldcargo Logistics

Top 5 Shanghai Freight Forwarders

1. Shanghai SAGA International Freight Forwarding Co, Ltd

Shanghai Saga Company Logo

Image Source: Google Search

Business Type: International Freight Forwarding Co
Headquarters: Room H, 24F, No.728, Xizang (M) Road, Shanghai, China

Contact: +86.21.3330.1208
Years of Experience: 16 years
Certificates/Awards: CAAC, NVOCC

SAGA International Freight Forwarding is a Shanghai-based class-A freight forwarding company focused on small and medium-sized businesses. Shanghai SAGA provides global freight forwarding services from and to any destination, particularly in China, as a member of the China International Freight Forwarders Association, CIFA, and the MTG Network.

They collaborate extensively with domestic and international partners, including AMI and DHL. They provide free warehousing and bonded warehousing services for air freight and sea freight for up to one week.

Key Services

  • Ocean Freight (FCL)
  • Ocean Freight (LCL)
  • Inland Truck Freight
  • Air Freight
  • Custom Clearance
  • Warehousing

    2. TRF Logistics Shanghai Co.Ltd

    TRF Company Logo

    Image Source: Facebook

    Business Type: Freight services
    Headquarters: RM22C Liangfeng Mansion, No.8 Dongfang Rd, Shanghai, 200120 China

    Contact: +86.21.6106.3098

    Years of Experience: 16 Years
    Certificates/Awards: Member of WCA, NVOCC, Member of Shanghai International Freight Forwarders Association

    TRF was founded in 2005 as Shanghai All Freight Logistics. They provide a variety of freight services via all modes of transportation, both domestically and internationally. TRF also offers warehouse services such as storage, consolidation, stuffing, devanning, and packing.

    Customers can request special services such as labeling, stock management, picking, a crane for extra-large shipments, and service in Bonded Logistics Park. TRF has provided a rate inquiry and cargo tracking system since 2016, allowing customers to check freight rates outside of China at any time.

    Key Services

      3. Shanghai Hamel Logistics Co.,Ltd

      Hamel Logistics company logo

      Image Source: JCT Networks

      Business Type: Shipping and Freight Forwarding Company(NVOCC)
      Headquarters: 258 Wusong Road, YaoJiang International Plaza, Hongkou district, Shanghai, China

      Contacts: +86.21.5109.3434
      Years of Experience: 9 Years
      Certificates/Awards: C-TPAT, Customs Pre-Classification Qualifications

      Shanghai Hamel Logistics Co., Ltd is a shipping and freight forwarding company based in Shanghai. They transport a diverse range of cargo and are particularly well-known in the power, water, infrastructure, manufacturing, and construction industries, as well as the oil and gas industries.

      Customers can combine volumetric and dense shipments for lower rates. Additional services include pickup, warehousing, labeling, cargo insurance, and documentation. They provide DAP (Deliver at Place) service upon arrival.

      Key Services

        4. Dedola Global Logistic (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd

        Dedola Logo

        Image Source: LinkedIn

        Business Type: Logistics
        Headquarters: Rm 1403 A, Xin Cheng Mansion 167 JiangNing Road, Jingan District Shanghai 200041, China

        Contact of its shanghai office: 011-86-21-6253 8526
        Years of Experience: 35 Years
        Certificates/Awards: NVOCC

        Dedola Global Logistics is a member of a global network of partners with over 3,500 locations in 170 countries. They leverage each office’s local expertise to manage the region’s commercial environment. Customers have a variety of sailing itineraries and travel times to choose from.

        Once your FCL shipment arrives at the port, it can be transported to its final destination via truck, train, or air. Finally, with Dedola Global Logistics’ straightforward tracking system TrakLt, you’ll always know where your product is during the transportation process.

        Key Services

        • Ocean Freight (FCL)
        • Ocean Freight (LCL)
        • Air Freight
        • Rail Freight

          5. Worldcargo Logistics Shanghai Co.,Ltd

          World Cargo Logo

          Image Source: World Cargo

          Business Type: Logistics
          Contact of its shanghai office:  +86-21-51097302
          Years of Experience: 12 Years
          Certificates/Awards: NVOCC

          Worldcargo Logistics has alliances with more than 200 airlines and shipping businesses, according to the shipping data. Customers deliver combined volumetric and density shipments, resulting in competitive rates for the shipping company and the customer. Other services include pick-up, warehousing, packaging, labeling, freight insurance, and document preparation and delivery. At the point of arrival, Worldcargo provides DAP (Deliver at Place) service.

          Key Services

          • Air & Ocean Freight Forwarding
          • Import & Export Procedure
          • Document & Parcel Courier
          • Customs Brokerage
          • Logistics Consulting
          • Road Transport
          • Cargo Insurance

            Top Freight Forwarder in China

            If you want to find the best freight forwarder in China, we also pick the top 10 freight forwarders in china to cater to all your freight forwarding needs.  Or if you also source the goods from the factories or suppliers from the cities besides Shanghai,  you can also find top freight forwarders in China from our blogs:


            ZGGShip Logo

            Image Source: ZGGShip

            Headquarters: 209, building 8, Xinggang, Fuhai street, Bao’an District, Shenzhen, China
            Years of Experience: 11
            Awards: Best Shipping Service Provider/ Famous Brand in Shenzhen Forwarding
            Certified membership: NVOCC, FMC, WIFFA, WCA, JC TRANS
            Services Offered:

            ZGGShip is one of the top freight forwarding company you can find in China when it comes to providing solutions and services for your precious cargo. Through the efforts of the team, led by CEO Clark Guo, they managed to serve more than 20,000 clients internationally. In addition, they had successfully partnered with popular brands such as TCL, Xiaomi, and Wal-mart supply chains through its branch in Hong Kong.

            With its core value “People always comes first”, ZGGShip has met the standards in transporting freight to other countries and regions. Thus, it ensures your cargo will reach its destination on the allotted time without hassle. Plus, its expert team is ready to monitor your inventories and work efficiently as promised.

            Additional Services

            • DDP DDU Freight Forwarding Service
            • Pick and Pack Service
            • Pack and Re-packing Service
            • Bundling and Labelling Services


              It’s always a good idea to have a lot of options. it‘s convenient to find the top Shanghai freight forwarders that you can partner with within your business or personal matters. Or you can alternate the freight forwarders in your destinations, we also make advice on choosing the best freight forwarders out of China.

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