Port of Portland

Port of Portland

Port of Portland
Port of Portland

Image Source: Association Of Pacific Ports

Port basic or overview

  • Port code: 2904
  • Port size: 159 acres
  • Port addresses: 121 NW Everett Street Portland, OR 97209-4049 United States
  • Main cargo/vessel type: grain, minerals, forest products and autos
  • TEUs: The Port of Portland expects 177,000 TEU in container terminal activity.

The Port of Portland is a municipal corporation owned by the city of Portland, Oregon, United States. The port manages Portland’s marine terminals, including the container terminal at Terminal 6 and the bulk terminal at Terminal 1. The Port also operates two major freight rail terminals – Union Pacific’s East Bank Freight Rail Facility and Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway’s North Side Rail Yard.

The Port of Portland is a public port district located in the city of Portland, Oregon. It owns and operates the marine terminals and facilities of the Port of Portland, including the container terminal in Delta Park and the bulk terminal in Portland Harbor.

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Ports in the US

If you need to deliver goods to other cities in the US, you may opt for other strategic ports of US.

Ship From or To Portland Port

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