Port of Miami

Port of Miami

Port of Miami
Port of Miami

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Port basic or overview

  • Port code: 33132
  • Port size: 518-acres
  • Port addresses: 1015 North America Way, Miami, Florida
  • Main cargo/vessel type: containerized cargo
  • TEUs: In the previous fiscal year, PortMiami handled over 1,120,913 TEUs.

PortMiami, which is located on reclaimed land in the city of Miami, is one of the busiest cruise ports in the world. It was also the first port in Florida to receive direct ocean access for large vessels. The port’s facilities include a cruise terminal, a cargo terminal and three passenger terminals.

PortMiami was constructed on previously dredged material from Biscayne Bay between 1963 and 1969. It began commercial operations in 1974 with the arrival of two cruise ships. Today, PortMiami has grown into one of the most important seaports in Florida and serves as both a gateway for international trade and a departure point for cruises around the Caribbean and beyond.

Cargo arriving at PortMiami comes from all over the world, including China and other Asian countries. If you need to ship to China from PortMiami, there are a number of shipping companies that operate from this port and can handle your shipment.

Ports in the United States

If you need to deliver goods to other cities in United States, you may opt for other strategic ports in the US.

Ship From or To Miami Port

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