Port of Fremantle

Port of Fremantle

Port of Fremantle
Port of Fremantle

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Port basic or overview

  • Port code: AUFRE
  • Port size: 17.8 meters
  • Port address: 1 Cliff St, Fremantle WA 6160, Australia
  • Main cargo/vessel type: Cement, iron ore, coke, sulfuric acid
  • TEUs: 31,981 million

The Port of Fremantle lies at the tip of the Swan River on the Indian Ocean, whose Colony was founded by Captain James Stirling in 1829. The Colony was named after Captain Sir Charles Fremantle in gratitude for preventing the incursions by the United States or French.

Today, the port of Fremantle is an important asset for the economic development of Western Australia. It is one of Australia’s biggest and largest ports, trading over 31 million tons of cargo vessels annually.

The distance between the Port of Fremantle and China is about 7,642 kilometers, which gives you an idea of what will be covered from transporting goods to and from China. For further inquiries, learn more about the port of Fremantle.

Ports in Australia

If you need to deliver goods to other cities in Australia, you may opt for other strategic ports of Australia.

Ship From or To Fremantle Port

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