Port of Dunkirk

Port of Dunkirk


Port of Dunkirk
Port of Dunkirk

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  • Port code – FRDKK
  • Port size – 7000 hectares
  • Port addresses – 2505 Rte de l’Écluse Trystram, 59140 Dunkerque, France
  • Main cargo/vessel type – Container ship, LNG tanker, general cargo, motor freighter, passenger ships
  • TEUs – Around 700,000 TEUs

The Port of Dunkirk, located in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region in Northern France, is the third-ranking France seaport and one of the most important in Europe. Since its inception in the mid-1600s, the port has seen a steady rise in activity, eventually becoming a hub for freight and passenger ships. Meanwhile, its distance from China is 17,000 nautical miles.

Today, the port of Dunkirk is a center for trade and industry, with over 2 million tons of cargo passing through its gates every year. The port is home to many large commercial and industrial enterprises and is also home to a variety of recreational activities for tourists and locals alike.

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