Port of Adelaide

Port of Adelaide

Port of Adelaide
Port of Adelaide

Port basic or overview

  • Port code: AUADL
  • Port size: 3,000 square meters
  • Port address: 296 St Vincent Street Port Adelaide, South Australia 5015 Australia
  • Main cargo/vessel type: Electronic plants
  • TEUs: 100 million

The Port of Adelaide is a seaport suburb and the capital of Southern Australia. The Port of Adelaide was founded in 1836 and named after King William IV’s consort, Queen Adelaide. The port’s early economy was boosted in 1838 when livestock arrived in the country, contributing to the wool industry.

As the country’s largest and most important port, it accounts for most of the shipping activities in the region. The port handles several shipment types equating to more than 100 million tons of cargo and maritime cruises for tourism.

Its exports major on electronic plant systems to countries like China at an average distance of 624 kilometers. Find out more information about the Port of Adelaide.

Ports in Australia

If you need to deliver goods to other cities in Australia, you may opt for other strategic ports of Australia.

Ship From or To Adelaide Port

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