Top 6 Express Shipping Companies

Top 6 Express Shipping Companies

Do you want to know who are the leading shipping companies available in the market today? Read this and you will find out who they are.

With the introduction of perfect shipping firms that assist online merchants in providing the finest possible service to their consumers, online shopping has become a breeze. The advancements in package and delivery services have resulted in a significant shift in the way people purchase online. There is now a slew of domestic and international shipping firms offering globally and locally at reasonable prices. 

Some shipping businesses provide both international and domestic shipping services, while others do not. The services that each shipping firm provides to its customers are unique. In this blog, get to know the top 6 express shipping companies you can trust in the market nowadays.

List of the Top 6 Express Shipping companies

In a hurry? Below are the top 8 express shipping companies you can pick:

  1. DHL
  2. UPS
  3. FedEx
  4. USPS
  5. DB Schenker
  6. Australia Post

Top 6 Express Shipping Companies

If you need to get your eCommerce business off the ground fast, you’re going to want some express shipping companies on your side. When you’re ready to start selling online, here are some of the best options in express shipping.

1. DHL

DHL Logo Banner

 Image Source: DHL

Business Type: Logistics & Supply Chain
Year of Registration: 1969
Headquarter: Bonn, Germany
Main Markets: International

DHL is one of the most reputable international shipping firms in the world. However, if you’re seeking domestic shipment, DHL isn’t the best option. If you need to ship internationally, DHL is the way to go. They provide real-time tracking and monitoring to guarantee that your deliveries arrive on schedule and in good condition. 

DHL is an excellent option for international shipping because of its quick delivery times. It provides a variety of services, including Worldwide Document Express, DHL Worldwide Parcel Express, and more. 

DHL also assists with the delivery of hazardous materials, which is particularly useful for pharmaceuticals and other chemical-based businesses. It is a leader in “next-day” delivery across international borders, which benefits any firm that values its consumers and seeks out speedier delivery alternatives to keep them happy.

    Key Services: 

    2. UPS

    UPS Logo Banner

     Image Source: UPS

    Business Type: Logistics & Supply Chain
    Year of Registration: 1969
    Headquarter: Bonn, Germany
    Main Markets: International

    For domestic shipment, UPS is the greatest in-house shipping business. Despite the fact that they provide services in many places. If you’re shipping domesticated animals as well as hazardous materials, UPS is a good option.

    They do, however, take a step back in terms of transporting perishable products since they do not support temperature-sensitive commodities. UPS provides expedited delivery within 5 days after receiving the shipment at the UPS facility. They do offer overnight delivery as well as the next-day delivery option, both of which are more expensive, for delivering the things on a priority basis. 

    UPS is also well-known for its air and ocean freight services. You may also follow the items throughout their travel, much like other international shipping firms.

      Key Services:

      • Shipping
      • Tracking
      • Billing
      • International Shipping
      • Contract Logistics
      • Integrated UPS Technology
      • Sustainability
      • E-Commerce

      3. FedEx

      FedEx Logo Banner

       Image Source: FedEx

      Business Type: Logistics & Supply Chain
      Year of Registration: 1997
      Headquarter: Memphis, Tennessee, United States
      Main Markets: International

      FedEx is a well-known and pioneering worldwide shipping firm that has a reputation for handling even the most delicate things when transporting them to other countries. It’s also worth noting that they can transport perishable and even temperature-sensitive commodities overseas using their climate-controlled shipping services. 

      The rates charged are really reasonable and well worth the money you put into them. It also guarantees all of its clients overnight and two-day delivery times. Every consumer affiliated with FedEx receives priority delivery and effective packing. 

      FedEx is also an excellent choice for combining local and international shipping services in the United States. FedEx Smart Post, FedEx Priority, FedEx Home Delivery, FedEx Ground Delivery, and more services are available.

        Key Services:

        • Overnight Shipping
        • Ground Shipping
        • International Shipping
        • Freight Shipping
        • Flat Rate Shipping
        • Same-Day Delivery

        4. USPS
        USPS Logo Banner

         Image Source: USPS

        Business Type:  Supply Chain
        Year of Registration: 1971
        Headquarter: Washington, D.C., United States
        Main Markets: International

        The Postal Service’s innovative strategy to meet shippers’ increasing package delivery demands is known as USPS Connect. Four low-cost delivery options assist companies of all sizes in meeting rising customer demand for quick delivery and easy returns. It makes use of the Delivering for America 10-year plan’s investments and enhancements to provide companies of all sizes with inexpensive next-day delivery.

        Their strategy is for the Postal Service to generate a positive net income in three years and break-even in operational performance over the following ten years. In addition, their approach ensures to continue to execute universal service objective. This entails visiting every home and business six days a week for mail delivery and seven days a week for package delivery and doing it in a cost-effective, dependable, and secure manner.

        It seeks to increase efficiency and service performance by using best-in-class logistics techniques in order to fuel revenue growth and client retention. Most significantly, their strategy builds a new operational model that enhances on-time delivery performance considerably. They may save $160 billion in expected losses by 2030 by combining cost and revenue optimization measures with regulatory and legislative efforts.

          Key Services

          • Ocean Freight
          • Air Freight
          • Business Shipping
          • Advertising with Mail
          • Postage Options
          • Returns Services
          • Label Broker
          • International Business Shipping
          • Managing Business Mail

          5. DB Schenker

          DB Schenker Logo Banner

           Image Source: DB Schenker

          Business Type:  Logistics & Supply Chain
          Year of Registration: 1996
          Headquarter: Essen, Germany
          Main Markets: International

          Gottfried Schenker, the founder of Vienna’s Schenker & Co., provided the first combined train shipments from Paris to Vienna in 1872. DB Schenker’s men and women have committed themselves to assisting their clients in the trade of products and services to and from all corners of the world for more than 150 years.

          During this time, the globe has changed dramatically. The company’s multinational workforce of approximately 74,500 people is dedicated to offering a broad range of logistics and transportation services to fulfill the ever-changing demands of its clients.

          Throughout history, people create a sense of self-identity. Individuals with this information may be able to influence the future by identifying themselves, their origins, and their ultimate destinations. 

          DB Schenker is dedicated to improving the lives of everyone with whom they work by shaping the future as one of the world’s top global logistics firms. One of them may be exalting, elevating, and progressing intellectually, physically, financially, and morally. When they say “elevating lives,” they’re referring to how they, as a corporation, as people, and as a community can flourish.

            Key Services:

            6. Australia Post

            Australia Post Logo Banner

             Image Source: Australia Post

            Business Type:  Postal Service
            Year of Registration: 1975
            Headquarter:  Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
            Main Markets: International

            When it comes to eCommerce shipping, Australia Post is one of the most cost-effective solutions. Prepaid-satchels are one of the best in Australia since they are sent to rural and regional locations at no extra cost. AusPost also offers excellent eParcel services that help to simplify shipping processes. Using suitable barcodes and a tracking system, it is simple to organize and monitor consignments with eParcel.

              Key Services:

              • Shipping
              • eCommerce
              • Marketing & Communications

              Top Express Shipping Company in China

              Look through the company below to discover the best freight forwarder in China. Having a lot of alternatives is generally a good idea but to find the most dependable is the ultimate goal.
              ZGGShip claims to be the best so you can always count on us for all of your freight transportation requirements. We offer the finest offer so you are certain that your shipments will arrive in excellent condition and on schedule. 


              ZGGShip Logo

              Image Source: ZGGShip

              Headquarters: 209, building 8, Xinggang, Fuhai Street, Bao’an District, Shenzhen, China
              Years of Experience: 11
              Awards: Best Shipping Service Provider/ Famous Brand in Shenzhen Forwarding
              Certified membership: NVOCC, FMC, WIFFA, WCA, JC TRANS
              Services Offered: 

              When it comes to offering solutions and services for your valuable cargo, ZGGShip is one of the best freight forwarding companies in China. The team, headed by CEO Clark Guo, was able to service more than 20,000 customers worldwide as a result of their efforts. Furthermore, via its Hong Kong office, they have successfully worked with major companies like TCL, Xiaomi, and Wal-mart supply chains.

              ZGGShip has set the bar for freight transportation to other nations and regions by adhering to its fundamental concept of “People first.” As a result, it assures that your shipment arrives at its destination on schedule and in good condition. In addition, its knowledgeable staff is ready to keep track of your inventory and deliver on its promises.

                Additional Services

                • DDP DDU Freight Forwarding Service
                • Pick and Pack Service
                • Pack and Repacking Service
                • Bundling and Labelling Services
                • Other Customized Forwarding Service


                The companies listed above are some of the most well-known international shipping companies that provide excellent services to guarantee that products are delivered on time. If you want to integrate shipping services into your eCommerce platforms, there are a variety of shipping plugins to choose from.

                Should you decide to find a dependable freight forwarder in China, contact ZGGShip for more details. We’ll be glad to assist you!

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