Shipping from China to Mexico

ZggShip can take your products to Mexico quickly and safely with our various shipping methods available. Work with us today and deliver your cargo arrives on time to its destination with the highly competitive deals we have for you. Whether air freight, sea freight, express freight, and more, our team has got you covered.


    Freight Forwarder China to Mexico

    As a top global freight forwarding company in China, ZggShip is a trusted partner of numerous carriers and businesses all over the world. Our team has helped many businesses — small or large — transport their goods overseas with no errors by far. With more than 11 years of experience in the industry, we at ZggShip are confident with the services we provide.

    • Competitive deals
    • Error-free shipping
    • Enhanced customer satisfaction
    • Lower product return rate


      How to Ship from China to Mexico

      There are many ways to deliver your shipment from China to Mexico, and we have various solutions for each method. Our offers range from shipping via air, sea, ocean, road, rail, and other routes. We also provide intermodal freight forwarding deals to our clients. Ship your goods to Mexico with one of our offers.

      Air Freight Shipping from China to Mexico

      Experience fast shipping for your lightweight cargo with our air freight forwarding offer. ZggShip can take your goods securely and quickly to any location inside and outside of China. 

      • Cost-effective delivery rates
      • Items delivered on the dot
      • Shipping time lasts only 1 to 7 days

      Door to Door Shipping from China to Mexico

      Enjoy hassle-free delivery with ZggShip’s door-to-door shipping offer. Let our team handle all the work and we will ensure that your parcel arrives right at the doors of your clients. 

      • General air freight shipping services
      • Charter services
      • Intermodal delivery

      Sea Ocean Freight from China to Mexico

      Our team works with the well-renowned carriers around the globe. With this partnership, we are able to provide you and all other clients with error-free delivery at the most economical and worthwhile prices. We at ZggShip are ready to handle all the work from documentation to pickup and delivery, all the way to Mexico. We offer:

      • FCL/LCL Shipping Services
      • DDP/DDU Services
      • Add-on Deals

      Sea Freight Shipping from China to Mexico

      Together with the top carriers all around the world, we at ZggShip bring the best sea freight forwarding prices and services to you. Deliver in bulk and large sizes via the safest routes with us.

      • Full container load (FCL) shipping
      • Less than container load (LCL) shipping
      • Error-free shipping

      Shipping from China to Amazon FBA Mexico

      Make your Amazon FBA business run smoothly by working with our experienced FBA freight forwarding team. Ensure on-time and up-to-date inventory with the on-the-dot shipping services we offer.

      • Warehousing
      • General sea freight services
      • Intermodal delivery

      Air Freight from China to Mexico

      ZggShip has dedicated personnel who can track your parcels 24/7 from China to Mexico. Our vast networks and relationships when it comes to air freight vouch for our strong capability in flying your cargo to any place worldwide. Connect with us today and discuss with us your tailor-made shipping plan. Our services include:

      • DDP/DDU Air Freight Forwarding
      • Cost-effective Air Freight Forwarding
      • Intermodal Shipping Services
      • Door-to-Door Shipping

      Express Shipping from China to Mexico

      Speed up the shipping process of your products to Mexico with express shipping. We can provide you with reliable express freight at the best prices, with different shipping methods to boot.

      • Charter services
      • Intermodal door-to-door delivery
      • Cost-effective and time-efficient shipping

      Cheapest Shipping from China to Mexico

      With our wide network and partnerships with various well-reputed organizations, we at ZggShip are confident that we can bring you the most competitive, if not the lowest, freight forwarding rates on the market.

      • Economical shipping offers
      • Intermodal delivery
      • Comprehensive logistics services

      Express Freight from China to Mexico

      As a trusted collaborator of FedEx, DHL, UPS, and other top carriers, ZggShip can bring about reliable express freight forwarding offers to our clients. Ensure secure and quick delivery for your shipment at the most competitive rates with our express shipping deals for you. Services we have include:

      • UPS Freight Forwarding
      • DHL Freight Forwarding
      • FedEx Freight Forwarding
      • SF Freight Forwarding
      • Additional Shipping Services

      We have all the services to help your business. Quote us today!

      Your Reliable Freight Forwarder in China

      ZggShip’s more than eleven years of experience in the freight forwarding industry has helped us build a wide network necessary to deliver our clients’ products to any country in the world, whether in Asia, Oceania, Europe, South America, North America, Australia, and Africa.


      Enjoy hassle-free inventory management services and warehousing solutions with us. ZGGShip also provides various third-party logistics services you need.

      E-commerce Fulfillment

      Enhance customer satisfaction and reduce product return rates with our efficient e-commerce fulfillment. Our team will handle all processes from pickup to delivery.

      Ship to Amazon FBA

      Keep your Amazon FBA inventory up-to-date with our on-time shipping offers. ZggShip’s logistics teams have rich experience in FBA freight forwarding.

      Dropshipping agent

      Improve the shipping process of your products by letting us work with your supplier. We will deliver your goods right from your suppliers to your clients.


      How Long Does It Take to Ship from China to Mexico?

      Shipping from China to Mexico lasts as little as one day to less than 22 days. However, many factors may also affect the transit time.

      The shipping method you chose will significantly affect how long your cargo will take to arrive in Mexico. Express shipping is the quickest when it comes to considerable cargo sizes, followed by sea freight. Air freight forwarding is also speedy when delivering lightweight cargo. Choose which one is the most appropriate to ship your products within your anticipated schedule.

      The farther your shipping target location is, the longer the freight forwarding process will take to finish. Clearances and documentation may also take time to accomplish. Regardless of all these factors, ZggShip can guarantee to deliver your products on time with our vast network. A table is provided below showing the summary of the general shipping duration from China to Mexico.

      Transport by Express Air Sea
      Shipping time 5-7 days 1-4 days 18-22 days

        How Much Does It Cost to Ship from China to Mexico?

        It costs as low as 3 USD per kilogram to ship from China to Mexico. Prices may vary depending on several factors. 

        The following are significant factors that may affect your costs in delivering your goods.

        • Shipment weight
        • Kind and type of goods to be delivered
        • Cargo size
        • Shipping mode
        • Location of delivery
        • Additional shipping services

        Shipping internationally is never cheap, but you can configure the above list to fit your budget. Anticipate high rates when using express freight and airfreight. Sea freight prices may be considered cheap or expensive depending on how you can maximize the container space.  Bear in mind that prices rise the farther the target location is. 

        Transporting sensitive goods that need countless papers to process may spike up your costs. How much you want to ship would, of course, elevate your expenses, but a reliable freight forwarder can provide you with discounts and good deals. We at ZggShip can give you such needs. 

        From our more than eleven years of transportation experience, the following sections are detailed explanations of the freight rates that we made based on the shipping mode.

        Sea Freight

        The shipping rates for sea freight are calculated per container. There are two types of shipping containers that we use, which are 20-foot and 40-foot, respectively. Shippers may choose to rent a whole container for transporting their goods via FCL shipping. 

        On the other hand, LCL freight may be more cost-effective as the freight space is shared by multiple shippers. Depending on the container size and whether you choose FCL or LCL, sea freight rates may vary between $2500 and $5000. 

        Air Freight

        If you choose to ship your goods via air freight, your freight rates will be calculated per kilogram. ZGGShip offers to move your goods at a starting price of $3 to $5, which will also vary based on other factors. The fees may also depend on the type of airport to airport service that you want, whether economy, standard, or expedited shipping. 

        Express Shipping

        ZGGShip works with various top carriers all over the world to provide you with secure express shipping. We are official partners with DHL, FedEx, and UPS. Express freight rates start at $5 to $7, which is calculated per kilogram. Prices may vary depending on what type of express shipping you need, which may include EMS, economy, standard, express, and others. 

        Rail Freight

        At ZGGShip, rail freight rates roughly cost half of air freight shipping and are calculated in a similar way to sea freight rates. Rail freight fees will vary depending on whether you want to ship via Full Container Load (FCL) or Less than Container Load (LCL). Volumetric weight is not considered in rail freight. 

        Here’s a summary of the shipping costs from China to Mexico.

        Transport by Express
        (per kilogram)
        (per kilogram)
        (per container)
        Price references USD 5-7 USD 3-5 USD 2500-5000

        Wanna know more shipment methods from China to the Mexico? Get in Touch

        Freight from China to Mexico: The Cheapest Way to Ship

        Keeping your shipping expenses low can be accomplished by

        • Transporting goods in bulk
        • Shipping non-sensitive products
        • Delivering during non-peak periods
        • Working with a well-reputed freight forwarder

        When estimating your expenses, consider how urgent your cargo is, the size and volume of the cargo you wish to transport, and your target location. Then, find a freight forwarding company that can provide you with good quotes based on your considerations. A reliable forwarder can help you lower your costs with their good network and assets. 

        Experienced goods transporters take hassle-free routes and adapt intermodal delivery solutions to ensure that your products are transported smoothly, avoiding problems that may arise to steep expenses. 

        Our team can provide you with worthwhile offers you are looking for, at highly competitive prices. Contact us today at ZggShip and experience our reliable and efficient freight forwarding services built upon eleven years of rich experience in the industry. 

          Why Freight Forwarders are Preferred When You Choose to Ship Goods from China to Mexico

          There are many types of firms that you can work with when shipping from China to Mexico. However, collaborating with a reliable freight forwarder is generally much better.

          Different Shipping Service Providers

          When you want to move your goods to a particular location, you can contact a shipping courier, transportation agency, shipping company, logistics company, and many other firms that provide shipping services. These companies generally differ on how well they can satisfy your requirements. For example, logistics companies can move your goods using their owned assets like vehicles and facilities.

          Freight Forwarders VS Other Shipping Service Providers

          Freight forwarding companies like us are much better than other shipping service providers in terms of pricing transparency, global network, tracking, freight laws, knowledge of logistics, paperwork, customs clearance, and many other services.

          How to Find a Reliable Freight Forwarder from China to Mexico

          1. A good freight forwarder has extensive years of experience in the industry
          2. It must be able to handle cargo in any Chinese port
          3. Look for ones who can provide highly competitive shipping rates
          4. A freight forwarder must have good communication skills in suitable languages
          5. With strong assets and can arrange shipment according to booking requests
          6. If your freight forwarder has an office in Mexico, it is much better
          7. Convenient payment methods
          8. High credit and excellent reputation

          Routes & Transit Time Overview: Shipping from China to Mexico

          If you choose express freight, ZGGShip ensures that your cargo arrives at the doors of your client. On the other hand, below are some of the recommended shipping ports in China that ZGGShip uses.

          Air freight Shenzhen Mexico City / Guadalajara / Monterey
          Guangzhou Mexico City / Guadalajara / Monterey
          Hongkong Mexico City / Guadalajara / Monterey
          Shanghai Mexico City / Guadalajara / Monterey
          Beijing Mexico City / Guadalajara / Monterey
          Xiamen Mexico City / Guadalajara / Monterey
          Wuhan Mexico City / Guadalajara / Monterey
          Sea freight Shenzhen Manzanillo / Lazaro Cardenas / Enseñada
          Guangzhou Manzanillo / Lazaro Cardenas / Enseñada
          Hongkong Manzanillo / Lazaro Cardenas / Enseñada
          Ningbo Manzanillo / Lazaro Cardenas / Enseñada
          Shanghai Manzanillo / Lazaro Cardenas / Enseñada
          Tianjing Manzanillo / Lazaro Cardenas / Enseñada
          Qingdao Manzanillo / Lazaro Cardenas / Enseñada
          Xiamen Manzanillo / Lazaro Cardenas / Enseñada

          List of Products Imported from China to Mexico

          Common products to import from China to Mexico include:

          • Vehicle parts
          • Petroleum
          • Circuits
          • Cars
          • Tractors
          • Trucks
          • Computers
          • Electronic devices
          • Beauty products
          • Air pumps

          Almost all products manufactured in China can be imported to Mexico, provided that duties and taxes are paid, except for the following:

          • Prohibited drugs (e.g., cannabis, poppy)
          • Narcotics
          • Predators
          • Firearms
          • Ammunitions
          • Images degrading children
          • E-cigarettes

          Other certifications and paperwork may also be required depending on the nature of your products. For instance, medical products must be standard-compliant, distributed legally, and registered. 

          How to Ship from China to Mexico

          Shipping from China to Mexico can either be simple or complex depending on the freight forwarding firm that you are working with. The following steps are what you need to take to successfully move your goods to Mexico.

          Step 1: Connect with ZGGShip.

          ZGGShip would be glad to help you bring your products to any place throughout the globe. Get excellent shipping services from us at highly competitive prices.

          Step 2: Ask for a quote.

          Tell us your shipping requirements, such as your cargo load, transportation mode to use, time requirements, and similar information. ZGGShip will make tailor-made plans just for you. 

          Step 3: Protect your shipment with freight insurance.

          Freight insurance can help protect your investment in case something happens to your shipment. ZGGShip can provide you with the freight insurance you need.

          Step 4: Pass customs clearance.

          Documentation is one of the most important things you need to ensure that your goods arrive from China to Mexico. Entrust everything to us at ZGGShip in transporting your products. 

          Money- & Time-Saving Tips When Shipping from China to Mexico

          • Work with the right freight forwarder. Partnering with the right freight forwarder is the ultimate way you can save money and time when shipping. A reliable freight forwarder can help you get lower freight rates and avoid fines and penalties that you may have to pay out of pocket. 
          • Prepare all required documentation. Having all the paperwork ready ahead of time means getting faster clearance processes. ZGGShip can guide you in processing the paperwork you need. 
          • Ship during non-peak periods. Peak periods mean that the ports may get congested due to high traffic. Congestion translates to higher shipping fees and longer arrivals of delivery. 
          • Choose the right packaging. The size and weight of the packaging can also affect your expenses. Setting the packaging weight at a minimum and deciding whether to use boxes or poly mailers would help save you money.
          • Select the right shipping method. Choosing the right mode of transport can drastically make your shipments more economical. Know your requirements in terms of transit time and select a corresponding shipping mode from ZGGShip. 

          What Do Customs Charges Include When Shipping from China to Mexico

          You should expect the following factors that get included in your customs charges as mandated by Mexican importation laws.

          • Special tax on production services (IEPS) starting from 25% to 160% for the importation of alcohol, cigarettes, and cigars
          • Taxes based on your products' CIF value
          • 0% to 35% importation duties
          • Customs processing fee at 0.8% calculated on your goods' CIF value

          Goods that fit the following requirements are charged with 16% global tax based on CIF terms.

          • Importation via post with FOB value between $300 and $1000
          • Importation via courier with FOB value between $50 and $1000

          The following are exempted from taxes and duties

          • Importation via post with FOB value of less than $300
          • Importation via courier with FOB value of less than $50

          Other charges may also apply depending on the specific characteristics of your cargo. ZGGShip is ready to help you understand the various taxes and duties you need to pay when shipping to any location on the globe. Contact us today!

          Add-on Services

          • Pick-up cargo
          • Bundling
          • Repackaging
          • Labeling
          • Inspection
          • Kitting & hand assembly

          Shipping Routes

          • Ship from China to the USA
          • Ship from China to the UK
          • Ship from China to Canada
          • Ship from China to Mexico
          • Ship from China to Australia
          • Ship from China to Germany
          • Ship from China to France

          China Mainland

          • Ship from Shenzhen to the UK
          • Ship from Guangzhou to the UK
          • Ship from Dongguan to the UK
          • Ship from Ningbo to the UK
          • Ship from Fujian to the UK
          • Ship from Xiamen to the UK
          • Ship from Shanghai to the UK
          • Ship from Beijing to the UK
          • Ship from Tianjing to the UK

          Frequently Asked Questions

          we offer thousands of shipping container rates for your shipment needs. Whether you're shipping to Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Africa, or Oceania, we have got you covered.

          You can check the "How Much Does it Cost to Ship from China to the UK?" section, or get more information by contacting us.

          Generally, you should consider the following factors in estimating your shipping expenses.

          • Product nature
          • Shipping location
          • Cargo load
          • Shipping method

          Expect that sensitive goods will cost much more than normal merchandise to ship as there are many precautionary measures to employ to ensure that they won't get damaged. Weigh your budget and see how many products you can ship. Also, take note that more distant shipping locations incur steeper prices.

          You can check the "How Long Does it Take to Ship from China to the UK?" section, or get more information by contacting us.

          In general, it takes as short as one to three days to transport your goods to the United Kingdom. The shipping time can span up to 28 days or more depending on your chosen shipping method.

          You can check the "How Long Does it Take to Ship from China to the UK?" section, or get more information by contacting us.

          To different regions of the United States takes different time, here is some info. for reference.

          • 23-28 days

          The shipping time from China to the United Kingdom is affected by different factors, and the difference will be very large. If you need a specific arrival time, please contact us.

          You can check the "How Long Does it Take to Ship from China to the UK?" section, or get more information by contacting us.

          To different regions of the United Kingdom takes different time, here is some info. for reference, but in general, by express is the quicky way and take few days from China to UK.

          • 4-7 days

          The shipping time from China to the United Kingdom is affected by different factors, and the difference will be very large. If you need a specific arrival time, please contact us.

          You can check the "How Long Does it Take to Ship from China to the UK?" section, or get more information by contacting us.

          To different regions of the United Kingdom takes different time, here is some info. for reference, but in general, by air is the fast way and take few days from China to UK.

          • 2-5 days

          The shipping time from China to the United Kingdom is affected by different factors, and the difference will be very large. If you need a specific arrival time, please contact us.

          We'd love to work with you and help you handle everything ship from China to the UK. Just contact us and telling us what products and it's dimensions etc. information, and our team will do our best to do the rest of stuffs.

          Don't hesitate to contact us!

          Simple, just contact us by filling out the contact form below.

          To get a specific quotation, you need to provide the specific information, like below:

          • product name
          • Package dimensions
          • Total weight
          • Location of China
          • Prefer transport method: like by sea
          • etc.

          Didn't have any transport method in your mind now? Don't worry, just contact us, and our experts will give the best advice based on your requirement.

          You can check the "What is the Best or Cheapest Way to Ship from China to the UK?" section, or get more information by contacting us.

          To understand the fastest or cheapest shipping options from China to the United Kingdom, there are many factors to consider. So please contact us, we will provide combined transportation solutions according to your time needs to meet your needs and maximize your income.


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