Shipping from China to Kenya

Deliver your goods from China to Kenya in many ways possible with ZggShip. We offer different shipping methods to transport your load internationally. Our global team's methods include air freight, sea freight, express shipping, and many more shipping solutions that you can take at the most competitive prices on us. 


    Freight Forwarder
    China to Kenya

    ZggShip is a top freight forwarding company in China that offers secure and quick shipping services at highly affordable rates. By collaborating with other carriers that are well-renowned globally, we are confident to bring you the freight services you are looking for. 

    Coupled with our more than eleven years of experience in the industry, we have got you covered in transporting your goods. 

    • Error-free freight forwarding services
    • Economical rates
    • Better client feedback
    • Lesser product returns


      How to Ship from China to Kenya

      Send your goods to Kenya using the most appropriate freight forwarding method for your goods. We offer a wide range of shipping services you can avail of depending on your shipping requirements. Whether you need air freight, sea freight, express shipping, door-to-door delivery, and more, ZggShip can definitely help you with that. 

      Air Freight Shipping from China to Kenya

      Enjoy quick shipping for your lightweight cargo by transporting them via air freight to Kenya. ZggShip can ensure security for your goods by monitoring them 24/7 all the way to the said country.

      • Charter services
      • Cost-effective air freight rates
      • Delivered within seven days

      Sea Freight Shipping from China to Kenya

      Select our sea and ocean freight forwarding services if you are looking to send heavy equipment and huge numbers of products to Kenya. Enjoy economical sea freight rates on us!

      • FCL/LCL shipping
      • DDP/DDU services
      • Customs clearance

      Express Shipping from China to Kenya

      Speed up the shipping process for your goods by opting to deliver them via express freight forwarding from China to Kenya. We work with FedEx, UPS, DHL, and other renowned companies for this service.

      • General express services
      • Charter services
      • Economical express freight prices

      Door to Door Shipping from China to Kenya

      Begin the delivery process for your products right from your doors. Let our global team handle everything from pickup to delivery and we'll ensure that your package arrives at your clients' doors in Kenya.

      • D2D forwarding services
      • Charter services
      • Intermodal shipping solutions

      Shipping from China to Amazon FBA

      Ensure on-time inventory supply to keep your FBA business smoothly running by working with an experienced FBA freight forwarder like us to deliver your products to your Amazon warehouse.

      • General sea freight forwarding services
      • Customs clearance
      • Cost-effective freight rates

      Cheapest Shipping from China to Kenya

      Get your products delivered to Kenya at the lowest freight costs possible with us at ZggShip. We promise to bring you the most competitive freight forwarding deals on the market. 

      • Wide range of shipping services
      • Economical rates
      • Excellent logistics services

      We have all the services to help your business. Write to us today!


      Sea Ocean Freight from
      China to Kenya

      Enjoy the best sea and ocean freight rates on us at ZggShip when transporting your load from China to Kenya. We work with the best organizations in the industry, making us capable of bringing you what you need. Work with our team today and let us handle everything from top to bottom. We offer

      • FCL (Full Container Load) Shipping
      • LCL (Less than Container Load) Shipping
      • DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) Service
      • DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid) Service
      • Additional options

        sea ocean freight forwarding service
        air freight forwarding service

        Air Freight from China to Kenya

        Air freight forwarding is one of the fastest ways you can take your products to Kenya. ZggShip can provide you with cost-friendly air freight shipping services while guaranteeing the security of your parcel. As a partner of numerous well-renowned organizations in terms of air freight, we have the ability to monitor your cargo 24/7. 

        • DDP/DDU Services
        • Economical Air Freight Forwarding Services
        • Charter Services
        • Intermodal Shipping


          Express Freight from
          China to Kenya

          ZggShip partners with behemoth companies in terms of express freight to ensure that we can offer our express freight forwarding services available at affordable rates. We work with FedEx, UPS, DHL, and other well-renowned organizations. Take your goods to Kenya in a speedy duration to Kenya with our various services.

          • FedEx Freight Forwarding
          • DHL Freight Forwarding
          • UPS Freight Forwarding
          • SF Freight Forwarding
          • Charter Services
          • Additional Services


            Your Reliable Freight Forwarder in China

            Our expert global team at ZggShip are your reliable freight forwarding partners when transporting your cargo to any country in Asia, Africa, Australia, Oceania, Europe, South America, and North America. 

            International Freight

            We will bring your products to any country outside of China at the most affordable prices on the market. 

            Ship to Amazon FBA

            ZggShip can provide you with secure and on-time shipping to keep your Amazon warehouse supplied for your FBA business.

            E-commerce Fulfillment

            Let us fulfill everything needed to bring your e-commerce goods to your customers for you to enjoy enhanced customer satisfaction.

            Dropshipping agent

            Make your supplier communicate directly with our team for a smoother shipping process for your products. 


            How Long Does It Take to Ship from China to Kenya?

            On average, it takes at least * days to deliver your products to Kenya. This duration may stretch to as long as * days depending on the details of your shipping.

            Decide and choose the appropriate shipping method for your goods. Express and air freight are relatively quick methods to transport time-sensitive parcels. However, remember that air freight has limited carrying capacity. On the other hand, sea freight takes the longest time, so it's not a popular choice for urgent cargo.

            The booking, preparation, documentation, clearance, and other processes also contribute to your shipping time. Keep in mind that sensitive goods may take longer to clear because of the extra considerations needed when transporting them. Also, always remember that the farther your shipping location is, the longer your shipping time will be.

            Based on our long experience in the industry, here is a summary of the shipping time from China to Kenya. 

            Transport by Express Air Sea
            Shipping time

            Wanna know the specific shipping time from China to the USA? Get in Touch

            How Much Does It Cost to Ship from China to Kenya?

            The costs of shipping from China to Kenya start at a base price of USD *. Depending on your shipping requirements, the price will vary and rise to a much steeper amount. 

            Some considerations you have to take to get an accurate estimate of your shipping expenses include the following.

            • Kinds of goods to ship
            • Cargo weight and dimension
            • Method of transportation
            • Target shipping location
            • Add-on deals

            Take note that the nature of the merchandise that you want to ship matters. Delicate and sensitive goods may require a higher expenditure than most kinds of products. How much you want to ship and your shipping method will largely determine your costs. Often, express and air freight prices are per kilogram. So, the more you want to transport, the larger the costs get.

            On the other hand, you pay sea freight costs per container. Maximizing your freight space will be up to you. Plus, remember that the prices will only rise the more distant your shipping location is.

            Here's a summary of the shipping costs from China to Kenya.

            Transport by Express
            (per kilogram)
            (per kilogram)
            (per container)
            Price references USD USD USD

            Contact ZggShip to Get the Latest Cost from China to the USA. Get in Touch

            What is the Best or Cheapest Way to Ship from China to Kenya?

            The best and cheapest ways that you can take to deliver your merchandise from China to Kenya have a lot to do with your requirement in terms of 

            • Shipping time 
            • Cargo volume

            If you have to send your products urgently, you can anticipate high expenses as the typical shipping method used for such time-sensitive deliveries is either express or air freight. The more you want to ship using these methods, the more astronomical your expenditure will be as the prices for the said methods are often counted per kilogram. 

            What you can do to save money on shipping is to transport your products in bulk during non-peak times. When you transport many products in one go, you may choose sea freight and be able to maximize your container space and save money. Plus, you can get better and more affordable deals when there are not many people trying to ship their products.

            ZggShip can provide you with the best shipping deals that you can find on the market. Work with us today and get your free quote!


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