Shipping from China to Japan

ZggShip can make transporting your goods from China to Japan convenient and hassle-free with our rich experience in freight forwarding. Bring your products securely and quickly to any place all over the world with our various shipping methods available, including air freight, express shipping, sea freight, and more shipping services.


    Freight Forwarder
    China to Japan

    ZggShip is a well-reputed freight forwarding company based in China, established for more than eleven years, and has achieved phenomenal growth in the industry.

    With our rich experience and strong connections, we are your go-to freight forwarder when it comes to transporting your goods to the United States of America.

    • Error-free freight forwarding services
    • Economical rates
    • Better client feedback
    • Lesser product returns


      How to Ship from China to Japan

      Sending your goods to Japan can be done in many ways. Our team brings you different freight forwarding and logistics services you can select at affordable rates. Regardless of your needs in terms of freight forwarding, our comprehensive set of various shipping services has a specific solution tailor-made for you. 

      Air Freight Shipping from China to Japan

      Use air freight forwarding to Japan if you have lightweight cargo to transport. This is a good option for time-sensitive deliveries, and our team at ZggShip will gladly provide you with this service. 

      • 7-day delivery
      • Economical air freight services
      • Charter services

      Sea Freight Shipping from China to Japan

      If you want to ship your products in bulk quantities, or you have heavy and huge equipment to transport, selecting sea or ocean freight forwarding to Japan is your best choice. 

      • FCL/LCL shipping
      • DDP/DDU services
      • Customs clearance

      Express Shipping from China to Japan

      Ensure on-time and quicker urgent deliveries by selecting our express freight services from our offers. We at ZggShip can provide you with secure express deliveries at affordable prices to any place worldwide.  

      • General express freight forwarding services
      • Economical express delivery
      • Charter services

      Door to Door Shipping from China to Japan

      Do not bother with all the hassles needed when shipping from China to Japan and let our team start the process right from your door! ZggShip will ensure to deliver your cargo to the doors of your recipients. 

      • General air freight forwarding services
      • Charter services
      • Intermodal delivery

      Shipping from China to Amazon FBA Japan

      Bring your inventory supplies to your designated Amazon warehouse in Japan on time to ensure smooth operations for your e-commerce FBA business! ZggShip can definitely help you in this regard.

      • General sea freight forwarding services
      • Customs clearance
      • Affordable rates

      Cheapest Shipping from China to Japan

      Enjoy top-notch quality shipping from us at the most economical and competitive rates you can find on the market. ZggShip can guarantee to bring you the best shipping deals with our strong network in the industry. 

      • Cost-effective freight services
      • Complete tailor-made shipping plans
      • End-to-end logistics

      We have all the services to help your business. Write to us today!


      Sea Ocean Freight from
      China to Japan

      Get affordable shipping services from us today and our team will handle every process from booking to delivery. ZggShip is a partner of top carriers all over the globe, making us highly capable of providing you with the best sea freight rates you can find. The services we offer include:

      • FCL (Full Container Load) Shipping
      • LCL (Less than Container Load) Shipping
      • DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) Service
      • DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid) Service
      • Additional options

        sea ocean freight forwarding service
        air freight forwarding service

        Air Freight from China to Japan

        Over the eleven years of our operations, ZggShip has built a strong array of relationships in terms of freight forwarding. These connections allow us to have the power to monitor your parcel 24/7 and ensure that no problems remain unsolved when you're doing air freight shipping with us. 

        • DDP/DDU Services
        • Economical Air Freight Forwarding Services
        • Charter Services
        • Intermodal Shipping


          Express Freight from
          China to Japan

          Our team is able to bring you the affordable express freight services you can enjoy by being a trusted partner of the best carriers in the world, including FedEx, UPS, DHL, and more well-reputed organizations. ZggShip can ensure speed and security for your cargo under our express freight forwarding services. 

          • FedEx Freight Forwarding
          • DHL Freight Forwarding
          • UPS Freight Forwarding
          • SF Freight Forwarding
          • Charter Services
          • Additional Services


            Your Reliable Freight Forwarder in China

            Deliver your cargo to any country in Asia, South America, North America, Oceania, Australia, Africa, and Europe with our global team at ZggShip - your reliable freight forwarding partner in China.

            International Freight

            We can bring your merchandise internationally with our full range of shipping and logistics services. 

            Ship to Amazon FBA

            ZggShip will deliver your inventory supplies to your Japan-based Amazon warehouse within your update schedule. 

            E-commerce Fulfillment

            Our team can reduce delivery-wise product returns by fulfilling the shipping requirements of your e-commerce products.

            Dropshipping agent

            Let us communicate with your supplier to ensure more optimal delivery processes for your products. 


            How Long Does It Take to Ship from China to Japan?

            Expect your cargo to arrive in Japan within * days at the quickest and within * days on maximum. The transit time will differ depending on your shipping details. 

            How long your cargo takes to get to its destination will highly depend on your chosen shipping method. Air freight forwarding is the fastest but has limited carrying capacity. Express is also a quick one, while sea freight takes the longest to finish, making it more suitable for shipping huge equipment and in large numbers. 

            Some processes that also contribute to your shipping time are documentation and clearances. Bear in mind that delicate goods are more difficult to transport, so expect a longer time for them to be cleared for transportation. Also, always remember that the farther your target location is, the longer the shipping time will be.

            Here is a summary of the shipping time of your products from China to Japan.

            Transport by Express Air Sea
            Shipping time      

            Wanna know the specific shipping time from China to the USA? Get in Touch

            How Much Does It Cost to Ship from China to Japan?

            You can send your goods from China to Japan as cheaply as a floor price of USD *, which may spike up to a steeper amount based on your shipping preferences.

            To get an accurate price approximation, you should consider the following things.

            1. Kinds of goods you wish to deliver
            2. Shipment volume
            3. Shipping method
            4. Shipping location
            5. Add-on services

            Sensitive goods are more expensive to transport as they require extra care during the shipping process. Of course, the more products you wish to deliver, the higher the costs will be depending on your shipping method. Bear in mind that express and air freight costs are frequently calculated per kilogram, while sea freight prices are per container.

            Quite similar to your shipping time, the more distant your shipping location is, the steeper your expenses will be. Here's a summary of the costs of shipping from China to Japan based on our experience in the industry. 

            Transport by Express
            (per kilogram)
            (per kilogram)
            (per container)
            Price references USD USD USD

            Contact ZggShip to Get the Latest Cost from China to the USA. Get in Touch

            What is the Best or Cheapest Way to Ship from China to Japan?

            The best and cheapest ways to deliver your goods to Japan involve shipping your goods in bulk and transporting them in non-peak periods. That's why before trying to get the lowest freight prices to Japan, it is important to ask yourself first about your shipping requirements in terms of:

            • Transit time 
            • Shipment volume

            Shipping your products in large quantities using sea freight drastically reduces your costs. If you can maximize your container space, you do not have to pay for repetitive shipping. On the other hand, shipping during non-peak times ensures that you can get better deals from your freight forwarder due to lesser customer traffic. 

            Of course, you may have urgent cargo to deliver, and waiting for non-peak periods may not be doable. You may also not have the storage facility needed when shipping in bulk. Don't worry! You can still get affordable and cost-effective deals by working with a top freight forwarding company like ZggShip


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              "I contacted Zggship for a shipment from China to the US and right from the start they were super helpful. I cant speak highly enough about their service and advice. I will be using them for all future freight forwarding jobs. Thanks Clark and Emma!"


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