Sea Freight from China to Canada

If you are planning to ship your goods in bulk from China to Canada, ZGGShip would gladly provide you with various competitive sea freight forwarding deals at highly affordable costs.


    Sea Freight from China to Canada

    For more than eleven years, we have been assisting countless clients in moving their cargo to various countries like Canada. We understand that every shipper has unique requirements in shipping, and our team is confident to satisfy such needs.

    ZGGShip works with the top shipping companies to bring you secure and reliable freight forwarding services. Move your goods with us today and get the cost-effective sea freight solutions you need.

    • Excellent forwarding profile
    • Quick shipping processes
    • Competitive shipping rates
    • Global network


      Why Ship from China to Canada by Sea Freight

      Moving your goods from China to Canada using sea freight forwarding is key to economical shipping rates when shipping in large quantities. ZGGShip has the assets and network to bring you highly competitive sea freight services.

      Hassle-free Delivery

      Transporting your cargo from one place to another is inclusive of many processes, translating to hassle and stress. Work with us and let our experienced staff accomplish everything for you.

      • Customs clearance
      • 24/7 customer service
      • Worldwide staff

      On-time Shipping

      Time is a crucial factor for many businesses. Achieve timely shipments and maximize your benefits with the on-time shipping services that our efficient personnel at ZGGShip can provide you with.

      • Strong global relationships
      • Fast shipping processes
      • Efficient documentation

      Competitive Service

      Over our years in freight forwarding, we have developed robust solutions that can cater to your shipping requirements. Enjoy highly competitive and affordable shipping deals with our team today.

      • Tailor-made shipping plans
      • Cost-effective shipping
      • Secure freight forwarding

      We have all the services to help your business. Quote us today!


      How to Ship From China to Canada by Sea Freight

      ZGGShip offers you a broad portfolio of sea freight forwarding solutions that can satisfy your shipping needs. Regardless of whether you want to rent an entire shipping container or share it with other importers, our team has the solution for that. Ship your goods from China to Canada today with our sea freight services.

      Full Container Load (FCL)

      Full container load (FCL) shipping refers to the type of sea freight where you will be renting an entire container. A whole 20-foot or 40-foot container grants you enough space and enhanced safety for your goods.

      Out of Gauge (OOG)

      Out-of-gauge (OOG) cargo refers to those items and goods that do not fit inside a container. Using OOG, you can ship products like aircraft parts, huge machines, and other abnormally shaped indivisible loads (AILs).

      Less than Container Load (LCL)

      Using less than container load (LCL) shipping is usually one of the best ways you can save money on shipping. Pay only for the space that your cargo consumes, whether it’s palletized or loose cargo.


      When shipping wheeled products, such as trucks, cars, and other types, using roll-on/roll-off shipping is your best choice. Depending on the type of wheeled cargo you wish to ship, you may use pure car carriers (PCCs), pure truck carriers (PTCs), and others.

      Bulk Cargo

      If you plan to ship goods unpackaged and loose, such as oil, coal, and other similar products, we have bulk cargo as the most suitable sea freight service type that we can provide you with.

      Reefer Container

      Reefer containers use refrigeration technology suitable to keep goods sensitive to temperature and are perishable in tip-top condition. Maintain the integrity of your goods from China to Canada using a reefer container.

      We have all the services to help your business. Quote us today!


      LCL Shipping from China to Canada

      You don’t really need to pay for an entire shipping container unless you have a load of similar worth. Less than a container load (LCL) shipping is another method you can ship your goods to Canada. By LCL, you will only be paying for the amount of space that your cargo took, while the rest of the space would be rented by other shippers who also use LCL.

      Consider using LCL shipping if you have a shipment volume under 13 CBM. This is more economical than renting an entire container for a relatively low cargo volume. Another reason to ship via LCL is your time requirements. When shipping during peak times, LCL spaces are faster to secure than FCL.

      Like FCL, there are many types of LCL cargo: palletized, loose, etc. Palletized cargo simply refers to cargo secured using pallets. Using pallets helps prevent misrouting and loss of products. Another popular way to ship LCL is loose cargo, which is a lot less secure than palletized LCL.


      FCL Shipping from China to Canada

      When shipping via FCL, you are paying for the entire container space. By doing this, you can use an entire container to ship your cargo only, translating to more control and safety over your products. This is because you will be responsible for the loading and unloading of your packages.

      Some reasons you would want to ship via FCL include the safety and handling of your goods, your shipment load, and your shipping time requirements. Shipments over 14 CBM (or ten standard pallets) are suitable to be shipped through FCL. Unlike LCL, FCL shipments require no consolidation, so it also allows for timely shipments.

      Depending on your cargo load, you may ship using either a 20-foot, 40-foot, or 40-foot high cube shipping container, providing you with freight spaces spanning 10 to 25 European pallets. FCL may be done door-to-port, port-to-door, port-to-port, or door-to-door depending on your shipment deal.

      DDP Shipping

      Get Your Cargo by Sea Freight Fast With Full China Port Options

      Sea freight generally lasts longer than other shipping modes, so picking a strategic port of departure is necessary. ZGGShip provides you with numerous cargo port options you can select for faster shipments to Canada.

      Shipping from Guangzhou to Canada

      Guangzhou is home to one of the world’s largest container ports, the Port of Guangzhou. Shipping from Guangzhou to Canada generally has a transit time spanning three weeks.

      Shipping from Dongguan to Canada

      Dongguan serves as a major manufacturing center in China. If you have cargo coming from Dongguan, it may take up to three weeks for your cargo to arrive in Canada.

      Shipping from Shenzhen to Canada

      As the home of the second-largest port in the world, Shenzhen serves as a pivotal shipping point for Canada-bound shipments. Transit times from Shenzhen to Canada may span up to three weeks.

      Shipping from Yiwu to Canada

      As the world’s biggest market for small commodities, Yiwu is definitely a strategic point for shippers like you. Shipments to Canada may arrive at their destination in 22 days.

      Shipping from Ningbo to Canada

      The Port of Ningbo remains the busiest port on the globe when it comes to container tonnage. For cargo routed to Canada from Ningbo, shipping times may take up to twenty-two days.

      Shipping from Qingdao to Canada

      Qingdao is home to one of the busiest ports in China and on the globe. Anticipate your goods to arrive from Qingdao to Canada in 22 days.

      Shipping from Shanghai to Canada

      Currently, the largest port in the world is located in Shanghai, making the city a global hub for freight forwarding. Shipping times from Shanghai to Canada span three weeks.

      Shipping from Fujian to Canada

      Many ports, including one of the earliest commercial ports in China, can be found in Fujian. Shipping times from Fujian to Canada may span from eighteen to twenty-two days on average.

        Sea Freight Options That ZGGShip Offers

        With more than eleven years in freight forwarding, ZGGShip has developed the assets and network needed to bring you highly competitive sea freight solutions to any place in Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, Australia, North America, and South America.

        E-commerce Fulfillment

        Satisfy your clients with reliable shipping for your e-commerce products with our various fulfillment solutions.

        International Freight

        Bring your goods to Canada and numerous other countries and enter new markets with us.

        Dropshipping Agent

        Streamline your business processes and achieve smoother deliveries with the dropshipping delivery services we offer.

        Ship to Amazon FBA

        Achieve success in your FBA business with our efficient team’s timely deliveries of your inventory.


        Tips for Getting the Best Sea Freight Quote from China to Canada

        There are many ways that you can use to ship your goods from China to Canada. However, only by working with a good forwarder like ZGGShip can you get the best sea freight quotes there are in the market.

        #1 Find a good forwarder

        The main benefits of having a good forwarder to assist you in shipping include enjoying lower freight rates that they can settle for you, avoiding penalties and fines, and achieving hassle-free deliveries.

        #2 Documentation

        While the responsibility of completing your paperwork falls to your forwarder, knowing about your documents and bills will help you steer clear of unreasonable surcharges you don’t have to pay for. It can also give way to smoother and stress-free passage of customs clearances in China and in Canada.

        #3 Packaging options

        Adjusting your packaging options is another excellent way you can cut costs when moving your goods. While the safety of your products should be your priority, there’s no need for excessive packaging. Consult your supplier about your packaging choices and see for opportunities to save money.

          Optional China to Canada Freight Services

          By Air

          Using our various air freight forwarding services to ship your goods from China to Canada, you can get timely shipments at highly competitive freight costs for your lightweight cargo.

          DDP Shipping

          When shipping using delivered duty paid (DDP) incoterms, you take responsibility for all risks and expenses. Protect your investment by using our reliable DDP shipping services at affordable rates.

          UPS Shipping

          We collaborate with a well-reputed courier company all over the world, UPS. Through our partnerships, our team becomes capable of reaching more locations you need to ship your goods.

          by Express

          If you have to ship time-sensitive cargo, you can expedite the various shipping processes needed using our express freight forwarding solutions. Achieve on-time and quick shipments with us today.

          DHL Shipping

          ZGGShip is an official partner of the globally well-renowned shipping company, DHL. By working with a top courier company, our team is able to bring you secure and efficient shipments at competitive prices.

          Door-to-Door Shipping

          If you want to ensure that your client receives your cargo, using our door-to-door shipping services from China to Canada would be your best choice. Get reliable door-to-door shipping solutions from us today.

          by Train/Road

          While railway freight from China to Canada is yet to be developed, using intermodal road freight shipping would be another choice that you have when moving your goods.

          FedEx Shipping

          Our team works with FedEx, one of the top shipping companies in the industry. With our collaboration with FedEx, ZGGShip can move your goods to Canada in the most efficient ways possible.

          FBA Forwarding

          Amazon has rigid rules when it comes to the delivery of FBA inventory. As an experienced FBA forwarder, ZGGShip is confident in providing you with timely shipments of your inventory and avoiding penalties from Amazon.

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          How Long Does Sea Freight Take to Ship from China to Canada?

          If you are shipping your goods via sea freight, the average transit time spans from 18 to 22 days. This estimate will highly vary as your shipping process is also inclusive of many other procedures needed. Hence, choosing a strategic port of departure is crucial to your shipping time.

          You should allow a week or two before and after the time your cargo spends on the sea. Some processes that you should consider aside from the main transportation of your cargo include:

          • Packaging of your goods
          • Booking
          • Shipment arrangement
          • Customs clearance
          • Others

          How competent your supplier or service provider is when it comes to cargo packaging would affect your shipping duration. Of course, how fast your freight forwarder can secure freight spaces, arrange your shipment, and pass customs clearance is vital to faster shipments too. ZGGShip can provide you with the smooth and hassle-free shipping services you need.

          Shenzhen Vancouver / Toronto 13 days / 24 days
          Guangzhou Vancouver / Toronto 13 days / 24 days
          Ningbo Vancouver / Toronto 14 days / 22 days
          Shanghai Vancouver / Toronto 16 days / 24 days
          Tianjin Vancouver / Toronto 22 days / 28 days
          Qingdao Vancouver / Toronto 18 days / 25 days
          Xiamen Vancouver / Toronto 17 days / 28 days

          How Much Does Sea Freight Cost to Ship from China to Canada?

          There are many things that you should consider when calculating your shipping costs from China to the United Kingdom. These may cover the following considerations:

          • The sea freight service you choose
          • Whether you ship FCL or LCL
          • Types of goods to ship
          • Cargo volume
          • Target destination
          • Taxes and duties
          • Others

          That’s why carefully considering your requirements in shipping is important to have a grasp of your expenses. On average, sea freight rates span $5000 to $8000. Keep in mind that the way rates are calculated is highly dependent on whether you ship FCL or LCL.

          FCL rates are flat, as you are paying for an entire container. On the other hand, LCL rates are calculated per cubic meter (CBM) of your cargo. How many cubic meters your cargo takes inside is considered when calculating your bill, among other factors.

          Calculated per container $5000-$8000


            Frequently Asked Questions

            we offer thousands of shipping container rates for your shipment needs. Whether you're shipping to Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Africa, or Oceania, we have got you covered.

            You can check the "How Much Does it Cost to Ship from China to the UK?" section, or get more information by contacting us.

            Generally, you should consider the following factors in estimating your shipping expenses.

            • Product nature
            • Shipping location
            • Cargo load
            • Shipping method

            Expect that sensitive goods will cost much more than normal merchandise to ship as there are many precautionary measures to employ to ensure that they won't get damaged. Weigh your budget and see how many products you can ship. Also, take note that more distant shipping locations incur steeper prices.

            You can check the "How Long Does it Take to Ship from China to the UK?" section, or get more information by contacting us.

            In general, it takes as short as one to three days to transport your goods to the United Kingdom. The shipping time can span up to 28 days or more depending on your chosen shipping method.

            You can check the "How Long Does it Take to Ship from China to the UK?" section, or get more information by contacting us.

            To different regions of the United States takes different time, here is some info. for reference.

            • 23-28 days

            The shipping time from China to the United Kingdom is affected by different factors, and the difference will be very large. If you need a specific arrival time, please contact us.

            You can check the "How Long Does it Take to Ship from China to the UK?" section, or get more information by contacting us.

            To different regions of the United Kingdom takes different time, here is some info. for reference, but in general, by express is the quicky way and take few days from China to UK.

            • 4-7 days

            The shipping time from China to the United Kingdom is affected by different factors, and the difference will be very large. If you need a specific arrival time, please contact us.

            You can check the "How Long Does it Take to Ship from China to the UK?" section, or get more information by contacting us.

            To different regions of the United Kingdom takes different time, here is some info. for reference, but in general, by air is the fast way and take few days from China to UK.

            • 2-5 days

            The shipping time from China to the United Kingdom is affected by different factors, and the difference will be very large. If you need a specific arrival time, please contact us.

            We'd love to work with you and help you handle everything ship from China to the UK. Just contact us and telling us what products and it's dimensions etc. information, and our team will do our best to do the rest of stuffs.

            Don't hesitate to contact us!

            Simple, just contact us by filling out the contact form below.

            To get a specific quotation, you need to provide the specific information, like below:

            • product name
            • Package dimensions
            • Total weight
            • Location of China
            • Prefer transport method: like by sea
            • etc.

            Didn't have any transport method in your mind now? Don't worry, just contact us, and our experts will give the best advice based on your requirement.

            You can check the "What is the Best or Cheapest Way to Ship from China to the UK?" section, or get more information by contacting us.

            To understand the fastest or cheapest shipping options from China to the United Kingdom, there are many factors to consider. So please contact us, we will provide combined transportation solutions according to your time needs to meet your needs and maximize your income.


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