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    Cheapest Shipping from China

    Choosing a suitable shipping service is necessary if you want to deliver goods from China. Ship your cargo to any location in the world using highly cost-effective shipping deals with ZGGShip. Get excellent freight delivery solutions with a top freight forwarder like us and save money on your shipments. Our team offers you various shipping solutions available at affordable rates.

    One-day shipping

    Opting for our one-day shipping service would be your best choice if you have time-sensitive cargo to deliver, such as perishables and urgent shipments. Get your cargo delivered within the same or the next day.

    DHL shipping

    DHL is a leading shipping company known for providing reliable and fast shipments to its clients. ZGGShip is an official collaborator of DHL, and we can help you get excellent deals from them.

    Sea freight

    Ship using sea carriers if you want to deliver huge shipments with looser transit time requirements. Regardless of whether you need to ship a full container load or less than a container load, we have got you covered.

    FedEx shipping

    Famous for its vast shipping services portfolio, FedEx is a shipping powerhouse when it comes to goods transportation from Southeast Asia. By working with FedEx, our team can provide you with the best freight delivery offers from China to international locations.

    Air freight

    If you have high-value and urgent lightweight cargo to transport, choosing to ship by air is your best option. Achieve speedy and reliable deliveries of your products at highly cost-effective air freight rates with us.


    Shipping via express mail service (EMS) would be suitable if you are looking to ship items of no more than 65 lbs. Transport your products economically but at great speed to more than 180 countries worldwide.

    UPS shipping

    Moving your cargo with an excellent shipping courier is key to safer and hassle-free deliveries. Our team works with UPS, one of the top global carriers, and we offer you affordable shipping deals to various places on the globe.

    Bulk shipping

    If you want to ship unpackaged goods, such as coal, iron, ore, oil, gasoline, and other kinds of bulk cargo, using our bulk shipping offers would be your option. Deliver your products in large quantities and save money on shipping with ZGGShip.


    Standard Shipping from China

    Moving your goods from one country to another at regular speeds would be a cost-effective option. If you have no urgent deliveries to complete, making your goods arrive on time is still necessary to keep your supply chain stable. ZGGShip offers you various standard shipping solutions you can take from China.

    Express shipping

    Transporting your products via express shipping allows you to reach your target location in the speediest ways possible. Achieve good client satisfaction and complete time-sensitive shipments using our competitive express shipping offers.

    Sea shipping

    Delivering your freight by sea is suitable if you want to ship either huge equipment or a large number of your products. ZGGShip can provide you with cost-effective and reliable shipping services from China to various countries.

    Fastest Shipping from China

    Shipping your goods in the fastest ways possible can be crucial to achieving guaranteed client satisfaction, successful supply chain processes, and other time-related aspects. ZGGShip works with various top companies in the global shipping industry, and we can bring you the competitive shipping deals you need to accomplish speedy deliveries from China.

    Express shipping

    By choosing our express delivery solution, we can help you move your cargo to its destination within the same day up to the next. Expect that your express shipments will arrive in as long as three days at your target location.

    China Parcel Forwarding

    International shoppers need to work with reliable package or parcel forwarders to receive their products at their location. ZGGShip is a top freight and parcel forwarder in China that you can trust in transporting your goods.

    Low-cost international parcel shipping

    If you have small packages to deliver, ship using our low-cost international parcel delivery. Transport packages of up to 70 kilograms and 400 centimeters in length.

    SAL shipping

    Surface air lifted (SAL) is a cost-effective and speedy international mail option that you can choose. Ship in as fast as 3 to 5 weeks using a multimodal delivery via air and surface.

    Expedited parcel shipping

    Completing urgent deliveries can be important to getting good customer retention and keeping your products in tip-top condition. Deliver your goods via expedited parcel shipping in as quick as 1 to 2 days.

    We have all the services to help your business. Write to us today!

    China Freight Shipping

    Moving freight to various countries involves large shipment volumes, translating to steep transportation costs and complicated processes. ZGGShip is your go-to freight forwarder if you are looking to transport your freight at cost-effective rates in various methods.

    Cheap international freight shipping

    Getting affordable freight shipping offers is possible by working with a good freight forwarder like us. We have an excellent network in the industry, and we can bring you the economical freight shipping rates you need.

    Expedited freight

    If you have perishables or time-sensitive freight to transport, our expedited shipping solutions would be an excellent option. Ship your goods within at most 7 days via our express freight services.

    Sea freight shipping

    Heavy shipments and huge cargo are most economically transported by sea. Ship your goods using either a 20-foot, 40-foot, or 40-foot high cube container from China to various international ports.

    Air freight shipping

    Transport your items in a speedy flight to their destinations using our air freight shipping solutions. Have your cargo delivered in as quick as 5 to 7+ days at highly economical freight rates.

    Large freight shipping

    Choose from a wide array of shipping methods and solutions when you deliver your large freight with ZGGShip. Move various kinds of cargo, such as lightweight shipments, bulk, and express packages with us.

    China Package Shipping

    If you have packages to deliver from China, ZGGShip has a full array of shipping options to offer. Determine your requirements in packaging size, package weight, and delivery times, and choose a suitable option from our range. 

    Cheapest package shipping

    Shipping your goods using the lowest freight rates means you do not prioritize speedy transit. Transport packages of standard sizes using SAL or surface delivery to their destination.

    Standard package shipping

    Standard shipping for various kinds of packages lets you deliver your goods using surface transportation—either by sea or land. Packages can weigh up to 150 lbs and have a length of up to 108 inches.

    Fastest package shipping

    Ship via express package shipping—the fastest delivery option for packages—if you have goods under 100 to 150 kilograms (220 to 330 lbs). Transport your goods with a reliable courier to your target location. 

    Small package shipping

    If you want to transport parcels of less than 4.4 lbs. and whose packaging dimensions do not go more than 60 cm (width) and 90 cm (length), ship them from China in as fast as 5 to 10 days in Asia and up to 30 days worldwide.

    Large package shipping

    For packages between 4.4 to 66 lbs., you can choose to transport them using air shipping, SAL delivery, or surface freight. Transit times vary between 10 to 60 days depending on your shipping method.

    Options to Ship Cargo from China

    You can deliver various types of cargo from China, including perishable products, small items, bulk cargo, and other kinds of merchandise. ZGGShip has a full array of cargo shipping options that you can choose from depending on what you want to transport.

    China container shipping

    Our China container shipping offers to let you load any kind of legally importable freight. You can either rent the whole shipping container for your products or pay only for the space your goods occupy inside.

    China consolidated shipping

    For small items and packages, we offer to deliver your goods consolidated alongside other small freight shipped by other exporters. Save money on shipping by paying only for the amount of space your cargo takes inside a vessel.

    Cargo reefer from China

    Transporting perishables like fruits and vegetables needs advanced technology to keep them in good condition. Shipping them using cargo reefers, which use refrigeration technology, is necessary to maintain their quality.

    China bulk shipping

    If you are planning to deliver your goods in bulk, either loose or unpackaged, using our China bulk shipping solutions would be your best option. Ship in large quantities and maximize your shipping costs.

    China LCL shipping

    Shipping LCL (or less than a container load) lets you deliver your goods at economical rates. By taking financial responsibility only for the total amount of container space that your products take, you can ship cost-effectively.

    Looking for a China Forwarder? Choose ZGGShip.

    Air freight

    Deliver your goods on a speedy flight to their destination with our air freight forwarding solutions. With our connections in the industry, we offer you economical air freight deals from China to international locations.

    Sea freight

    If you plan to ship your goods in bulk or are looking to ship heavy equipment, shipping them by sea is your most economical choice. Get comprehensive sea shipping deals by working with ZGGShip today.

    Express freight

    Ship your goods in as fast as 1 to 7 days using our express freight services. ZGGShip works with top carriers on the globe, and we can bring you competitive express shipping solutions from China.

    One-Stop Freight Forwarding Services

    Forwarding your freight involves a complicated series of steps from your location to your target shipping point. ZGGShip provides you with comprehensive solutions from the processing of your document to the last-mile delivery of your goods all in one place.


    Our professional staff will take your cargo from your location, transporting them to a warehouse near the port of departure that you chose for your shipment.

    Import & export services

    We will prepare your cargo for international transportation. Some of the tasks that we’ll take on include customs declaration and clearance, tax payments, documentation, and others.

    China door-to-door international shipping

    Our team will help you complete the delivery process from your doors to your client’s or consignee’s provided address using multimodal transportation of your cargo.

    Warehousing & distribution

    You can choose to store your goods in our strategic warehousing facilities in China. With their close distance to various major seaports, you can ensure faster shipments and distribution of your goods.

    Logistics & transport

    ZGGShip will coordinate every detail of your shipment to provide you with hassle-free shipments. Together with our global logistics team, rest assured that your products will arrive at their destination without a problem.

    China Freight Company

    Established more than 15 years ago, ZGGShip serves as a leading freight forwarding firm in China. We have assisted a wide clientele base made up of various shippers with unique delivery requirements.

    With our experience in forwarding numerous kinds of freight, we are your go-to expert for your shipments from China. Get cost-effective shipping quotes and tailor-made deals by getting in touch with our team today.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    we offer thousands of shipping container rates for your shipment needs. Whether you're shipping to Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Africa, or Oceania, we have got you covered.

    You can check the "How Much Does it Cost to Ship from China to the USA?" section, or get more information by contacting us.

    Generally, you should consider the following factors in estimating your shipping expenses.

    • Product nature
    • Shipping location
    • Cargo load
    • Shipping method

    Expect that sensitive goods will cost much more than normal merchandise to ship as there are many precautionary measures to employ to ensure that they won't get damaged. Weigh your budget and see how many products you can ship. Also, take note that more distant shipping locations incur steeper prices.

    You can check the "How Long Does it Take to Ship from China to the USA?" section, or get more information by contacting us.

    In general, it takes as short as one to three days to transport your goods to the United States of America. The shipping time can span up to 35 days or more depending on your chosen shipping method.

    You can check the "How Long Does it Take to Ship from China to the USA?" section, or get more information by contacting us.

    To different regions of the United States takes different time, here is some info. for reference.

    • West of USA: 13+ days
    • Mid of USA: 25-35 days
    • East of USA: 30+ days

    The shipping time from China to the United States is affected by different factors, and the difference will be very large. If you need a specific arrival time, please contact us.

    You can check the "How Long Does it Take to Ship from China to the USA?" section, or get more information by contacting us.

    To different regions of the United States takes different time, here is some info. for reference, but in general, by express is the quicky way and take few days from China to USA.

    West of USA: 3-5 days

    Mid of USA: 4-6 days

    East of USA: 5-7 days

    The shipping time from China to the United States is affected by different factors, and the difference will be very large. If you need a specific arrival time, please contact us.

    You can check the "How Long Does it Take to Ship from China to the USA?" section, or get more information by contacting us.

    To different regions of the United States takes different time, here is some info. for reference, but in general, by air is the fast way and take few days from China to USA.

    West of USA: 1-3 days

    Mid of USA: 3-4 days

    East of USA: 1-5 days

    The shipping time from China to the United States is affected by different factors, and the difference will be very large. If you need a specific arrival time, please contact us.

    We'd love to work with you and help you handle everything ship from China to the USA. Just contact us and telling us what products and it's dimensions etc. information, and our team will do our best to do the rest of stuffs.

    Don't hesitate to contact us!

    Simple, just contact us by filling out the contact form below.

    To get a specific quotation, you need to provide the specific information, like below:

    • product name
    • Package dimensions
    • Total weight
    • Location of China
    • Prefer transport method: like by sea
    • etc.

    Didn't have any transport method in your mind now? Don't worry, just contact us, and our experts will give the best advice based on your requirement.

    You can check the "What is the Best or Cheapest Way to Ship from China to the USA?" section, or get more information by contacting us.

    To understand the fastest or cheapest shipping options from China to the United States, there are many factors to consider. So please contact us, we will provide combined transportation solutions according to your time needs to meet your needs and maximize your income.


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