Cargo Ship from China to USA

Zggship offers hassle-free, cost-efficient methods of transporting cargo ships from China to the United States. Our freight forwarding company has been in the business for over eleven years and has mastered the trade of logistical services. We have trained personnel and a strong connection to various transport networks to ensure that your products will arrive at their intended destinations.


    Cargo Ship from China to USA

    Our company offers fast and reliable means of shipping cargo from any point in China to various ports and docks in the United States. Zggship has extensive experience in handling logistical transactions. We are a reputable transport service provider that connects our clients to major transport carriers and shipping lines throughout the globe.

    As a freight forwarding company, we guarantee that your cargo shipments are safe with us. We offer real-time tracking and secure handling mechanisms so that your items will arrive at their destination in their best condition. Moreover, we offer competitive rates for our comprehensive services. Our quotations are transparent, and we ensure that every fee and charge is accounted for.

    • One-stop freight service
    • On-site inspection of products at the point of origin
    • Load and transport mode matching
    • Real-time tracking
    • Flexible add-on services
    • Fast, hassle-free transactions
    • Reasonable service costs (with no hidden charges)


      Why Ship from China to USA by Cargo Ship

      Cargo shipments are among the safest ways to transport large volumes of products and items from the point of origin to any destination in the world. Zggship provides secure means of shipping your cargo with our extensive network of transport carriers. We also implement secure handling and storage of your cargo so that they won't get damaged throughout the journey. Our team also handles various paperwork for smoother customs transactions and approvals.


      Zggship has been in the business of freight forwarding for over a decade already. Hence, we have mastered the craft of shipping cargo on various international routes without any hiccups or inconveniences. Entrust your products and shipments to us, and we will be able to send them to their intended destination in the most seamless way possible. 

      • Economical means of shipping
      • Efficient and highly reliable
      • Ideal for large and bulky cargo

      On-time Shipping

      Time is a crucial aspect of any business. We are aware that the profitability and efficiency of your company heavily rely on the speed at which your products reach their target markets. Because of this, our freight forwarding company ensures that we can deliver your items in the fastest time possible. 

      • Shipments arrive on schedule.
      • Transport carriers ensure the safety of cargo throughout the trip
      • Real-time tracking of shipments

      Competitive Service

      Zggship has a wide array of logistical services that could help your business thrive in an increasingly competitive environment. Our transport services will help you get your products, supplies, and other materials whenever they need to be. We have professional teams that can handle your cargo efficiently, from the pick-up stage to the drop-off point.

      • Holistic shipping services
      • Full processing of custom paperwork
      • One-stop-shop freight service solutions

      We have all the services to help your business. Quote us today!


      How to Ship From China to USA by Cargo Ship

      We have a plethora of sea freight services that you can avail of from Zggship. However, we have specific shipping methods that involve top-quality cargo ships. These are provided by our transport network partners all over the world. These provisions enable us to provide our customers with the most desirable and appropriate transport options that suit their needs.

      Full Container Load

      A full container load is a great shipment option for clients who have large quantities of shipments they want to send to the United States. We offer affordable rates for our containers so that you can rent as many of them as you want.

      Out of Gauge (OOG)

      We also offer Out of Gauge cargo service to our clients. This particular shipment method is suitable for any cargo that cannot be fitted into six-sided containers because they are too big. You should avail this transport method if your cargo has dimensions that go beyond the maximum 40HC container size.

      Less than Container Load

      Zggship also offers less-than-container load shipments to our customers. In this transport option, you will only pay for the number of loads that you are going to ship. There's no need to fill or rent an entire container. It is a cost-efficient shipping method for small businesses.

      Reefer Container

      With a reefer container, you will be able to transport products and items that require efficient temperature control. Examples of these shipments are perishable food, pharmaceutical products, and chemicals. Zggship has transport networks that provide high-quality reefer containers.

      Bulk Cargo

      Bulk cargo shipping is ideal for cargo and shipments that don't fit on containers easily. They are often transported using cargo vessels, which would include products like sand, gravel, liquid, and other materials that can be packaged or containerized. If your business involves any of these items, it is recommended that you avail of this shipping method.

      Reefer Container

      Reefer containers use refrigeration technology suitable to keep goods sensitive to temperature and are perishable in tip-top condition. Maintain the integrity of your goods from China to Canada using a reefer container.

      We have all the services to help your business. Quote us today!


      LCL Cargo Ship from China to USA

      If you are only willing to pay for your items, then you should consider availing of LCL shipping services. Aside from FCL, we also provide LCL transport options for businesses and clients. We want you to have flexible means of transporting your cargo from China to any port in the United States.

      Furthermore, we ensure that our pricing for LCL cargo shipments is set within competitive rating standards. We don't overcharge or put hidden expenses that aren't included in the quotation we will give to you. You will have peace of mind that you get the best LCL shipping from us.


      FCL Cargo Ship from China to USA

      Zggship boasts rich experience in handling FCL cargo ships from China to any part of the world. As a freight forwarder, we ensure that we can accommodate large-volume cargos and shipments on behalf of our clients.

      We have a strong network of shipping carriers that can deliver your goods from China to any port in the United States. We offer reasonable flat rates to our FCL services, ensuring that you can get as many containers for your shipments. Our FCL services are fully compliant with various international custom laws and regulations.

      Cargo Shipping

      Get Your Cargos By Cargo Ship Fast With Full China Port Options

      Sea freight generally lasts longer than other shipping modes, so picking a strategic port of departure is necessary. ZGGShip provides you with numerous cargo port options you can select for faster shipments to Canada.

      Shipping from Guangzhou to USA

      Guangzhou is a world-renowned port city in the northwest portion of Hong Kong. It is a strategic location for shipping large cargo shipments due to the extensive number of ports that it has. Zggship operates in Guangzhou, so you can guarantee that we can accommodate all your logistical requirements if you wish to ship them to this area.

      Shipping from Dongguan to USA

      Dongguan is an industrial city located in the Pearl River Delta of China. It features industrial complexes and green spaces, making it one of the thriving cities in the country. We offer direct cargo shipments from Dongguan, China, to any ports in the United States with the most competitive rates possible.

      Shipping from Shenzhen to USA

      Shenzhen is a metropolis in China. It is a modern commercial city that holds multiple financial centers, business hubs, and transportation ports. Zggship has a network in Shenzhen, enabling us to provide premier logistical services for businesses and clients based in this area.

      Shipping from Yiwu to USA

      Yiwu is another city in China where Zggship operates. This is a strategic location, as it has an affluent trade and logistics industry. It has a growing economy that has attracted many businesses and investors in recent years. Consider shipping your cargo from China to the United States in Yiwu.

      Shipping from Ningbo to USA

      The city of Ningbo is one of China's major industrial hubs and port centers. It has provincial-level autonomy, enabling it to create its own economic and financial policies that favor many businesses, such as logistics and transport. Our freight forwarding company operates in Ningbo and has been an integral player in many of its ports.

      Shipping from Qingdao to USA

      Qingdao is another large port city in China. It has a flourishing economy, matched by its vibrant tourism and industrial scenes. Zggship and its transport partners offer direct and seamless cargo shipping services from Qingdao, China, to the United States.

      Shipping from Shanghai to USA

      Shanghai is one of the primary global financial hubs today. It also houses the Port of Shanghai, which is considered as one of the busiest container ports in the world today. If you are in Shanghai, you can entrust your cargo shipments to Zggship. We have access to various transport networks in this area.

      Shipping from Fujian to USA

      Fujian is among the most affluent provinces in China. It houses many industries that are involved in manufacturing, trade, and distribution. Fujian also has a collection of ports that connect China's suppliers and businesses to their international markets. Zggship is one of the major freight forwarding companies that operates in this province.

        Cargo Ship Freight Options That Zggship Offers

        Our freight forwarding company has extensive experience in shipping cargo from China to any part of the globe. We have more than eleven years of a guaranteed track record in providing the best logistical services for our clients. 

        We at Zggship ensure our customers that their shipments are safe with us until they reach their intended destinations. Moreover, we are compliant with various customs laws and regulations for streamlined international deliveries.

        E-commerce Fulfillment

        Businesses can entrust their e-commerce fulfillment to us in Zggship. Let us take care of the details and experience growth in your customer base and satisfaction. We have safe, fast, and direct shipment methods that you can avail anytime.

        International Freight

        Get your business on the map with our international freight forwarding services. Zggship will deliver all your products and items to your clients, wherever they are on the globe.

        Dropshipping Agent

        Zggship will serve as your reliable dropshipping agent. With us, you will be able to optimize your deliveries wherever you want to ship them. We keep your shipments secure and in good condition throughout the transport process.

        Ship to Amazon FBA

        We execute flawless shipments to any Amazon FBA inventories in the world. We have technical expertise and experience in handling supplies so that they can get into FBA warehouses with full compliance.


        Tips for Getting the Best Cargo Ship Quote from China to USA

        Work with Zggship, and you will get the best deals for cargo shipping from China to the United States. We ensure that you would be able to streamline the costs of your logistical requirements. We provide accurate and competitive rates in our quotations, covering all the costs of the services. 

        #1 Get a Freight Forwarder

        A freight forwarding company is a vital piece of component for any business that has international transactions. It enables you to transport your goods from one point to multiple destinations in the safest and most cost-efficient way possible. Zggship is a reputable freight forwarder that connects you to major cargo ship carriers all over the world. 

        #2 Track the Paperwork 

        Documents and other paperwork are also essential in the seamless transport of your shipments from China to the USA. It would be best if you could comply with the necessary documentation so that we will be able to deliver your goods without encountering any legal inhibitions. Our experienced team will assist you in this matter, so you can just rest easy. 

        #3 Use Appropriate Packaging

        Don't blow your shipping expenses by using incorrect packaging. If you want to optimize the cost of shipping cargo, make sure that your products are correctly packed. The outer dimensions of your packaging may cause an increase in the freight quote. So recommend that you set the packaging within the minimum requirements.

          Optional China to US Freight Services

          By Air

          Zggship also offers air freight services for items and shipments originating in China. We can fly your cargo to wherever you need them to be. It's our guarantee that you can avail of our air freight services at the most economical rate.

          by Train/Road

          Our land-based freight services will deliver your cargo to specific addresses in the United States. We can get our team working so that your parcels will arrive directly at the doorsteps of your recipients. All ensure the safety of all the packages we deliver, so you can rest easy with us.

          by Sea

          Zggship also excels in shipping cargo via sea freight. We can tap our multiple ocean-based carriers to carry your cargo on your behalf. We ensure that your shipments are safe and properly handled throughout the entire journey. 

          DDP Shipping

          Zggship is one of the most proficient service providers for delivered duty paid (DDP) shipping. Given that this method requires clients to handle all the risks and fees of shipping their cargo, it is essential that you only work with a reliable freight forwarder like us.

          by Express

          Express shipping is your best transport option for your urgent deliveries. Our extensive network of transport carriers will ensure that your package will be taken safely to its destination in the shortest time possible. 

          DHL Shipping

          DHL is one of the world's best logistics companies. It provides extensive transport services for various countries and continents. With our linkage with DHL, we ensure that your shipment gets to its destination safely and responsively.

          FedEx Shipping

          FedEx is arguably the most popular logistics provider on the globe today. It has a proficient transport portfolio and offers multiple methods of shipping cargo and products. Zggship is one of the partners of FedEx. It enables us to give our clients impressive shipping deals every single time.

          UPS Shipping

          In the realm of logistics and transport, UPS is considered to be among the major players. We are proud that our company has UPS as our partner in delivering cargo ships from China to the United States. Their services are economical and secure, so you don't have to worry about your shipments.

          Door-to-Door Shipping

          Let Zggship handle door-to-door shipping from China to any point in the United States. We can achieve secure and convenient delivery of your parcels to their specified destinations. Our highly trained teams can get this job done without any flaws.

          FBA Forwarding

          We are highly aware that FBA businesses must comply with various inventory and delivery requirements set by Amazon fulfillment centers. With our FBA forwarding services, you can enjoy convenient and seamless transport of your shipments to any distribution point in the world.

          Wanna know more shipment methods from China to the USA? Get in Touch

          How Long Does Cargo Ships Take to Ship from China to USA?

          The time that it takes for cargo ships to reach the United States (if the point of origin is in China) actually depends on the shipping method. Basically, air freight services are the fastest method available, with transport time ranging from a day to a week. For cargo shipments sailed through sea carriers, expect a longer delivery time. 

          Whenever you are choosing an ideal transport mode, always consider your timeline. At the same time, the shipment weight and transit time requirements may also influence the exact arrival schedule of your shipments. Of course, if your cargo is big or voluminous, you don't have any option but to take sea freight services. 

          Furthermore, there are other things that could also influence the shipping time for your cargo. Storage and inventories, customs clearance, bookings, and inspections also add to the time before your cargo shipment arrives at its destination. That's the reason it is important to work with a reputable freight forwarder so that you can have real-time tracking and update of your shipments.

          Express West Mid East 3-5 days 4-6 days 5-7 days
          Air West Mid East 1-3 days 3-4 days 1-5 days
          Sea West Mid East 13+ days 25-35 days 30+ days

          How Much Does Cargo Ships Cost to Ship from China to US?

          Similar to the shipping time, there are certain factors that influence the cost of sending cargo ships from China to the United States. The type of freight carrier, shipment size and volume, and distance are among the things being taken into account in the calculation. 

          When making quotations for our clients, we usually take the following factors into consideration. 

          • The type of shipping method and the speed of their travel. The faster the delivery, the costlier the service is. 
          • Shipments that are heavy and bulky are more expensive to transport.
          • The distance between the point of origin and destination is also a crucial factor. That's why it is favorable that you ship in the most strategic ports in China to minimize distance-related costs. 
          • Cargo ships that require special handling and safe-keeping are also costly to transport. 

          There are other things that could add to the cost of shipment. Examples of these additional costs are taxes, fuel, and customs.

          Express West Mid East $5-$9 $5-$9 $5-$9
          Air West Mid East $3-$5 $4-$7 $5-$8
          Sea West Mid East $2500-$5000 $5000-$7000 $4000-$6000

            Add-on Services

            • Pick-up cargo
            • Bundling
            • Repackaging
            • Labeling
            • Inspection
            • Kitting & hand assembly

            Shipping Routes

            • Ship from China to the USA
            • Ship from China to the UK
            • Ship from China to Canada
            • Ship from China to Mexico
            • Ship from China to Australia
            • Ship from China to Germany
            • Ship from China to France

            China Mainland

            • Ship from Shenzhen to the UK
            • Ship from Guangzhou to the UK
            • Ship from Dongguan to the UK
            • Ship from Ningbo to the UK
            • Ship from Fujian to the UK
            • Ship from Xiamen to the UK
            • Ship from Shanghai to the UK
            • Ship from Beijing to the UK
            • Ship from Tianjing to the UK

            Frequently Asked Questions

            we offer thousands of shipping container rates for your shipment needs. Whether you're shipping to Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Africa, or Oceania, we have got you covered.

            You can check the "How Much Does it Cost to Ship from China to the UK?" section, or get more information by contacting us.

            Generally, you should consider the following factors in estimating your shipping expenses.

            • Product nature
            • Shipping location
            • Cargo load
            • Shipping method

            Expect that sensitive goods will cost much more than normal merchandise to ship as there are many precautionary measures to employ to ensure that they won't get damaged. Weigh your budget and see how many products you can ship. Also, take note that more distant shipping locations incur steeper prices.

            You can check the "How Long Does it Take to Ship from China to the UK?" section, or get more information by contacting us.

            In general, it takes as short as one to three days to transport your goods to the United Kingdom. The shipping time can span up to 28 days or more depending on your chosen shipping method.

            You can check the "How Long Does it Take to Ship from China to the UK?" section, or get more information by contacting us.

            To different regions of the United States takes different time, here is some info. for reference.

            • 23-28 days

            The shipping time from China to the United Kingdom is affected by different factors, and the difference will be very large. If you need a specific arrival time, please contact us.

            You can check the "How Long Does it Take to Ship from China to the UK?" section, or get more information by contacting us.

            To different regions of the United Kingdom takes different time, here is some info. for reference, but in general, by express is the quicky way and take few days from China to UK.

            • 4-7 days

            The shipping time from China to the United Kingdom is affected by different factors, and the difference will be very large. If you need a specific arrival time, please contact us.

            You can check the "How Long Does it Take to Ship from China to the UK?" section, or get more information by contacting us.

            To different regions of the United Kingdom takes different time, here is some info. for reference, but in general, by air is the fast way and take few days from China to UK.

            • 2-5 days

            The shipping time from China to the United Kingdom is affected by different factors, and the difference will be very large. If you need a specific arrival time, please contact us.

            We'd love to work with you and help you handle everything ship from China to the UK. Just contact us and telling us what products and it's dimensions etc. information, and our team will do our best to do the rest of stuffs.

            Don't hesitate to contact us!

            Simple, just contact us by filling out the contact form below.

            To get a specific quotation, you need to provide the specific information, like below:

            • product name
            • Package dimensions
            • Total weight
            • Location of China
            • Prefer transport method: like by sea
            • etc.

            Didn't have any transport method in your mind now? Don't worry, just contact us, and our experts will give the best advice based on your requirement.

            You can check the "What is the Best or Cheapest Way to Ship from China to the UK?" section, or get more information by contacting us.

            To understand the fastest or cheapest shipping options from China to the United Kingdom, there are many factors to consider. So please contact us, we will provide combined transportation solutions according to your time needs to meet your needs and maximize your income.


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