Shipping from China
to the UK

Are you looking for a reliable freight forwarder to help you ship your goods from China? ZggShip will get you cover. As a China freight forwarder, we can offer a flexible solution at competitive rates according to your requirements.

  • One-stop Freight Service
  • Transparent & No Hidden Costs
  • Save Your Time & Money
  • Flexible Add-on Service

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      Reliable & Trustly Freight Forwarder in China

      ZGGSHIP is a leading international company that provides solutions and services in the fields of international air transport, ocean shipping, express delivery, railways, customs clearance, warehousing, end-to-end logistics, pickup and delivery services.

      Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Shenzhen. In addition, there are branches in Hong Kong, the United States, Guangzhou, Ningbo, Qingdao, Beijing, and other places.

      • One-stop Freight Service
      • Transparent & No Hidden Costs
      • Save Your Time & Money
      • Flexible Add-on Service


        China to UK Freight Forwarding Services

        In addition to basic sea, land, air and express transportation services, ZggShip also provides exclusive
        additional services for e-commerce, fulfillment, Amazon and Dropshipping.

          Air Freight Shipping from China to the UK

          Reliable air freight service, help your goods fast and secure delivery from China to any location.

          • Transit time from 1 to 7+ days
          • Economical or affordable rates
          • On-time delivery

          Sea Freight Shipping from China to the UK

          ZggShip works with the top carriers around the world, to offer you the best sea freight rates.

          • FCL shipping service
          • LCL shipping service
          • Hassle-Free sea freight

          Railway Freight Shipping from China to the UK

          Ship your goods from China to Europe or Countries along the railway? Rail transport can help.

          • End to end solution
          • Affordable rates
          • Save time and money

          Door to Door Shipping from China to the UK

          Want to receive your goods quickly and safely? ZggShip can offer you express freight at competitive rates.

          • Fast and reliable
          • Door to door service
          • Cheaper and faster

          Shipping from China to the Amazon FBA UK

          Don't want to ship immediately or need to wait for the goods to gather and ship together to save cost?

          • 14 days free storage
          • Warehouse in many regions
          • Offer add-on services

          Cheapest shipping from China to the UK

          Need services such as receiving and pick-up, quality inspection, pack and re-packaging, labeling services?

          • Amazon FBA Ship & Prep
          • Fulfillment Prep & Ship
          • E-commerce Solutions

          Ship from China to UK
          in Competitive Rates

          No matter shipping by ocean, air, truck or combined transport, DDP DDU or airport to airport, sea port to sea port, ZggShip will have you cover.

          Just simply fill the form or call us, our shipping expert will provide the best solution basic on your need.

          • Ship from China to USA
          • Ship from China to UK
          • Ship from China to Europe
          • Ship from China to South Africa


            Your Reliable Logistic &
            E-Commerce Partner

            In addition to basic transportation services, ZggShip also provides different solutions for e-commerce.

            Like pick & pack from your supplier in China, inspection, warehousing, pack & repackaging, building, labeling and more.

            • International Fulfillment Solution
            • E-commerce Shipping Solution
            • Amazon FBA Shipping Solution
            • Dropshipping Solution


              How work achievements

              ZGGShip has been rewarded many honors like"The best shipping service provider",

              "The Famous Brand in Shenzhen forwarding", also we have won NVOCC, FMC, WIFFA, WCA, JC TRANS enrollment

              11 +

              Years of Experience

              300K +

              Closed Shipments

              106 +

              Connected Countries

              20K +

              Satisfied Clients


              Why Choosing Us

              ZggShip is the world's driving China freight forwarder -

              we uphold industry and exchange the worldwide trade of merchandise through transport to help our clients grow their business.


              More than 12 years of logistics and transportation experience, with a variety of flexible logistics solutions and the ability to deal with problems.

              No Hidden Costs

              Like you, we pride ourselves on doing business with honesty and transparency. ZggShip will do our best to offer you the best competitive quote.

              Save Your Time & Money

              ZggShip has very rich experience and can help you to transport your goods from your Chinese supplier to any country and region in the world.

              Flexible Add-on Service

              Need us to help you better complete the service from China to the destination, we will ensure that you can get the results you want.

              Everything is traceable

              ZggShip will ensure that your goods are in a traceable state, so that you can know the operation of your goods and ensure they will delivery in time.

              24/7 Dedicated support

              ZggShip knows that good communication and timely feedback are the guarantee of high-quality cooperation, so we offer 24/7 dedicated support.

              CREATIVE TEAM

              The team that support
              and help you

              In order to provide customers with better services, our company's employees have an average of 8 years of service experience, so we have a team from quotation speed to price, transportation plan to final service tracking.

              Clark Guo
              Company CEO
              John Doe
              Co. Founder
              Emma Z.
              Sales Manager
              Lisa Liu
              Sales Represent
              Matt Zheng
              After Service
              Ginger Trap
              HR Manager

              We have all the services to help ship from China. Talk to our team


              What our clients
              think about us


              "Excellent service and good communication. ZggShip handled everything and nothing was a problem. When you find great service you just want to use them again as it makes it so easy. I will continue to use them."

              "I contacted Zggship for a shipment from China to the US and right from the start they were super helpful. I cant speak highly enough about their service and advice. I will be using them for all future freight forwarding jobs. Thanks Clark and Emma!"

              Well Singer

              Manager of Westwood

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